Today, i want to take time to speak a little of me… Well, not really of me, but of where i live.

Like you may have noticed, i am from France (Cocorico !)… But i have to admit, i don’t really like my country.
But i have the luck to live in a pretty cool county in France. It’s a little part of the country, situated in the extrem North-East, just at the border with Germany, and it’s call Alsace.
The Alsace is a really nice place to live : a lot of vegetation, mountains, vineyards, little villages (some big towns too, like Strasbourg), very nice architecture, not too much people, beautiful landscapes… And you know what ? I’m from Colmar (third largest city in Alsace) ! You may not know this city, but the guy who built the Statue of Liberty, Auguste Bartholdi, was from this town too. Yep, America’s big lady is Alsacian, just like me ;)
Another anecdote ? The bretzel, this succulent and delicious thing that almost killed George W. Bush, which almost choked with one… this is an Alsacian specialities too (i’m really sorry we managed to fail this culinary attack against him).

In Alsace, we have a very old history, and we have a lot of traditions. And of course, we have traditional outfit. So I decided to draw Nick and Judy, dressed in this typical Alsacian outfit, because i find it very funny, cute… And also quite handsome !

See'ya !

PS : i would find that really cool if all the artists of the fandom draw Nick and Judy in typical outfits from the countrys / countys / places where they live ! We could have a nice panorama with our best couple :)


Stumbled across this short video someone took of a Gaki episode being filmed on location.

[LA VIE N’EST PAS UNE OPERETTE PT. 2] | 8 more French rock songs. (pt. 1)

la sécurité de l’emploi - les fatals picards | new york avec toi - téléphone | 3 nuits par semaine - indochine | les traversées sont solitaires - elmer food beat | françaises des jeux - les fatals picards | cendrillon - téléphone | je n’veux pas rester sage - dolly | lambé an dro - matmatah


[LA VIE N’EST PAS UNE OPERETTE] | 8 French rock songs.

jeune & con - saez | culture poubelle - guerilla poubelle | un jour en france - noir désir | j’t’emmène au vent - louise attaque | chirac en prison - les wampas | l’homme pressé - noir désir | ça me vexe - mademoiselle k | être une femme - guerilla poubelle


  • Fox News: *invents a whole story where some places in Paris would be forbidden for non-muslim and where islamist law is adopted*
  • Fox News: *compares France with Iraq or Afghanistan*
  • Fox News: *interviews British right extremist politician to approve*
  • Fox News: *shows archive videos dating back to 2005 riots to prove its saying*
  • Fox News: *ends with a debate on why Europe is somehow finished*