Rope & Wire || Miriam + Dianna || Traps & Snares

A monotonous morning was slowly turning into a monotonous afternoon and my day showed no signs of becoming at all interesting. I decided to head over to the traps and snares station for something new and relatively fun. There was the girl from Ten stood there already and I walked up beside her and she was holding a rope. District Ten were notorious for being handy with such things, I’d seen many a Career other the years get choked to death with them. She looked like hard work, but obviously hadn’t met a person like me before, I could handle it.

“Hello, Miriam, District One”

Tracking for life || Wistar & Cashmere

After the parade, I had slipped out of the stabbles as fast as I could avoiding the crowd and the people with who I would be with all week long. As soon as I had returned to my room, I had fallen asleep hugging my knees trying to comfort the pain inside. 

I woke up as Barberry knocked on my door advising me to head down to training. Training… as if I had any chance in the first place. I dressed the training outfit I was given and stepped out of my room full of questions about how the rest of the week will be. After grabbing a fullfilling breakfast next to Barberry and Cormac who was too focused on his newspaper to be interested in what I’m doing, I left the District 8 suite and headed downstairs. 

Arriving inside the huge training center, I felt out of place. Most of the tributes were already at work. I headed to a station which wasn’t busy. Tracking. As soon as the teacher started to explain what was the goal and how this could help me in the arena, I heard steps behind me. I turned a little bit watching from the side at the tall man next to me. Not wanting to be impolite, I welcomed him. “Hello. I’m Cashmere.” I forced a smile hoping this wasn’t one of the careers. Maybe it would have actually been useful to watch that TV in the train… learn to know your enemies. 

Wild Oats || Miriam + Nara || Poisons & Plants

The day was slowly drawing to a close and I wanted the last station to be a particularly easy one. After the meetings with the older tributes maybe the younger ones weren’t that bad. I just spot the small, blonde girl from District Seven sat by the plants and poisons stations with her head buried deep in a book. She seemed like the bookish type. I picked up one for myself and after a few minutes of skim reading I got bored. I cleared my throat a little to get the little girls attention and smiled at her before offering her my hand to shake. I was never good with children and I doubt I ever will be. I’m going to be a dreadful mother.

“Hello, I’m Miriam, District One.”

Iron Fists || Miriam + Andre || Hand to Hand

Advice from Odette would say to steer clear of stations that you were overly confident with, but in all honesty, I did what I wanted. The hand to hand station had been calling me ever since I’d entered the room and when I saw the cute boy from District Four wrapping his hands to spar with the trainer, I couldn’t help but walk over to it. Gabriel briefly mentioned in the morning that he’d conversed with the boy but I was too tired to listen properly and I forgot most of what he had said by morning.

I stood beside him and too wrapped my hands and winked at the boy. He had sun-kissed skin and beautiful blue eyes, like mine. Another pretty face in this room.

“How about a little friendly fight?”