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I work in a fish department. A lady wanted a small piece of cod, but cut in half, leaving an unsellablepiece leftover. (Who wants 50 grams of fish?) Tried to explain this & she said "you just lost a sale." Like okay? It doesn't go into my paycheck?

Oh no, not your fish commission money!!! 😂😂

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This might be a dumb question but since Gamzee never actually went God tier, how do we know what the bard costume looks like? Do we ever see Cronus wear it? I suppose what I'm asking is; is the cod piece an actual part of the costume in canon?

We did see Cronus in his God Tier outfit in Ministrife, but Ministrife also taught us that you can change what the outfit looks like so not all Bards need the cod piece, it’s just part of the default ensemble 

                                          A Biomech’s Duty

LEDs flashed in time to key presses. Daniel sat at his desk, fingers not minding the viscera and pooled blood adorning most of his equipment. From the booth came recordings of the voice of Desert Bluffs, wave forms and data all pouring in. His processors accessed the main drive, letting information sync up. The result was editing and storage in real time - perfection harmonizing with efficacy. Daniel’s eyes glowed with focus as he typed away.

Multitasking came easy. He was able to watch Kevin as he worked, while at the same time keeping an eye on the interns walking about. No one dare meet his stare. Not out of fear or respect but lack of interest. He was a mere biomech, a cog in the machine and designed to do little else. No need to bother the computer.

Kevin spoke clear and cheerful. Each word was met with a flash of his sharp teeth. He held his microphone in one hand, the other tracing patterns in the gore painting his desk. Stacks of papers lay before him, keeping his statements on track with the ever present reminder to smile.

All proceeded as planned. Daniel fell into a rhythm as he did on many days. It was soon broken. A door opened without a known hand to turn the handle. His eyes glanced up from the screen. The interns had wandered elsewhere leaving only shadow. In the darkness he felt a familiar hum of electronics.

“Oh, hello there!”

Kevin turned in his chair, staring up at the stranger that had slipped into his booth. Red lasers focused on his face.

“Scanning. Identification complete. Subject ‘Kevin’.”

“Um. Yes my name is Kevin. Can I help you?”

Kevin rose, claws reaching for the stranger’s neck as per Desert Bluffs custom. The figure towered over him, blocking the door.

“You are coming with me.”

The ever present grin on Kevin’s lips faltered for a moment. He backed away, butting up against his desk. A coffee mug fell over, spilling its contents down onto the floor.


Daniel froze, systems changing over to a far different mode. The metal exoskeleton, the red eyes - none of it Strex made. On the back of the stranger’s neck was a bar code and a symbol of circle, black with white rings making it appear as an eye. His data banks quickly found the warning given to him months ago about a Kakos Industries. The symbol matched.

Electricity crackled. Kevin let out a cry, seizuring before falling to the ground, body limp. The stranger held out an attachment from its metal hand. It still glowed with voltage.

“Get away from him!”

Daniel did not even think, he didn’t even lay out a plan. Only rose to his feet, eyes narrowing to a red glow. A target flashed on his display, cross hairs locking. Motors revved in preparation for a fight. He stared up, unafraid. The other mech had a thick exoskeleton and wore a leather collar with a harness to match. The only clothing it really had was a gold cod piece. Yeah. Definitely Kakos.

“Ha. Ha. Ha.”

A monotone laugh brought him back to reality, but no less outraged. Daniel stood many feet shorter than the interloping robot and much thinner not to mention the severe lack of weapons. That did not matter.

He caught a glance of Kevin stunned on the floor and sparked in rage, voice loud.

“Did you not hear me!?”

Daniel threw his full weight into the robot. It budged not even and inch. He grunted, feeling pain in his shoulder and cracked plating. A metal hand reached down, snatching him by the arm. The cretin laughed again.

“Obsolete Strex model.”

The grip was brutal yet he remained calm, scanning the intruder. He did not struggle, only glared, coolant fans whirring up. The robot had tough plating but still needed gaps for movement. Not to mention the exposed opticals.

In a calculated strike, Daniel jammed his fingers into the other’s eyes. The resulting jolts of electricity did not affect him and he pushed harder. Connections severed, broken glass cutting into wires. He pulled back after feeling a processor, aiming for another blow. Now blinded, the Kakos bot reeled back. Daniel was dropped. He knew the feeling, losing sight and having to redirect power to other sensors. He also knew it took a few seconds to calibrate the new incoming data.

“Get out of my station!”

Daniel leaped on the back of the robot. A human could be choked around the neck, but he gripped hard with another purpose. Pressure of his arms bit into the other’s shoulder, cracking joints. He knew it was not enough to do any kind of permanent damage yet he kept his vice like hold. Seams parted, the uniform spacing buckling under the force. From the crack came smoke. Daniel reached in, hand taking wires before tearing them out one after the other. The arm soon fell useless.

No more laughter from the intruder. Instead it poured out anger through revving motors. Daniel was thrown back, crushed between the robot and the wall. His body strained, skeleton bending under the stress. Oil dripped from the resulting cracks. In desperation he reached out, gripping the other’s wounded head and clutching hard. The thing jerked, ramming forward into the other wall, leaving Daniel to fall hard on the floor.

His systems churned, errors warning of structural damage and falling energy cells. Still he rose back to his feet, legs shaking.

The robot turned to face him, guns emerging from its chest, all pointed at Daniel. The biomech glared back, wiping oil from his lips. Bullets pierced his form but did nothing to stop his lunge. He threw himself at the other, hands clamping onto the weapons. The barrels were soon pinched shut by his strength. Shots still fired but with no were to go, the small explosions laid waste under the exoskeleton. Oil and smoke poured from every seam. The Kakos robot let out a garbled mumble before it fell over, eyes dark.

“Who’s obsolete now?”

Daniel stepped back, balance wavering. He had a few nasty holes in his chest from the shots that did land. Vital fluids pooled out onto the floor. His neck sparked, eyes having trouble focusing with the damage done to his system. The possessors were undamaged but his power cells were leaking and he could not move several of his joints properly. Warning after warning flashed up but he dismissed them all, falling to his knees.


Kevin lay still. His hair had spiked from the jolt, eyes closed. The contact area was burnt with raw skin under the clothing. Daniel lay a hand on his shoulder. Scans showed working body functions, heart beating strong. Only knocked out.

Daniel remained kneeling. His system went over each repair to be made and part to be replaced. At the same time he sent out a distress signal to Strex HQ. They’d be here soon. It was all over. His rage subsided, artificial muscles relaxing with no threat to defend against.

Strex security rushed in minutes later. They swarmed the booth, taking pictures of the broken Kakos robot before hauling it off. Kevin was lifted onto a stretcher and carried to an ambulance. Oil was cleaned up as well as metal bits and bullet shells. Daniel waited, eyes closed. Computers could be replaced, damaged keyboards and screens, all expendable. A damaged piece of equipment would always sit on the bottom of the list to humans. He remained there until they had all left. Pain in his chest not from the gun shots. It was a long walk back to his apartment.

A trail of oil behind him. Daniel limped up to the door. He had gotten used to repairing himself, replaced parts and keeping himself in good working condition. Strex would only take him to the shop for extensive upgrades or severe damage. Apparently this did not qualify. He calculated the time. Just enough to fix himself through the night then go back to work tomorrow. The radio station expected him there early. He hoped Kevin was recovering well.

Daniel turned the key, closing the door behind him. A frown on his face. All of this would be kept hidden. He wouldn’t even get a pat on the back. Not that it mattered to him but a little something for nearly scrapping himself on the station floor. Motors lacking oil, he slid down the door to the floor. Just a little breather before his long night of self repair. He shut down most of his systems, leaving only the vital ones online to save power. Eyes glowed duller now as he stared at his damaged form.


Sensors picked up a faint sound. Daniel raised his head. A kitten trotted up with raised tail.


Soft fur rubbed against his arm. Purring began before the kitty even reached him. It nuzzled against his arm, climbing up onto his lap.


Daniel smiled. “Hello, Hard Drive.”

The kitten mewed again at its name before climbing higher. Soon it hopped onto the biomech’s shoulder. Another rub this time against Daniel’s cheek.

“Aw. Did you miss me?”


A loud meow but not from Hard Drive. Another kitty walked up, bight eyes happy as the nose below caught the sent of its loving owner.

“Emmy! Daddy missed you both.”

Daniel held out a hand, trying to keep it steady despite his aching joints. Emmy sniffed before licking it, moving to a rub. She soon rolled over, asking for tummy rubs with a loud purr.

Broken and forgotten, Daniel smiled. He may be just another bit of equipment for Strex, but to his cats he was the world. Living was made so much easier with them. He picked up Emmy, setting her next to Hard Drive on his chest. They snuggled into his hands, not caring if he wasn’t fully human. Through out the night the sound of tools and repair was joined by little mews.

                                                      The End

Imagined and written by Meveret

Hand drawn and computer colored by me

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I noticed this from itsliterallythis: "Everyone has a modesty flap but Loki….INTERESTING " when commenting on the SDCC costume photos. It's true: Everyone else does have a flap! Though I did notice from the photos of that cut-out and the t-shirt that, while he doesn't have a flap, it looks like they put a super heavy piece over the crotchular region, so it's kind of making Tom look a bit like a Ken doll. I guess we'll just have to see if there's an give or movement when he's in action. 😏

Maybe a cod-piece type thing like Henry had? I hope not! Maybe Marvel has been reading Tumblr and they know the Loki fan girls want the bulge!

Keeping Promises

The group had finished killing a goblin who wore boots on his hands and gloves on his feet as well as a shiny jewel encrusted cod-piece.  He was so difficult that the Fighter (Kai) could not hit him after a standard action, an action surge, and four inspiration points (one which was gifted by another player).

Earlier in the adventure the party had promised to deliver a message from one minotaur to another but the last room of the dungeon was known to be filled with a ass load of baddies.  Of course no one wants to go in there, however the Paladin (Zaar) objects…

Zaar: We have a moral, holy, outstanding, and righteous obligation to deliver that message!

Kai (writes and reads aloud a note on the dead goblin’s desk):  Dear Pete… Ox says hi… signed… the people who killed your boss…

DM: Kai gets an extra 75 XP for leaving the note.

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Could you discuss Persona Evolutions, please? I’ve only played P4G, although I know that the IT have regressed back to using their initial Persona forms in P4U2. What is the relation between the initial and subsequent forms of a Persona in terms of the user’s personal development? I’d love to hear your take on the design and mythos here, especially why the Personas transform into what seems like a completely different character (ex. from Konohana Sakuya to Amataseru). Thank you!

Oh wow, this should be a large one… Do you mind if I limit this to just the IT? If I tackled every single Persona User there has been, I’d end up writing a 40 pages paper. X_X

OK, first of all, Personas names and forms reflect  how the Persona User presents themselves to others, how they want to be seen, as well as how others see them. Them being based on figures from stories and mythology is due to these things being encoded into various archetypes, additionally to their Arcana. OK, now, let’s get started:

Yu Narukami: 

Both of his main Personas are Izanagi, the father deity of all of Japan, the primal masculine aspect of Japanese mythology. Aside from this being necessary to the game’s backstory and symbolism, it also plays a lot into the protagonist’s character design: In the Artbook, Soejima stated that the design goal for the protagonist was to design “THE man”, someone very masculine and powerful, contrasting with P3′s protagonist’s design. This is furthered even more with the cod-piece (”Groin Guard”) in Izanagi’s design; Codpieces were frequent symbols of masculinity in European Feudalism. This plays very much into the father archetype in Jungian psychology, which is regarded to be the absolute of masculinity. Yu also plays a father role to pretty much all of his Social Links, listening to their problems and bringing rule and order into them, thus helping them resolve them.

His Ultimate Persona is Izanagi-no-Ookami, which is exactly the same figure as just Izanami… Except with the title “Ookami”, meaning “Great God” added to it. Given that the Persona Evolution happens right after Izanami asks Yu if he was trying to become a god in rage, the symbolism here is pretty clear: Yu has become a rebel to the divine order, placed himself above that which is divine, has become and enlightened with truth and thus “divine” himself. The entire thematic of Persona 4 is aimed towards helping the characters find their place in the world while also not allowing themselves to be stifled and subdued by its order and rules, but rather using them to their advantage. It plays into Nietzsche’s concept of the “Übermensch”, and I think that’s pretty much what adding “Ookami” to the title of Yu’s Persona is supposed to symbolize. He’s the Übermensch, his own god. He doesn’t need to fear the truth, because he can face it bravely and use it to his advantage. 

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