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A Heartbreaking Mystery

Amy Billig disappeared on March 5th, 1974. She was 17. The last time anyone saw her, she was on her way to her father’s office in Coconut Grove, Florida, to borrow some money to go out with friends. She never made it there.

This is one of those terrible decades long missing person cases, but it’s even worse because of the ordeal Amy’s mother Susan had to endure while searching for her daughter.

From the start, she received conflicting tips and false information. The first came from 16 year old twins Charles and Larry Glasser, who called a few days after Amy’s disappearence claiming they had kidnapped her and demanding $30.000 for the ransom. They were lying, and had never met Amy before.

Then came information from different sources that Amy had been abducted by one of two bike gangs, The Pagans or The Outlaws, that traveled through the area that year. Paul Branch, a member of The Pagans, told her that Amy was alive and living with the gang. However, when he died in the late 90′s, his widow claimed he confessed to her he had lied, and that Amy had died of a drug overdose the same night she disappeared, during a party.

During 21 years, since Amy disappeared until 1995, Susan received harassing phone calls from a man claiming that the girl had been kidnapped by a sex ring organization. The FBI later identified this man as Henry Johnson Blair, a US Customs Department employee who claimed to be alcoholic and that he didn’t really know anything about the case.

However, in Amy’s journal she made reference to a man called “Hank” she wanted to elope to South America with. Blair’s nickname was Hank, and his job required him to move to South America in the 70s. Despite that, he has never been linked to her disappearance by any other evidence. 

Susan died in 2005 at 80 years old, and Amy’s case is still unsolved.


1982. Screaming For Vengeance

is the eighth album by band Judas Priest. The album, considered the band’s commercial breakthrough, sold in excess of 5 million unit worldwide and has been certified double platinum in the United States and platinum in Canada.

Screaming for Vengeance was recorded at Ibiza Sound Studios, Ibiza, Spain (during this period, it was commonplace for UK-based musicians to record in continental Europe for tax purposes) and mixed at Beejay Recording Studios and Bayshore Recording Studios in Coconut Grove, Florida. It was released on 17 July 1982.

The album’s most commercially successful track, the single “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’”, was a last minute addition. According to guitarist K. K. Downing, “We were quite happy with the album but decided late on that we could add one more song. I know we had some of the parts but we set about completing "Another Thing Comin’” during the mixing sessions at Bee Jay studios. It came together quite quickly and I seem to remember that we all had a good feeling about it as it did sound like a good driving song and possibly a good radio track.“ 

This album was another big success for Priest in the 80’s, after the relative failure of Point Of Entry. This is not the best of Priest, but it’s very far up the scale, hot enough to burst the mercury from its thermometer.

    K.K. Downing    Rob Halford   Glenn Tipton   Ian Hill   Dave Holland

In the fall of 1967, David Crosby wandered into a coffee house in Coconut Grove, Florida, and heard Joni Mitchell. Infatuated with both the songs and the singer, Crosby pursued Mitchell and eventually brought her to his boat.

The personal relationship did not last long but Crosby mentored Mitchell through the L.A. Music scene and produced her first album. Crosby also suggested to Joni that she look out for a new friend, Graham Nash.

Both wrote about the other. This is Mitchell writing in the “Cactus Tree”. Crosby wrote about Mitchell in “Guinnevere”.