Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower by Tange Associates

Architects: Tange Associates
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Client: Mode Gakuen
Project area: 3,541 sqm
Project year: 2008
Photographs: Koji Horiuchi

Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower is located in Tokyo’s distinctive Nishi-Shinjuku high-rise district and contains 3 different schools: Tokyo Mode Gakuen (fashion), HAL Tokyo (IT and digital contents) and Shuto Iko (medical treatments and care). The building’s innovative shape and cutting edge façade embodies our unique “Cocoon” concept. Embraced within this incubating form, students are inspired to create, grow and transform.

Cocoon Tower is located directly in front of Shinjuku Station, Tokyo’s busiest train station and in close proximity to the Shinjuku CBD (Central Business District), where the Tokyo City Hall is located. Some of the buildings in the immediate area surrounding Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower have become old and obsolete. However this area is very important to connect Shinjuku Station and the Shinjuku CBD. Our aim is to use the building to revitalize and reenergize this area and to create a gateway between the Station and the CBD. The Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower combines fresh visual dynamism with a novel school facility and a main hall open to the public.

The building’s elliptic form allows generous views and increased ground space at the top and bottom respectively. Greenery planted at the lower levels and unobstructed views of the sky form the upper levels, brings, the nurturing forces of nature close at hand. In total, the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower stands as a powerful learning tool, unparalleled in design, function and vision.

“All About My Bicycle” Tokyo, Japan by David Gutierrez Photography

“All About My Bicycle” Tokyo, Japan, image by David Gutierrez Photography, London Photographer. Tokyo, Architectural Photographer. Art City Urban 東京 도쿄 Токио Tokio Japan 日本 Architecture Modern Travel Metropolis City Contemporary Nippon Skyscraper Building  Asia Cocoon Tower