anonymous asked:

Okay seriously, could you please start posting important screenshots of CoD and not every single one, I'm not telling you to stop posting what you usually post but I am just telling you that a change is good every once in a while.

Okay seriously, don’t even start being rude to me hiding behind some grey face. I’m the one taking a massive amount of time (and yes, I mean HOURS) out of my days to gather screenshots on a malfunctioning iPod and post them all for you simply because I want to help a great game, that got wrongfully shut down, get recognition. 

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, apologies for losing my temper. 

There are people who were NA players or have lost their CoD game through device malfunctions and can no longer reply the entire episodes. For them, I decided to start posting the entire episodes so they can all go back and enjoy them, in order, despite not having the game itself. 

What, exactly, would you define as ‘important’ anon? You can make a request, send me a list, just to help me to understand what you mean.