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Don’t be afraid to bleach your hair ever again! All you need is this secret ingredient called coconut oil. It can be quite pricey…but oh man it’s worth it. 30 mins -1 hour before you bleach your hair, melt some coconut oil and rub it all over your hair and scalp. Put the bleach over the coconut oil. That allows the bleach to dye your hair, but the oil protects it from drying out and being damaged. It worked for me! My hair has never felt so soft…even after bleaching it.

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what products do you use to bleach your hair? I'm naturally a blonde but I dyed my hair a chocolate brown color last year and I want to try to go back

this last time i used quick blue bleach and salon care developer but i LOVE the ion bleach.

i also saturate my hair in coconut oil before bleaching and i tone my hair with wella t18

I just need to rant about how much I love coconut oil (and baking soda and ACV). I replaced all my lotions with coconut oil! Why buy expensive lotions when you can buy coconut oil in bulk and it won’t sit on your skin like some lotions do. I give my hair regular coconut oil masks and always apply it before bleaching my hair, it is wonderful for hair! Coconut oil is a natural sun block! I know it seems weird but google it. I also do regular ‘oil pulling’ (swishing your mouth with coconut oil) It’s very important to keep your mouth clean and coconut oil is the best thing for that! There are entire books about oil pulling. As for baking soda, it cleans so well! I use coconut oil and baking soda as a natural tooth paste, both of them whiten teeth and kill bacteria. I also make deodorant with the base ingredients being guess what? Baking soda and coconut oil. You can clean grout by mixing baking soda and apple cider vinegar (or just vinegar) and letting sit on the grout for a few minutes and dirt will come right up. These two also unclog drains like no other! Basically coconut oil, baking soda and apple cider vinegar are my trifecta and must-have products in my house. I put ACV and water in a spray bottle and use it to clean most things in my kitchen and bathroom. The best thing about all these ingredients, besides replacing so many products, is that they’re eco-friendly, vegan and safe for pets.

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Can you explain why you don't use coconut oil before bleach? I read on a forum that putting on coconut oil then applying the bleach on top of it protected the hair, so I've been doing that for the last nine months...

Well what bleach does is it opens the cuticle layer of your hair, and goes in and pulls the color molecules out. All you’re doing when you put coconut oil on before you bleach is making it harder for the bleach to open up that layer, but if you’re seeing the bleach work, then it’s already doing that anyway. So it’s p much pointless, and can make the bleaching uneven. You’re better off doing oil treatments for like a week beforehand, and then not for like 3 days leading up to it, and then doing it after to help relax and protect that stressed cuticle layer.

I like when people ask me hair questions. I got to put my fucking 1600 hours of cosmetology school to use lol

a couple people have asked about my hair and how to get it to light blonde/white, and for the most part it’s a very easy process. it took about 4 whole-head bleach sessions to get my naturally black hair to a light yellow. my hair is stubborn, so once the duration you keep bleach on your own hair will vary and i wouldn’t be able to pinpoint a time frame for you (identifying noticeable color change is probably a good marker for removing bleach after a session). once you hit a certain point of platinum, purple shampoos and toners will begin to cooperate with your hair and strip away any brassiness and remaining warm tones. if you try using toners too early, it won’t make a difference to your hair color and you will waste product. another tip is to generously dump coconut oil on your hair before and after bleaching. don’t shampoo your hair ever (unless it’s specifically for toning purposes); use cleansing conditioners instead. use coconut oil as heat protectant when using hot styling tools. another thing to keep in mind is that when you’re bleaching your roots after reaching a satisfactory body color for your hair, try not to get bleach on any of your hair other than the roots. if you happen to fry portions of your hair at any point, just try to let it recuperate (treat it with natural oils or keratin-based formulas) and don’t wash any of it for as long as you can bear (don’t worry about smell, dead hair is unlikely to produce natural oil/an unpleasant oily smell). if parts of your hair really do become irreparably damaged, don’t hesitate to cut it off and don’t worry about it–trimming dead hair only stimulates new hair growth! i think that’s about it, hopefully i’ve cleared up some confusion, and i’ll be sure to edit/add tips as i remember them!

recommended products for toning hair once you reach a shade of blonde that is light enough to receive toning:
–any silver/white/ash blond wella toner
–shimmer lights shampoo (don’t use too often, can stain hair purple/blue)
–purple shampoo from lush cosmetics (i forget the name, very deep purple and translucent formula, doesn’t stain hair, great for removing brassiness but $$$)
–always have coconut oil on hand!!! natural remedy for damaged hair, natural protectant, lets you artificially restore oil back into your roots, good to use after toning hair as well as before and after bleaching 

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Tip for bleaching your hair -- soak your hair in coconut oil a few hours (or even overnight!) before you bleach. Don't rinse, put the bleach right onto oily hair and it'll protect it, and help lighten! ♥~ from a professional hairdresser.


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For anyone who bleaches, put 100% pure coconut oil on your hair for at least 45 mins before you bleach, and leave it on while you're bleaching. It dramatically reduces damage to your hair, improves the result and reduces the coppery tint you'll get.

For anyone that regularly bleaches/is planning to bleach their hair..I definitely recommend putting organic virgin coconut oil on your hair before putting on the bleach.

I’ve bleached my hair twice in about a week and it honestly doesn’t feel gross/brittle at all.

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hey did you bleach your hair urself?? cause i want to bleach mine but idk how to do it really idk im just a lil wary, do you have any tips?? ty!!! (also the pink looks so good!!!!!!)


sorry i didnt see this until now!

i got a friend to help me bleach it just so i didnt miss any parts, and if you’ve got a friend willing to help i recommend it, it makes it easier to section imo

but anyway, here’s a bunch of stuff that i learned while doing my hair~

1. use coconut oil in your hair at least three hours before the actual bleaching. it stops the bleach from killing your hair, but it still beaches it just as well. this goes especially if you originally have dark hair.

2. go without washing your hair for a few days before you bleach your hair. your natural hair oils will also help protect your hair. 

3. if you need more than one bleaching, don’t bleach twice in one day. at most, i bleached two days in a row, and if i needed more than that, i would wait about another week until going at it again.

4. get a vegan dye like manic panic or special effects. they’re basically like conditioners that give colour to your hair, so there’s no danger in leaving it in for too long, and it makes your hair soft, so it’s great after the bleaching.

5. get towels/shirts you dont care about for the bleaching/dyeing process. you dont wanna stain anything nice.

6. don’t use anything more than 20 volume beach on your roots. it depends how sensitive your skin is, probably, but for me, 20v was fine on my scalp. 30v will probably burn (i didn’t try it, but i didnt want to risk it) and 40v will definitely burn. since i have dark hair, i used 20v on my roots and 40v everywhere else.

7. if you get bleach on you, don’t worry. have a wet rag ready to wipe it off. it’ll sting and the part of your skin that got burned will look paler, but it goes back to normal in just a few minutes (this was how it was for me and my friend anyway). bleach dissolves easily in water so just keep that wet rag close by.

8. buy those cheap shower caps for when you’re waiting for bleach/dye to settle if you’ve got hair that can get in your eyes or sit on your neck and such.

9. if you want lighter colours, mix your dye with white conditioner. note that you need very little dye if you want pastel colours, but even if you want something bright, just use less conditioner - it makes the application process easier.

10. speaking of application process, make sure your hair is wet (but not dripping) when you’re putting the dye in. it also makes it way easier = u=b

taking care of your hair afterwards

1. deep conditioning is awesome, even if it’s only for a few minutes. whenever i wash my hair it goes like this: shampoo > wash out > conditioner > body soap > wash conditioner and body soap off. it gives time for the conditioner to sit in your hair and it helps keep it smooth :D

2. coconut oil once every one or two weeks probably helps too, but i personally never kept up with that ‘cause i hate the smell of coconut l-lol

it’s a little tedious, the entire process, but it’s totally worth the hair = u=b if you have any more specific questions feel free to ask! mind you this is just based off my own personal experience, but hey, it worked  \ o /

oh also in case this helps, i used Ice Cream brand for all the bleach stuff!

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Do you know about that one trick where you put coconut oil in your hair before bleaching it? I did it to my hair and it doesn't feel terrible. Your hair looks really good and I'm guessing you do know about it, but I'm just curious :P

Yaaas dude coconut everything. Coconut is like natures moisturizer it’s in most major moisturizing products

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This might sound weird but along with bleaching dirty hair if you put coconut oil on before hand (like not even rinse it out just put coconut oil on and the bleach over it) it helps to preserve your hair as well. More than anything I've ever done, this keeps the hair healthiest through bleaching and stuff!!!

YAAAS coconuts are very moisturizing apparently!