coconut sart

wheooooo not really satisfied :///// i hate coloring and shading and painting. cant really see the details here (Lewa is winking and smirking!! > c<“) but my concept for him is similiar to tahu i think. it took me way longer to draw him out because i had to finish the concept. i think lewa has the least amount of armor because he needs to be the most flexible.. ahm i dont really think i care for his left arm and axe tho. hh i need to draw more lol

aa this was so much fun + u+ lookit my trash oc. i wanna make five million.

was randomly created when i was playing with color palettes for twilight… so yeah e’s a twili garbage spinoff. Er personality is sort of based on an opposite twilight sparkle; ey grew up with a few friends, but unrest in er self purpose led em to wandering about the cosmos. E lives alone with er pet cat Twiskers- to be designed- selling guides (often giving them away for lack of caring (and communication)) and is in charge of the weather on er night patrols. E often stares with a dead face and finds it difficult to speak whats on er mind properly. Most folks know of periTwinkle’s kind nature and humors em good-naturedly. But periTwinkle’s aura is still unnerving to most and e finds emself isolated often, which e doesnt mind..

i feel i’ve always related to twilight sparkle the most hence the sudden inspiration although periTwinkle is far more accurate eheh e ~e …

aaaa dont really want to fix any spelling errors = e=