coconut pete


The world mourns the loss of Bill Paxton

Filmography (1977-2017):

  • Training Day (TV Series) - Det. Frank Rourke
  • Mean Dreams - Wayne Caraway
  • Term Life - Joe Keenan
  • The Gamechangers (TV Movie) - Jack Thompson
  • Texas Rising (TV Mini-Series) - Sam Houston
  • Pixies - Eddie Beck (voice)
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Exo Zombies (Video Game) - Kahn (voice)
  • Nightcrawler - Joe Loder
  • Edge of Tomorrow - Master Sergeant Farell
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV Series) - John Garrett
  • Million Dollar Arm - Tom House
  • Red Wing - Jim Verret
  • 2 Guns - Earl
  • Head Smash: The Prequel (Short) - Maurice (voice)
  • Hatfields & McCoys (TV Mini-Series) - Randall McCoy
  • Sky Soldier (TV Movie) - Narrator
  • Shanghai Calling - Donald
  • Haywire - John Kane
  • Big Love (TV Series) - Bill Henrickson
  • Big Love: In the Beginning (TV Series) - Bill Henrickson
  • The Good Life  - Robbie
  • Thunderbirds - Jeff Tracy
  • Club Dread - Coconut Pete
  • Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over - Dinky Winks
  • Resistance - Maj. Theodore ‘Ted’ Brice
  • Frasier (TV Series) - Ernie
  • Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams - Dinky Winks
  • Frailty - Dad Meiks
  • Vertical Limit - Elliot Vaughn
  • U-571 - Lt. Cmdr. Mike Dahlgren
  • Mighty Joe Young - Gregg O'Hara
  • A Simple Plan - Hank
  • A Bright Shining Lie (TV Movie) - John Paul Vann
  • Titanic - Brock Lovett
  • Traveller - Bokky
  • The Evening Star - Jerry Bruckner
  • Twister - Bill Harding
  • Frank & Jesse - Frank James
  • Apollo 13 - Fred Haise
  • True Lies - Simon
  • Future Shock - Vince
  • Tombstone - Morgan Earp
  • Tales from the Crypt (TV Series) - Billy DeLuca
  •  Monolith - Tucker
  • Indian Summer -Jack Belston
  • Boxing Helena - Ray O'Malley
  • Trespass - Vince
  • The Vagrant - Graham Krakowski
  • One False Move  - Dale 'Hurricane’ Dixon
  • The Dark Backward - Gus
  • Predator 2 - Jerry Lambert
  • Navy Seals - Dane
  • The Last of the Finest - Howard 'Hojo’ Jones
  • Brain Dead - Jim Reston
  • New Order: Substance (Video short) (video “Touched by the Hand of God”) (uncredited)
  • Next of Kin - Gerald Gates
  • Back to Back - Bo Brand
  • Slipstream - Matt Owens
  • The Roommate (Short)
  • Riding Fast - Bobo
  • Pass the Ammo - Jesse Wilkes
  • Martini Ranch: Reach (Video short) - The Outlaw
  • Near Dark - Severen
  • Deadly Nightmares (TV Series) - Trout
  • Miami Vice (TV Series) - Vic Romano
  • Fresno (TV Mini-Series) - Billy Joe Bobb
  • Aliens - Private Hudson
  • An Early Frost (TV Movie) - Bob Maracek
  • Commando - Intercept Officer
  • Weird Science - Chet Donnelly
  • The Atlanta Child Murders (TV Mini-Series) - Campbell
  • Pat Benatar: Hit Videos (Video short) - Radio Operator (Radio Operator (segment “Shadows of the Night”)
  • The Terminator - Punk Leader
  • Impulse - Eddie
  • Streets of Fire - Clyde the Bartender
  • Taking Tiger Mountain -  Billy Hampton
  • Deadly Lessons (TV Movie) - Eddie Fox
  • The Lords of Discipline - Gilbreath (as 'Wild’ Bill Paxton)
  • Great Day (TV Movie) - Rudy
  • Night Warning - Eddie (as William Paxton)
  • McClain’s Law (TV Series) - Michael
  • Barnes & Barnes: Love Tap (Short)
  • Stripes -Soldier
  • The Six O'Clock Follies (TV Series)
  • Fish Heads (Short) -Main Character (uncredited)
  • The Egyptian Princess, an Unfolding Fantasy (Short) -The Man

Coconut Pete and Lars playing “ponytails and cocktails”.

anonymous asked:

You had a dream that someone rescue you, you were on the edge of the cliff at the moment when you fall he held you and picked you up, when you look up to face him, he suddenly disappeared and the whole place changed! Who is he?

“That sounds like my other brother…” Scott’s heard stories of him before, from his father on camping trips and stuff. He’s pretty certain none of them are true but for a while,. anything creepy got blamed on weird Uncle Pete.

“They call him Coconut Pete.”


(This popped up in my Facebook feed from three years ago):

Breakfast was Costa Rican pancakes with syrup made from plantation-grown blackberries and coconut cream. Pete had these beautiful eggs from the chickens we visited after breakfast. Before this was a fruit plate.

Soon after, we were walking on the grounds and the guy working in Reception came to tell us the difference between manga and mango. We didn’t really get it. He picked two from a tree and said let’s go to the chef and have him cut up one of each for you. Before we knew it, we were back in the kitchen with the chef and he was telling us something about a “special salt” which we later realized was a “special sauce.” I thought he was just going to throw some mangoes on a plate—clearly I was wrong. Soon we were sitting on a rock ledge eating these beautiful mangoes and lemons along with both salt and special sauce.

Next we had beer and smoothies. My smoothie was strawberries and coconut cream.

Lunch followed soon after. The portions are usually not American-huge so we ordered two things. As you can see, all of a sudden, they went for American-huge. In the Midwest, we know a few things about pulled pork. Clearly, in Costa Rica, they also know a few things about pulled pork too. Our sandwich had pork and pickled something and homemade mayonnaise and homemade cheese. It was maybe the best sandwich I’ve ever had. As you can see, the nachos weren’t too shabby either. As we were eating, our waiter showed up with “tipico” drinks that the chef (our buddy from earlier) thought we should try. They were made of guava that had been boiled with rice and cinnamon and then blended into a smoothie. The manager of the resort came over to make sure we had liked our mangoes from earlier and our tipico drink that was just like his mom used to make.

Soon after that, it was free coffee and cookies time at the bar. The adorable girl at the bar clapped her hands when we came in and asked what we should have. She said Coffee Lupe (or something like that—really no idea). It was espresso and ice and coconut cream and cinnamon. It was great. Then she brought coconut cookies and carrot bread. It was still just mid afternoon.

The bed-turndown-girl showed up in early evening with our usual chocolate candy with ground up coffee inside.

Dinner was a tropical salad with heart of palm, mangoes, papaya and a blackberry dressing. Pete had seafood soup. All of this was preceded by hummus on homemade crackers and rolls with tomato paste and olive oil.

That was today. Home tomorrow. Good thing because a person can’t eat like this every day. I, who love dessert more than anything, even turned down dark chocolate picante pudding with cookies or ginger creme brûlée or lemon lime tart. I just couldn’t do it.