coconut milk caramel sauce

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I work at Galaxybucks and this guy gets a caramel ice drink with the shots of espresso on top, with coconut milk. Only he gets no flavor and no caramel sauce with shots he said to let turn. I give it to him on drive thru and tell him he may not like it and if he doesn't I'll remake it for him. He takes a sip, says it's gross, but pays and drives off. ??????????????????????

darantei replied to your photoset “Salted caramel sauce ������ As an added bonus I had just enough left…”

I thought you couldn’t have dairy? What is the caramel made of?

(Don’t worry I saw the rest of you comment I just can’t get multi-reply to work <3)

I have been given the green light to start reintroducing fresh dairy into my diet as I’m not allergic to casein or whey, so I can have small amounts and see if I have the symptoms of lactose intolerance. I still can’t have fermented dairy because those are fairly high in sulfites, so anything like cheese or yogurt is still out.

Can you eat coconut? I’ve made a cracking good caramel sauce using coconut milk for a friend who is all kinds of dairy intolerant (It’s extra sweet cause coconut milk is sweet, and if you use coconut sugar it’s so sweet my eyes screw shut so I quickly made it into salted coconut caramel sauce lol). I could look it out for you? Unless you’ve already tried that and didn’t like it, in which case I will take myself off on a mission to make good dairy free caramel.