Prompt: What about a klaroline at the grocery store drabble? Like they could be human but they don’t have to be. Just them shopping together, pushing the cart, finding the things they need. Being super cute and couple-y please!

“Just pick one, Caroline,” Klaus said, clearly becoming frustrated.

“Klaus, we’re immortal; you can wait another ten seconds,” She said before she bit her lip, her eyes narrowing further as she studied the two packages she was holding.

Coconut Lime Breeze or Strawberry Vanilla Refresh?

She opened the top of the coconut one again and sniffed it before doing the same with the strawberry one. She thrust them at Klaus. “Which do you like better?”

He gave her an incredulous look, and she returned with a glare, making him sigh in resignation and take a sniff from both, wrinkling his nose.

“Aren’t there any unscented shampoos?”

“That kind of defeats the purpose.”

“But I like the way you smell without it,” he said rather petulantly.

“Well, not all of us have werewolf noses, Klaus. Some people like to smell good.”

“You do smell good.”

She pinned him with a chastising look and he sighed again. “The strawberry one is less cloying.”

“Great! That one then,” she said happily, throwing the bottle rather unceremoniously in the cart and putting the other back on the shelf before pulling out the list from her pocket and crossing off “Shampoo”.

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