Tumblr Appreciation: Part I

*I wanted to describe some blogs this afternoon, so I asked people to send me back their URL as a sign that they want me to describe and rate their blog. Here is the summary of my answer to those who responded.* 


superawesomejc- There is something to pick up from your blog even though you are still young. With your age, you could already say a lot of things, which is good because it will make you a better person as you grow up. People would love to here you out.

Your text posts and the effort you exert in every post are commendable.

Rate: 7

utaksabaw- You tell stories like you are actually sharing them with a friend. That makes your followers feel that you are communicating with them. It is welcoming. It makes them feel that they are close to you. Blogging is about making connections, too, right?

Rate: 7

kapitanawesome- You are one awesome kiddo. You are an intelligent kid. Your posts show how wise you could be. Just use it well. Usually, the intellect triggers pride. I hope you would always be humble. Your URL indeed suits you.

Rate: 7

thebottomlesscoffee- For one, I find your URL cool. It makes me wanna hit the next coffee shop I would see.

Your page has this unique swag. You also write really well. You are great in telling stories about your daily experiences. Your writeups are entertaining. Keep them coming.

Rate: 7.5

ladnil- Your page is a cradle of your youth. It is very refreshing. There are jokes and oneliners that convey truth.  Your page is simply cool. I love the randomness in your posts because every post has something in it to offer. 

Rate: 7

cocowrocow- Your posts actually made me laugh. Honestly, there is nothing wrong about reblogging because it is a way to spread out funny and inspiring posts to other people. :)

I hope to see some more text posts from you because, as I see it, you have a personality that the world would love to know. :)

Rate: 7 

pointenshootkiddo- Your blog shows your twist and turns in seeing what life is all about. :)

Your photos are great. There is something in your ideas. You just have to expand your text posts because they show a lot of promise. :)

Rate: 7.5

shoutmynamecedi- You do well with editing photos and typos. Show us more. :)

Also, you write good text posts. You say what you need to say and you express in such a way that the message you want to convey is well understood. You could do great with full-length blogging. :)

Rate: 7.5

superjaycee- Young as you are, you already have a lot to say. That is good. It is impressive that you can say what you have in mind at such an age. You are one interesting kiddo. :)

Rate: 7

magandangpinataba- You speak about your heart. Your posts show what you feel. Your blog is one abode for expressing your real self. It is nice that by just reading your blog, we know who you are. :)

Rate: 7

benclops- nakakahiya naman!Your humor is one of a kind. You usually start trends. Your ideas are something to look forward to. Your posts are among the few that could really make people laugh. 

You also post about how people should be practical in everything that they come to face. You pieces of advice truly shows what could be done for the best.

Well, everyone knows you. Need I say more? :)

Rate: 9

thebeautifuldisaster- You are very talented. Equally well versed in words and exceptional in photography. With such great talent, you could go places. Your blog is worth the follow. I see a lot of creativity in you.

Rate: 8.5

kib0y- I love your posts because they remind me of my childhood. Sometimes, with all the drama happening on tumblr, your posts make me escape and go back to those days when cartoons make my day. :)

Hope to see more text posts from you. :)

Rate: 6.5

on-a-new-perspective- Your posts are funny. The photos you reblog are worth it.

I just think you have a lot more to say. I hope I could hear things about you in your posts. :)

Rate: 6.5

abowlofquaileggsoup- I enjoy reading your personal posts and the usual comedy that comes along. Very personal, it shows how cool a person you are. 

Your URL is interesting. Your wit shows.

Rate: 7

ereek-bigotilyo- Your blog is a pool of comedy, personal posts, a bit of titillating posts at times, and above all, art. The best thing about your blog that I truly admire is your sharing of your talent. You are an artist at heart. Your artworks are fascinating. 

Rate: 7

istoryangtorpenglalake- There is something in your blog that tells about heartbreaks. haha.

Your posts tell how you could be funny and emotional at times. 

The best thing about you is that you communicate with people. When you do online checks, you talk to whoever is online. You appreciate your followers. That’s a rare attitude in tumblr. :p

Rate: 7

chunkybuyoy- Your posts make me laugh. Your page layout is simply cool. Your photos are great.

You are a kind person as well. Your ability to make people feel welcome makes you a responsible Tumblr blogger.

Rate: 8

gawasaheaven- Your posts are emotional. It talks of love. Love, no matter how painful, is truly the sweetest. We just have to use it well.

You share experiences, which is good because you open a part of you to people so that they will see who you are.

I commend you for your courage to surpass things that happen in your life. Indeed, we must move on with the lessons guiding us along the way.

Rate: 7

ardiboi- You are a blogger that shows wit without having to actually boast about it. Your posts carry your intellect. :)

I like how you define brainfreeze. haha. 

I think you will do good with posting full-length blogs. :)

Rate: 8

pinagiisipanpabayan- Your blog is an all-in-one package. Humor, politics, society, personal stuff, and all the rest. I learn from your posts. :)

That’s what I call responsible blogging. :)

Rate: 8

matabangutak- Do I really have to really describe your blog? I think all of tumblr knows how breat you are.

I like how you speak of reality in a way that people would understand it. You have a lot to say, yes. Your posts are interesting. They show humor, facts, experiences, emotions, and all the things you could imagine. I believe that blogging is a process of giving readers new in every post. As for you, you always have something new to offer.

Also, your attitude is praiseworthy. A good blogger is a mixture of wit and character. You have both. :)

Rate: 10

blordjwil- Your reblogs are fun. :)

I like it how you are confident in conveying your thoughts and your individuality. Just post more about yourself because, for sure, you are an interesting person. :)

Rate: 6.5

wassupken- Cool page, really.

Your reblogs are worth reblogging. Thanks for sharing those you see that you find interesting because, indeed, they are . :)

Maybe, you could share more things about you, just so people would know you more. :)

Rate: 7

tumblrdjaie- Your blog’s greatest strength is how you connect with people. You talk to them. You get them involved in your posts. You appreciate people. You are the outlet of the realities people find hard to accept. Your posts usually affect your readers. You make them feel welcomed in your blog.

You talk about the experiences people usually face. You share what you know, which is good, because knowledge exists to be imparted :)

Rate: 9

kolehiyoboy- First of all, I am pressured with rating your blog. hahaha

I super commend your blog for your every post. Very sensible and intellectual. Honestly, you sometimes tend to become too proud, but hey, there is something to be proud about. I just think you have the right. :)

I like how you say your opinion with confidence and angst. Very persuasive. 

Rate: 10

moandy- Commendable posts. I love the humor of some and the reality mirrored in others. Flexibility is one key to good blogging. :)  

I love the Farts concept. I see effort in every posts. Indeed, your every post is something to watch out for. You have a lot to offer.

Rate: 9

mister26- You post about reality. You rant about the things that are worth ranting about. I could see that you are using your blog well.

Also, your blog shows a part of who you are, which is good because people would see no play-pretends in your posts. Individuality is always important in our blogs, right?

No reblogs. Cool. :)

Rate: 7.5

makatingpogi- Cool GIFs. :) I like people who post good GIFs of their own. It goes to show how they good in acting. :)

I like the way you express your opinion directly (based on what I’ve read from your blog). No too much ado about nothing. Not boring. The message is said right away.

rate: 7.5

naiirita- The Demon is White is catchy.

Honestly, I know you have a lot to say. Speak them out. You speak English well. Use it. :)

Cool posts. Your random posts don’t bore me. :)

Rate: 7

chicharongpalakpak- Your blog is your daily journal. Somehow, it is nice to share a bit of your day to people, right? And your URL is cute. :)

rate: 6.5

akosiidarna- For one, you are cute. I might as well fly with you. hahaha. 

I appreciate the effort of making those cute GIFs. I love ‘em. :)

Your blog speaks of your personality. Interesting :)

Rate: 7.5

crazyjd- What I love about your blog is how it speaks from the heart. People could see you from your posts. Your posts make me feel sad in a way that I feel for you. Indeed, a lot of things go on in your blog, and it is interesting to delve into it.

You also have posts that make people learn. How you share the things that you learned from your experiences is really commendable. :)

Rate: 9

superjons- I love your blog because you show wit in your posts. Your wit has its own way of showing itself.

I agree with you that life is easy. We only make it complicated. :)

I love your text posts :)

Rate: 8 

hpandotherdrugsss- Your blog is the feel-good blog for me. A breather to all the drama. Posts that could make people laugh. Thanks for bringing that to people. A lot of us need some source of laughter.

On the other hand, there are serious ones too. Just the good balance of fun and reality with a touch of your individuality.

Rate: 7.5

mayabangsiwenz- Anak ng. hahaha.

I love Haley Reinhart, too!

Your blog shares you. It conveys your experiences. Indeed, for bloggers, we are what we write. I can see your character in your posts, which is good because you do well with making people understand you. Cool quotes. :)

Rate: 7.5

kalahatingtorpe- For one, I agree that hating RB is way too mainstream. Yes, it’s high time we like her for her efforts. :)

Your blog is interesting. Very personal, which is just right. A mixture of fun and reality. Commendable. :)

Rate: 7

theconfusedfeelings- Your blog is a personal type. Somehow, people could know you right away with what you post and reblog. Young as you are, it is good that you practice your skills in conveying what you wanna say. Young love is always the cutest. :)

And indeed, somewhere in your blog, feelings are confused. 

Rate: 6.5

*Please excuse typos and grammar lapses if any. I described blogs as a form of procrastination at work. Also, I have set all the published answers in private and incorporated everything here. I should have thought of this in the first place; I didn’t expect many would respond. Thanks to you guys! :)

anon- I don’t know them. I followed sheeenaismyname, though, for her being able to well express her thought in her posts. 

immortal-ako- magaling magsulat. magaling magdrawing (darn it, why is it that you can do both while I can’t?). plus, I like Don’t rain on my parade, too. 

ayingmayumi- kasama ng mga dahong tinangay ng hangin ang mga alaala ng matatamis na kahapon (ayaw kasi magload ng page mo sa akin huhu)

cocowrocow- hindi ko masyado nakakausap. I wish we could talk more. 

freakyrobin- TTH king. Idol ko dahil sa maskels. goodluck sa thesis

Yey last na :)