Kiki Cheese

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The guys test their palate to find the right cheese. Most of them don’t have much familiarity with cheese brands, but just maybe, someone can get the 100,000 yen prize!

Collaboration with YamasakiGifs, J-Hives (J-Hives Subs) and Mickstar (Team Gaki).

On pourra dire ce qu’on veut sur la France, mais nous au moins on a le mérite de chanter en français. ( N’est ce pas [insérer ici les trop nombreux pays chantant en anglais] )

Housei’s Skydiving Batsu

The Gaki subbing scene has been on fire lately =D
Even the Yamasaki + Cocorico Skydiving Batsu from 1997 got a sub! Check it out:

If you’re interested in the other episodes from that arc (raw) here’s a post with them:

Other recently released subs:
Kiki Mizu Yokan
Downtown Manzai Talk (from episode #862)
Hamada Idol Project
Kiki Cheese


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