Day 56: FDR’s Cruise to Hawaii

On July 1, 1934, FDR boarded the USS Houston to begin his three week journey to the Territory of Hawaii. During the cruise FDR and his party made stops in the Bahamas, Haiti, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Croix, Colombia, Panama, Cocos Island and Clipperton Island. These stops included visits with foreign leaders and dignitaries, sightseeing through various countries and lots of fishing. FDR landed in Hawaii on July 24th to begin his historic visit.


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Vid by Berkely white and backscatter

Cocos Island

Population of 0; part of Costa Rica; 9.2 square miles.

Interesting fact: there are many legends of treasure being buried by pirates on the island, though despite hundreds of attempts, none has ever been found.

Cocos Waterfall (by ScottS101)