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Trying goji berries: Vegan Quinoa Fruit Dessert Soup

So yes, I’ve always had goji berries (I do live in Asia so it’s a regular component in Chinese food) but I’ve never tried it for dessert. So this was a first, and definitely not a last. A dessert that’s beautiful, simple and healthy? I’m up for that.

  1. Cook some quinoa (2 cups of water to one cup of quinoa on a low heat for around 15-30 minutes until it fluffs up) and then add some to the bottom of a metal baking ring to make the base layer, packing it firmly.
  2. Add diced dragonfruit for the second layer, and then diced mango for the top layer. Put this in the fridge until ready to serve.
  3. For the soup, use coconut milk (or soymilk, if you really prefer) and add honey, a tiny splash of vanilla flavouring and some frozen grapes. 
  4. Finally serve the dish topped with goji berries! 

Eating Through Bangkok | Coconut Ice Cream

Some ridiculously simple and refreshing coconut ice cream. There’s no cream or dairy so it’s not the western notion of modern ice cream. Instead, it uses coconut milk. The texture comes across more as a fine granita or frozen ice. But the flavor. Oh such beautiful clean coconut flavor. I like mine topped simply with roasted peanuts. It was so good, I had two servings!