Hey guys! I still have access to this account through my ipad!!! Yay!! So this is my very first YouTube video and it was more of a test to see if I could get broadcast to work, but feel free to give it a watch! BEA PLAYS COD 4! I’m shockingly bad but it’s only a bit of craic!!


Запоздалый игропост.

Прошел сегодня Modern Warfare. До этого (года два назад) убил много времени на мультиплеер (привет пиратскому серверу), но как-то не довелось познакомиться с одиночной игрой. Сейчас решил опробовать кампанию, ибо недавно получил COD 4 в подарок.

Итог: очень интересное интерактивное кино. Умение стрелять имеет значение, но стрельба здесь скорее как бонус-вставка между катсценами. Как и во всех CODах, впрочем. И это не есть плохо.

Очень много “кабум” моментов. Понравившиеся вынес картинками к посту.

Возможно, у меня синдром утенка, но MW2 лучше.

Six Facts

Tagged by lovely @lalunalolita whose own response spurred my first fact:

1: I need a night light. I can’t sleep in complete darkness. I’ve got to be able to see my way to the door and the bathroom.

2: I don’t have a specific side of the bed. I can sleep on either side, but I WILL pick the side furthest from the door. Cuz if monsters, aliens, or murderers are coming through the door, fucker, they are getting you first.

3: I hate seafood. I’ve tried many many times to like it and failed. It’s too fishy. I also hate cranberries. This can be a problem when one lives most of their life on Cape Cod.

4: I do love to cook though. I’ve even cooked seafood. Just won’t eat it.

5: I have long toes. Monkey toes. I can pick things up off the floor using my toes. It’s nice not to have to bend down. I can write with them, and paint, and stir things too. Don’t ask how I know that.

6: I have one dimple. On my face. Just one. My gramps called me “Jeannie One Dimple.” I get my swift wit from him.

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