LLG pt. 8

I wan’t y’all to know I started ep 7 over again and thought this one just had the worlds longest recap. I’m fuckin’ dumb af. The wolf thing as me so interesting I love it. Like I can’t wait to see what happens. Ohh the magic lessons are so interesting. And the elves!!! OHHH are we about to meet Steelbeard? That is still a fuckin’ awesome name. What is this Ent Time? I think it is. OHHHHH. Tree Cocoon? That’s so neat.


The Cocoon Tree Tent. A contemporary approach to a tree house. With modern times comes great modern solutions for those who still can’t resist the urge to spend some time just a bit above the ground. The spherical structure is made of high-density aluminium and covered with waterproof canvas tarpaulin. It has a luxury bed that can fit two adults and two children. The Cocoon Tree Tent is perfectly portable and can be constructed in any place you like.