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Self care

Ok so I really believe that if you feel good about yourself it will radiate through you and you will look beautiful because of your confidence. And self care and healthy lil tips make me feel beautiful so:

Drink water. You know those annoying red bumps on your face that aren’t full on pimples so they’re really hard to get rid of? Drink a gallon of water every day. It sounds like a lot but they will disappear, and water has so many other benefits with skincare and weight loss.

Moisturize! I love almond oil for my face because it’s like coconut oil except it won’t clog your pores. Honestly as long as you consistently moisturize your face and body with some kind of lotion you’ll see benefits, it’s not complicated.

Exfoliate! Okay you can go buy an expensive exfoliated but if you’re ballin on a budget just mix some oil (coconut, olive, almond, etc.) with some sugar for your body, or with baking soda for your face. The baking soda is gentler.

Apple cider vinegar! Shits not tasty but if you add a tablespoon to a big glass of water plus some lemon (and stevia to taste) to begin your day there are benefits to your metabolism and anti bloating properties.

As for holy grail skin care ingredients, I love turmeric. Combine 1 tsp turmeric powder, 2 tbsp flour, 2-3 tbsp milk, 1 tbsp almond or coconut oil and a little bit of honey. Put on face for 20 minutes and wash off. You will glow.

Take baths because they are so great. Light some candles, get some wine or a good book, whatever makes you relaxed. There is literally a bath for everything. Sore muscles? Epsom salt. Trying to balance your skin’s ph (aka you have a dick appointment)? ¾ cup apple cider vinegar. Dry skin? Oil or oatmeal. So many options.

As for makeup, I found that when I quit makeup I found more confidence in myself and less pressure to look perfect, but if you want to beat your face every day then do it! I admire the dedication. Do what makes you feel beautiful because if you feel good, you look good.

Take care of yourself, you deserve it.

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make a post about skin care routine please ..

Skin Care Routine:

natural organic products for ur skin is a better choise. harsh chemicals can do damage to your comlexion and your hormone balance. Nature has a lot to offer to make us beautiful.

  • I wash my face 2x a day with Weleda Almond facial cleanser ( I also like products by Aveeno and CeraVe - whatever you choose, make sure it doesn’t contain SLS)
  • spray organic Rose water on my face 
  • dab face with gentle towel 
  • use a mix of ½ sweet almond oil and ½ grape seed oil to moisturize face and neck ( about 3 drops is enough)
  • message face and neck for at least 2 minutes ( watch face yoga videos on youtube)- it does wonders for your skin, i noticed that it clears the skin and gives it a beautiful glow and you’ll feel great  
  • apply 1 drop of tea tree oil to blemish/zits… 
  • apply coconut oil to lips
  • not really skin care but - apply a mixture of ¼ castor oil, ¼ jojoba oil. ¼ almond oil, ¼ grapeseed oil to your eyebrows and eyelashes using a clean mascara brush - they’ll grow like crazy 
  • make sure to drink at least 2 liters of water each day and eats lots of fruits and green vegetables. Carrots are also great for the complexion. 
  • once/ twice a week do a facial scrub using baking soda followed by a mask .
  • mask can be : 1. clay mask for purifying 2. honey mask for moistruizing and healing.
  • avoid eating junk food and salty foods and stick to a healthy diet.
  • drink 2 cups of green tea to detox 
  • massage your neck downwards, putting slight pressure on your lymph nodes to detox your face and help rid of toxins - this can also help in losing baby fat in face.
  • steam masks are so good, they clear up your skin, detox, purify and you’ll feel great. boil some water, add a drop of tea tree oil/ green tea bags/ nothing and place your face above the bowl for about 10 minutes.

this is v v important, it will definitely clog your pores and give you cystic acne.

I’ve made this mistake twice and it took absolutely ages to clear my skin up again. i’ve felt super self concious, as my skin had been clear for months (i used to have really bad acne) and suddenly changed back to how it was when i was 17/18.

Pleaaaaaaase take v good care of your skin and avoid coconut oil on y'alls faces! It’ll save you from a lot of trouble!! 💗

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DIY Lip Scrub

My daughter and I made this lip scrub today that we came across on Pinterest! This is perfect to use before applying your lip stain or even any of your lip products! Exfoliating your lips helps the lip stain go on much easier and much more evenly!

We did use the Vanilla extract in ours and coconut oil instead of Olive oil because for no other reason except that I just love coconut oil :)


small bowl
1 TBSP sugar
1 TBSP honey
1 tsp olive oil or coconut oil
1 small container (I save my eye cream, pigment etc containers and wash them out)
Optional: Vanilla or peppermint extract
Optional: Food coloring (I did pink - pick a practical color as it may stain lips a little)


Combine honey & sugar in a small bowl.
Add olive or coconut oil & mix well.
If you want it flavored add in a drop of vanilla or peppermint extract
If you’re feeling creative, add 1-2 drops of food coloring (go light on this or it may stain lips)
Put your scrub into a container.


Before bed, rub a small amount of the scrub onto your lips.
Rinse off with water.
Apply lip balm.
Use twice a week for super soft lips!

My favorite product by @sheamoisture love coconut oil and all of the benefits that come along with it. You can use it for just about anything. Below are a few things that you can use coconut oil for: 1. Makeup Remover. Even the most resistant waterproof mascara doesn’t stand a chance against coconut oil. Apply it directly to the face as an oil cleanser, or let it sit on your skin with a cotton pad. Makeup will melt away.
2. Breath Freshener. Coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Gargling for 20 minutes with a spoonful of oil (a.k.a. oil pulling) can help clear up germs in the mouth, leading to fresher breath, whiter teeth, and healthier gums.
3. Lice Remedy. Start this all-natural lice treatment with a rinse of apple cider vinegar. Once the vinegar has dried, apply coconut oil to the entire head and let it sit for 12 to 24 hours. Brush through hair with a fine comb, then shampoo.
4. Body Lotion. If you’re a DIY mixologist, then coconut oil is a vanity essential. You can use this versatile oil as the base to make your own body moisturizer.
5. Cuticle Oil. Got cracked cuticles? Remedy peeling skin with a coconut oil balm right at the base of nails. It can also help your manicure last longer.
6. Makeup-Brush Cleaner. Cleaning your makeup brushes should be a monthly ritual. You can use a DIY cleanser that’s two parts antibacterial soap and one part coconut oil.
7. Lip Balm. Coconut oil is the ideal remedy for chapped lips especially because it’s semisolid at room temperature. Pack a bit in a miniature jar and smooth over lips throughout the day.
8. Stretch-Mark Cream. Expectant moms should keep a jar of coconut oil nearby to help ward off stretch marks, but anyone can use this as a topical treatment for scars. While the oil won’t fade any marks, it can help prevent dark spots and blisters from forming.
9. Undereye Cream.Don’t want to spend the extra money on eye cream? Use a dab of coconut oil on undereye bags and fine lines. It’s light enough for the most delicate skin on your face.
10. Body Scrub. Mix half a cup of coconut oil with a handful of coarse salt or sugar to create an exfoliator. The moisturizing oil will last long after the grains have melted away.
11. Frizz Tamer. Flyaways begone with this smoothing treatment. Just rub a dime-size amount in your hands and smooth from midshaft to ends for frizz-free style that’s high on shine.
12. Massage Oil. Warm coconut oil in the microwave and add a few drops of an essential oil, like lavender or peppermint, for a soothing massage mix.
13. Whitening Toothpaste. Run out of toothpaste? Grab the closest jar of coconut oil and add baking soda for a quick fix. Everyone will wonder how you got such a white smile.
14. Shaving Cream. Who said shaving cream has to lather? Use this balm as a base to get a closer shave that leaves legs smooth instead of dried out. You can also use it alone or with other ingredients in this DIY shave-cream recipe.
15. Dandruff Treatment. Dandruff and dry scalp go hand in hand. So send moisture right to the roots with a nightly coconut oil treatment. Just apply lightly to roots and massage in, which will also stimulate hair growth.
16. Body Oil. Why purchase a separate body oil when you can keep coconut oil near the bath? Just slather it on wet skin after the shower, then pat dry. You’ll smell like a beach vacation all day. Plus, it has a natural SPF 4.
17. Itch Relief. Burns, bug bites, and bruises can all be soothed with a topical balm of coconut oil.
18. Deep Conditioner. You can use hot coconut oil as a preshampoo treatment to soothe dry hair before you shampoo and condition. Leave in for at least an hour for an allover moisturizing treatment.
19. Night Cream. Apply coconut oil at night for maximum moisturizing benefits. The antioxidants are great for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep.
20. Leave-in Conditioner. Hydrate dry hair by using coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner. Apply a small amount to wet strands to seal in moisture.

I made a super simple multi-purpose balm last night, and I think everyone could definitely find a use for this! It’s perfect for beginner witches and even for the intermediate witches for some quick, portable, on-the-fly witchcraft! It’s only two ingredients;

- coconut oil

- lavender essential oil

But obviously you can add anything your heart desires, depending on your skills, resources and intent!
What makes it so wonderful is that it can be used in so many different ways.

Coconut oil in skin care & beauty

- cheekbone highlighter
- shaving lotion
- eye makeup remover (be careful!)
- lip balm
- good for rashes!
- some people even swear by it as lube! (although you should be aware that oil based lubricant will dissolve latex condoms!)
- prevents stretch marks
- moisturizer
- fade age spots
- soothe sunburns
- mix into bath (melt ¼ cup, add to bath & soak)
- relieves dry skin

Hair care

- overnight conditioner (rub small amount into hair, mostly the ends, comb through, put into cute little bun for sleepy time and wash out in the morning!)
- tames flyaways
- reduces static
- de-frizzes split ends

As for the lavender essential oil, it’s known for its restorative and calming properties, and is associated with;

- happiness
- love
- peace
- protection
- purification

Which means there are so many possibilities with this simple combination! Need an extra boost in the morning? Feeling depressed? Want to sleep safe and soundly? Use it as lotion to help find your motivation. Craving more self esteem? Use it for shaving, removing makeup, styling hair and as a part of your makeup routine in glamour spells or everyday routine to add some extra confidence. It could also be used for preparing before a ritual/conducting magick, promoting safe astral travel, discreet or budgeted craft, and as a shield or ward. I’m sure there are many, many more applications that I just can’t think of right now but I’ll leave you all with this and hope this can benefit someone!

It’s only three steps:
- melt coconut oil (I used virgin coconut oil, I didn’t measure it out but this jar was probably around a full cup)
- add two or three drops of lavender essential oil (the oil on its own is known to irritate skin, we just want it in there for its properties and pretty smell)
- pour into glass jar and place in fridge to solidify (the glass part is very important - it’s common sense but I made the mistake of using plastic for hot water, and never again… it was cheap Dollarama plastic but you know).

And that’s it! Please feel free to add onto this with any other uses and/or ingredients you can think of to help out your fellow witches!
Happiness to you and yours xx