supernatural au  in the style of the office 

inspired by fleurdean’s post [x] || ”spn office au where dean vehemently denying his feelings for cas while footage the cameras catch of him shows him staring gooey eyed at cas working” 


“Heaven, hell—I don’t care who wins. I just want it to be over. This isn’t about a war. This is about two brothers that loved each other, and betrayed each other.”

I stand before you, and tell you ‘I’m home’. Know that I mean it as such: you are my home. Your arms are my foundations. Your eyes the doorways. Your lungs the fireplace. Your ribs my walls. Heaven cannot compare to the sanctuary that is you. So let me come back; let me rest in your heart. I’ve been on the road for too long.
—  n.t.

idea by riley!

There is one word that could easily sum up Dean’s day so far, and that word is fuck.

His nails are bitten to the quick, his palms are so sweaty he’s surprised they aren’t dripping, and there’s a new silver ring burning a hole in his pocket right now. Unconsciously, Dean fingers the damn thing, pushing it as far into the lining as it’ll go without ripping. He kind of wishes he could throw it into the ocean. Or a volcano, Mount Doom style.

He’s probably Smeagol. No doubt that the red flush creeping up the back of his neck is that cursed mountain’s lava, swallowing him whole, melting the very flesh off his bones, and – wow, he’s so screwed.

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Here’s the thing—guns at carnivals are always rigged. 

Dean’s been using all kinds of guns since he was nine and has never missed a shot since he was nineteen when he put his heart into it, but guns at carnival games are a completely different ball game. Okay, fine, Dean is shit at this stupid game, but only because everyone is supposed to be shit at it. Rigged guns for easy money and all.

So how in the world is Cas so good at this?

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