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What countries have ML on Netflix?

Hey Anon!

The following countries have Miraculous Ladybug on Netflix:

  • Andorra 
  • Australia 
  • British Indian Ocean Territory 
  • Cocos Islands
  • Falkland Islands
  • Guernsey
  • Ireland
  • Isle of Man
  • Jersey
  • Monaco
  • Pitcairn
  • Portugal
  • Puerto Rico
  • Saint Helena
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • UK (only the first 9 episodes for some reason)
  • USA
  • Vatican

Explore the Cocos Island, a tiny bit of rock far from the Coast of Costa Rica - we actually name a tectonic plate after this (The Cocos Plate). There are some amazing underwater clips in this!


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part 2 of my acen pictures! there was a lot of rvb this year and it was awesome
if you see yourself feel free to message me or tag yourself and i’ll link to you!
(part 1)

i’m the wash with yellow pants and grif is @aarid!

edit: the wash in full armor is @jazzy-a!

Bless Your Heart-Part 3

A/N:  This all started with @deanjensengirlmaggie‘ strange pairings challenge, and it just got out of control…in a good way…or at least I hope you think so. This part is mostly just fluffy and funny and setting the boys up for the next step in solving the case. Thank you to the ones that have liked and commented and reblogged. Feedback is always welcome. If you want to catch up: Part 1Part 2 
Warnings: Language, some suggestive conversation
Summary: Dean and Sam are finally on a case in paradise…otherwise known as San Pedro, Belize. Several tourists have gone missing from Ambergris Caye just as the town’s biggest festival of the year is ready to kick off, and it has the locals spooked. As the boys try to figure out what is snacking on the travelers, they run into a few members of the opposite sex that may or may not make this job a bit more difficult (but at least hotter) than most…bless their hearts <3

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Dean nearly gave Sam whiplash when he jerked their golf cart off the road to pull into this place. Dean claimed he “could smell the deliciousness” a block before they even reached the shabby purple restaurant, and as soon as he saw the little local woman cooking on a grill out front and a handwritten sign advertising a lobster burrito, he whipped right in.

“Purple restaurant, pink golf cart, acting all twitterpated and in love…must be getting in touch with your feminine side, brother,” Sam chided.  

Dean looked up from his task of locking the steering wheel of the Pepto-colored golf cart and raised one finger in the air.  "Okay, A of all, Sammy, I already told you that this was the only cart left at that place near the airport, so kiss my ass.” He raised a second finger.  “B of all, I might not know much, but I do know a little somethin’ somethin’ about a few things, and food is most definitely one of them. And I’m telling you right now, this place is going to be awesome, so I don’t give a damn if it is purple or covered in fucking glitter, I’m eating here.” He raised a third finger. “And C of all, I’m older so shut your pie hole.“ Dean playfully slapped Sam on the cheek as he walked past and made his way to the bar. He immediately sat down and ordered himself a beer and burrito and goaded Sam into ordering something alcoholic for himself.

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