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Chapter I | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

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Word Count - 9000..ish

“You are. That’s why all the girls love you.”

“Ah, well, none of them are as special as my home girl right here.”

“See, now you’re just being silly,” she shook her head.

“Nah, I’m not. You’re number one. Me and you? We’re down for life.”

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Pairing : Newt Scamander x Reader

Rating : PG

Word Count : 955

Warnings : N/A

Request : Reader is obliviated, but she sees a cat that is following her. I mean, as Newt as an Animagus. May be some form of fluff and reunion. Thank You!

Four months, he’s watched you. Four months, he’s waited for you to remember something, anything at all, but you never did, you always remained oblivious to him and to his world. Four months and he was willing to give up, he was never going to get you back.

You were sitting in your rather small kitchen making yourself a hot coco, you were confused because you had never made a hot coco before and somehow your brain knew what to do even if you didn’t.

“Meow!” a cat sounded from the window in the living room.

“Hello there” you said as you let the rusty coloured cat into your house.

“Would you like something to drink” the cat seemingly nodded. Weird, you thought to yourself as you placed a dish of milk in front of him. He was a beautiful rusty orange with what seems to look like a slightly dark waistcoat markings.

“What a peculiar cat” you said more to yourself than anyone else. And yet the cat looked up and almost grinned. How can that be? You thought. Your clock chimed from the kitchen.

“Crap I’m going to be late!” You hurried to gather your things and get to work your hot coco abandoned on the kitchen bench. As you were leaving you turned back to the cat that had disappeared, you shook your head and left thinking that he probably exited through the window.

~Later that day~

Your job wasn’t exactly hard, you worked in a small coffee shop, but man was it tiring. Your shift was almost over when a tall lanky man came stumbling through the door.

“How may I help you sir?” You asked him politely. He seemed to jump at the sound of your voice and his eyes looked up to your own. It seemed as time had almost frozen when you looked into his sea blue eyes that seemed so familiar.

“Do I know you?” You asked and the man broke eye contact and looked down sadly.

“No, no you don’t” he whispered.

“Oh sorry, you just seemed…familiar. Anyway what can I get for you today, Mr…?” You questioned.

“Scamander, Newt Scamander, and just a coffee please”

“Sure thing!”

Over the course of the next month Newt had come in for his coffee every day just as you were getting off work and the two of you would sit together and talk. He told you of a Y/H/C haired girl, his girlfriend who had forgotten who he was and she doesn’t remember anything about him, his stories always made you sad. Over the course of the month the cat also visited more frequently often coming in to lie on your lap as you read.

“Hi Newt! The usual?” You exclaimed.

“Yes thank you Y/N” Newt said as he came and sat down on a stool.

“So what’s been happening in the big wide world of Newt Scamander?” You asked as you made his coffee.

“Oh nothing much” he said dropping his head; the truth was he was working on a spell to bring back your memory but he hasn’t had any luck.

“What’s wrong? Is it your girlfriend?” You asked as you handed the man his coffee.

“Yeah she still doesn’t remember me” he sighed.

“Have you tried kissing her yet? If you two were as close as you were it might help” you placed your hand on the sorrowful man’s shoulder.

He sighed again, “I don’t she would appreciate it Y/N.”

“Nonsense who wouldn’t love a man like you?” the truth was you had indeed fell in love with Newt over the past month and as much as it pained you, you wanted to see him happy.

“But what if she doesn’t remember?” Newt whimpered and it broke your heart.

“I’m off in five we can take a walk then” you said walking towards the back of the coffee shop to let your boss know you were leaving.

“Okay let’s go” you took Newt’s hand and lead him out of the shop but you didn’t notice the blush spreading across his cheeks.

~A few hours later~

Newt had gone home and you were sitting in Central Park thinking things over when the rusty coloured cat showed up.

“Why hello again” you greeted reaching out to pat the cat who had jumped up on the bench beside you.

“Meow” it simply greeted back while rubbing its head against your leg.

“Do you have an owner or are you a stray” you whispered as you continued petting the cat with the same fur colour as…Newt? You quickly but gently nudged the cat’s head to look at you and its eyes were as blue as the sea.

“Newt!” you exclaimed, the memories flooding back to you. You tightly gripped the arm of the bench as your memories played like a film in front of you.

“N-Newt?” you turned to where the cat was only to find the man of your memories there instead.

“H-Hey love” he said sheepishly.

“I-What-How” you struggled to string words together.

“It’s a long story” he whispered reaching out for your hand and you let him take it.

“I thought I had lost you” he said as he rubbed your hand.

“I’m so sorry Newt” tears started falling down your face.

“No don’t be sorry it wasn’t your fault” he embraced your sobbing form.

You sat there in silence until Newt spoke. “Come back to England with me. Please, they can’t separate us there. I can’t lose you again, I just can’t!”

“Of course I’ll go with you. I love you Newt.”

“I love you too Y/N.”

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A Few Hours of Home

I got a crock pot. I have always wanted a crock pot even though, truth be told, I did not entirely know what a crock pot is or does. The crock pot, which I have named CoCo was a gift from my person who pays attention to the absolutely random stuff I say in random moments and gives the best gifts. 

Anyway, here is the saucy little minx, CoCo that is. She’s red. And yes, that is a very big bottle of TUMS on my kitchen counter. I have bad heartburn and have probably developed a mild addiction to TUMS as well. Next to the TUMS is a Pier 1 candle that I haven’t used because I have no way of lighting the candle and I keep forgetting to buy a lighter when I am out and about.  

I am tired because I did not sleep so well last night. I did not really sleep at all. I don’t know why. This is the way of insomnia. Sometimes sleep comes and sometimes it doesn’t. Today was supposed to be a “finish my book” day but my eyelids are heavy and my eyes are dry and, well, it ended up being a run errands and waste time and do laundry day. 

Meanwhile, on CoCo’s first day, around 5 pm, after browsing the Internet for recipes, I came to understand that a Crock Pot aka a SLOW cooker, requires  a LOT OF TIME to cook food. Like, hours. I don’t know how I didn’t realize this. The point is, it was too late, at 6 pm, to start a dish so I would have to do it the next day and start at a reasonable time. Ish. 

Last week I went to Sweden. I had myself a European adventure in Stockholm. I took a tour. I saw a castle where the king doesn’t really live. I saw a tiny house village that provides space for people who live in apartments to have beautiful gardens. I saw so many beautiful people I got angry because it was just ridiculous. Their genetics are out of control. Alien invasion ground zero, obvi. I saw so many bicyclists and runners that I got even angrier. Calm down, Swedes. I was not crazy about the food. I did not find IKEA but I saw a lot of Volvos. The toilets are different. I went on TV, a show called Babel. I did a podcast with a charming and funny woman named Cookie. I met with many journalists. There were photoshoots. When a photographer took me onto the street people stared as he posed me and gave me instructions. They were probably wondering what I was wondering—who the hell is this woman getting her picture taken? I watched Eurovision semifinals, which happened to be in Stockholm, WHILE I WAS THERE! I also had an event at the Kulturhuset where I was interviewed on stage by Mona Masri. The event was sold out. In Sweden! I had a wonderful time. It was absolutely wonderful. I met some amazing Swedish book people and fans. I was reminded of what a dream my career is becoming. I earned this dream. 

FYI, avoid Newark for international flights. It is a Hellmouth. 

My trip was also, as travel tends to be, lonely. I hope, one day, to not have to do all this travel alone. 

Anyway, I decided to make an Italian Pot Roast (recipe from Martha Stewart). First I had to cut four slits into the roast and stuff garlic in those slits. I also seasoned both sides of the meat with salt and pepper. Though I did not know this at the time, I did not put nearly enough salt on the meat. I don’t like salt very much so I use it sparingly but I took that to an unnecessary extreme. Basically, if you are going to make this dish, add some salt and also some other spices. Food needs flavor. 

Next, I browned the meat on both sides in a pan with a bit of olive oil. Sizzle sizzle sizzle. 

Oh yes, the bed in my hotel room was basically two twin beds shoved together with a mattress pad over that and then two separate duvets. The separate duvets were actually kind of clever. It allows for you and your partner to have individual cover configurations while sleeping in the same bed. I HAVE MADE A MENTAL NOTE.

My semester is over and this summer I have a lot of projects to work on–developing my podcast, writing a draft of the Untamed State screen play, book projects, essay commissions, the list seems to be growing not shrinking. I want a vacation at some point this summer. Correction—I need a vacation at some point this summer, a real vacation. The good news is that next year I have a reduced teaching load and I will for the foreseeable future. Something had to give but this will allow me to teach less and therefore be more present when I am teaching and also to write and travel more freely. It will allow me to [redacted]. Heh. I can’t tell you everything. 

Turns out that with a Crock Pot, you just throw all the ingredients in the pot and like, walk away. You hit it and quit it, LOLOLOL. I put stewed whole tomatoes, some garlic, some baby potatoes and some mushrooms and fresh rosemary in the cooker. 

I have been holding back a lot lately in this one situation and it takes a lot of energy to do that. I don’t want to hold back. I want to be free to be full on. I don’t know that I ever will be and, well, that is not ideal. I am working on optimism, though. I am working on cautious optimism so I should say that I think someday, I won’t have to be so careful and controlled and that is when I will be at my best or, perhaps, my betterest which is a word I just made up.  

I added the meat on top of the vegetables and herbs and covered the ingredients with the lid and turned the heat on high and… that was it. I was deeply suspicious of this dark magic. I kind of thought the Crock Pot was a lie but I had to see this thing through. 

Here’s a random thing. I never look at my credit card bills. I mean, I do when it is time to pay them but otherwise, not so much. Yesterday, I was logged into my credit card app and saw that I was charged a foreign transaction fee for using my credit card in Sweden. I got SO MAD about it. I am really cheap about the strangest things but let Apple release a new, absolutely stupid product for which I have no need. I will be all over that. Except for the Apple Watch. For reasons.  

After around four hours I wondered if the food was really cooking so I looked at CoCo. She seemed to be doing something. Good smells were emanating. The recipe instructions said not to open the lid so I did not but I was very, very tempted. 

Another random thing–I loved that little fight in that one baseball game where Odor punched Bautista and Bautista’s glasses went flying and he was just so stunned. For a moment, baseball was interesting. 

I am mildly obsessed with the rise of Blac Chyna. Here is a great article about her ninja ways. The phrase, “the Lannisters of Calabasas,” is such a priceless line. I applaud you, Sylvia Obell. 

After SIX HOURS, I decided my Italian Pot Roast was ready. Also, it was 9 pm, so like, ready or not, here I come, you can hide, gonna find you, and take it slowly. The pot roast turned out beautifully but it was very under-seasoned which I blame both myself and Martha for. I blame Martha because, let’s be real, Madame Connecticut isn’t known for her flavor profiles. I blame myself for forgetting that.

I am so excited to make other dishes with CoCo. I love this kitchen appliance a lot a lot. 

Last Sunday, I was on C-Span. So bizarre. More people watch C-Span than I would EVER have guessed. I won an Exceptional Merit in Media Award for Bad Feminist from the National Women’s Political Caucus. Lots of interesting things keep happening. I am trying to keep up. 

I am flying across the country tomorrow. I have a couple meetings. I am going to be filmed at a studio for a documentary (?!). Mostly, though, I am going for a few hours of home. That is the truth of it. 

When I cook, I think about making a home, sharing the meal, offering this small act of care and nurture. I am thinking about how home is more than just where you get your mail. Sometimes, home is far from where you get your mail. Sometimes, home is what you build and fight for. Sometimes, home is a wide-eyed smile and open hands. My hands are open. 

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We take the finest freshly grated coconut and combine it with a melange of tasty favorites to make this old time favorite come alive with the kiss of Kush.  We add our famous 5 Kush Tincture to this recipe; in addition to the Kosher Coconut Cannabutter. we give you the homestyle taste many of you may remember from your childhood. except as an adult you deserve more.

this is the Kosher equivelant to every kids dream candy

  • shredded coconut
  • canna coconut butter
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  • florida cane sugar
  • sweet condensed coconut milk
  • fine african cocoa powder
  • 5 Kush tincture
  • toasted sliced almonds
  • coconut essence flavoring

We keep it simple and delicious for our friends with special diets - Non Gluten and Vegan; Kosher.  No Peservatives so you need to eat them up within two weeks and store them in a cool place.

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If you're still doing prompts, could you do Harper's first Batfam Christmas? Please and thank you!

Here was the thing: Harper had never really been fond of Christmas.

She used to be, back when her mother was alive, when she was small, and the dark edges of Gotham were kept at bay by the walls of their apartment building. She remembered those years sometimes, her mother smiling as hung up the lights, Cullen getting himself covered in wrapping paper, the smell of half-priced hot-coco filtering from the kitchen. Back when things were good. Good as they’d ever been.

Then their mother had died, and well their Father hadn’t exactly been the best when it came to holidays. Or any day for that matter.

So Harper wasn’t fond of Christmas. Christmas meant working overtime to help the power grid handle all the lights. Christmas meant trying to get enough money to pay for gifts for once, even if it meant skipping meals. Christmas meant driving Cullen to their father’s prison and comforting him when their father was an ass. Christmas meant suck. Plain and simple. 

Stephanie Brown didn’t seem to agree.

“You don’t like Christmas?” The blonde said, sprawled out on her couch. She threw a rubber band ball into the air, letting it bounce off the ceiling. “Why?”

“Too much money. Too many memories,” Harper said. She was seated at the dining room table, bent over a bunch of wires for her latest Bluebird project; Sedate gun. If it worked, she’d be knocking criminals flat in no time. If it didn’t….well that was what practice was for. 

“But it’s Christmas!” Stephanie said, sitting up, her hair bobbing with the moment. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s gonna suck this year given the whole parents situation…” she waved her hand, her eyes staring off into space again, but it faded before Harper could speak up. “But if we don’t do anything, it’s gonna be even worse.”

Harper twisted one of the wires. Not celebrating would suck for Stephanie, freshly yanked to the Row household without any parents to look up to. And Cullen hadn’t had the best of years either. 

“I guess you’re right,” Harper said, placing her screwdriver on the table. “I’ll see if I could work something out.”


“Why did I promise I’d work something out!” Harper yelled, throwing her hands up in the air, two days before Christmas. Despite skipping a meal or two, and working extra overtime, she was still short money to get Stephanie and Cullen anything that was worth some merit. She walked over to the wall and banged her head against it. “Bad Harper.”

“I’m pretty sure that isn’t productive.” Harper looked to her windowsill where Red Robin was perched. Again. For the fourth time this month. She groaned, letting her forehead rest against the wall. It wasn’t very soothing; the building vibrated too much. “Money problems?”

“Christmas problems. Which I guess is the same thing.”

“I wouldn’t know. I’m Jewish.” Harper sighed, looking down at her shoes. They were pretty much trash at this point held together by duct tape, but she couldn’t afford to throw them out. A new pair was too costly. 

“I promised Stephanie and Cullen a good Christmas and I guess I’m realizing I can’t deliver,” she said, blowing up at some of her hair that was in her face. “I mean, they’ll get over it, they know how tight it is but….” She nudged her left toe against the left side of her shoe. It poked out through one of the holes, a transformer sock now apparent through the black material. “I guess I just wanted something nice.” She gripped her fists tight and turned back to Red Robin. “So what is it that you wanted…”

He was gone. The windowsill was empty. Harper cursed.

“Fucking Bats.”


On Christmas day, she woke up preparing to disappoint. She let Cullen and Stephanie know not to expect anything and while they took it well, (Steph told her that she could help pay bills) Harper couldn’t feel like being a let down anyway. No tree. No lights. No shitty hot coco. She was a Christmas failure.

So when she opened her apartment door to find a small store bought tree, a box of hot coco, and a huge sack full of presents, she was rather caught by surprise. 

She dragged them into the living room, taking care to look through each one. Most of them didn’t have name tags from the sender, but they had little icons which told Harper what she needed to know. Black Bat. Batgirl. Red Robin. Batman. Even, Robin. Each of them had five total, more presents than Harper could ever remember receiving. And at the bottom, unwrapped was a pair of shoes. Her size. 

“Next time, let us know when you need assistance. I am more than happy to help. Happy Christmas” - Penny One

It took ten minutes for Harper to calm herself enough to wake up Stephanie and Cullen.


A BIG thank you to everyone that was able to make it out to the first Twin Cities area Have a Hart Day event! Thanks to everyone that came, we were able to help Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue (CHDR) get far more prep done on their new facility than they had initially planned!

This is CHDR’s first ever physical facility. Not only will they now have a physical office space, and a space for potential adoption meet and greets. But this is where they will hold training for volunteers and new foster families. Hold informationals for Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops, and birthday parties. As well as have an entire room devoted to all their pet supply stock for their fosters/foster families, etc.

Together our group alone was able to get these 6 double sided shelving units scrubbed, sanded, and painted all in 4 hours. Which left more of the CHDR volunteers to paint the rest of the facility, as well as pull up all the carpet!

If you live in the Twin Cities area and are interested in getting in on the next event, keep your eyes peeled to this page and/or the have-a-hart-day page for more information on future events!