The Cocoon Tree Tent. A contemporary approach to a tree house. With modern times comes great modern solutions for those who still can’t resist the urge to spend some time just a bit above the ground. The spherical structure is made of high-density aluminium and covered with waterproof canvas tarpaulin. It has a luxury bed that can fit two adults and two children. The Cocoon Tree Tent is perfectly portable and can be constructed in any place you like.

Rock the Shack - The Architecture of Cabins, Cocoons & Hide-Outs

- S. Ehmann & S. Borges (Editors)  |  240 Pages  |  Book Preview
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- Rock the Shack takes us to the places we long for. For the first time in the history of humankind, more people live in cities than in the country. Yet, at the same time, more and more city dwellers are yearning for rural farms, mountain cabins, or seaside homes. These kinds of refuges offer modern men and women a promise of what urban centers usually cannot provide: quiet, relaxation, being out of reach, getting back to basics, feeling human again. The book features a compelling range of sparingly to intricately furnished cabins, cottages, second homes, tree houses, transformations, shelters, and cocoons. The look of the included structures from the outside is just as important as the view from inside. What these diverse projects have in common is an exceptional spirit that melds the uniqueness of a geographic location with the individual character of the building’s owner and architect.

/\ Ever dreamed of nesting in a tree? This spherical cocoon can be hung from trees or adapted to any location! Learn more about the Cocoon Tree by reading this really cool article from Designboom /\