coconut deodorant

Some uses of coconut oil ✨✨✨

In case you weren’t aware of how magical it is

- Use as a makeup remover
- Use as a facial moisturizer (use wisely as if you use too much it can clog your pores so be sure to test out what amount is best for your skin type)
- Nourishing oil for your hair: hot oil treatment, hair mask or simply just apply it as a spray or leave in conditioner💆🏽
- Body moisturizer (helps with extremely dry skin, eczema, and fungal infections)
- Natural highlighter (apply to areas you’d like a little more glo💫💫)
- Great to use instead of shaving cream - EVERYWHERE (leaves ya legs and coochie feelin baby soft)
- Can be used as aftershave too
- Take a spoonful to help with digestion
- Coconut oil is the second greatest source of Lauric acid after breast milk. This means it has a super high amount of HEALTHY FATS
- Coconut oil has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Consuming coconut oil can aid in digestion issues due to inflammation or presence of “bad” bacteria. Applying coconut oil can help relieve fungus and bacterial infections on the skin
- Healthier alternative to butter in cooking and baking
- Can help improve your body’s absorption of magnesium and calcium
- Can be used as a lube during masturbation (does not upset vaginas natural flora), handjobs and blowjobs – however do NOT use with a condom because the oil will corrode the condom
- Natural mouthwash: “oil pulling” with coconut oil is extremely beneficial to oral health. Wish around one spoonful of coconut oil with a few drops of your fave essential oil in your mouth for 5 min. Spit out in the garbage (coconut oil will solidify at room temp so may clog your drains). Then brush your teeth. This can whiten and strengthen your teeth without the use of harsh bleach in whitening strips and will help with bad breath
- Can help with weight loss
- Make a natural deodorant with coconut oil, essential oil and arrowroot powder / cornstarch and baking soda
- Can be used as a sunscreen (low SPF)
- Mix with sugar and make a sexyy body scrub
- Can help relieve bug bites and post ivy/poison oak rashes
- Use with apple cider vinegar for natural lice treatment
- Balances body’s hormones
- Coconut oil with a few drops of peppermint oil can work as an insect repellent

These aren’t even all of the uses for wonderful coconut oil. If you think anymore feel free to add on or message me


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anonymous asked:

anne... how do u shave down there? i tried, nd it was so hard.

if you haven’t shaved before it helps to take some beauty scissors and trim first ! on the like,, top part i don’t go against the grain bc u could get rlly bad razor burn. i go side to side actually. then for underneath it helps to have a hand mirror that you can prop up somewhere, and use one hand to hold the razor and the other hand to hold back the skin ur shaving (if tht makes sense? ) afterwards i press a cold damp washcloth and then apply coconut oil (ONLY TO THE OUTSIDE OF UR VAGINA!!!!!! never ever inside) to avoid razor burn ✨if you don’t have coconut oil, deodorant actually prevents razor burn as well

Can you spot the difference?

That mini mason jar on the right holds a life saving, easy and natural home remedy. I never buy deodorant. I’ve heard of all the scary, cancer causing things they put in it. For awhile I tried a store bought natural deodorant and I’m pretty sure it made me smell worse than before putting any on.

Here’s the recipe.

¼ c. Corn starch
¼ c. Baking soda
6 tbsp. coconut oil
Your preferred amount of essential oil (I used orange essential oil)

Put the dry ingredients in a bowl and make sure they’re mixed in evenly. Add in the coconut oil. I softened mine a bit first. And finally the essential oil. Mix it with a fork until it’s a paste-like substance. And throw it in a jar or a container where you’d like it. This mini jar is from Target.

When you first put it on you smell like a coconut, orange frosted cupcake. After about 30 min that glorious smell fades but you still smell clean. I would say the deodorant lasts up to 5-8 hrs.

Super easy. Super quick. All things you can find at home. And one less harmful chemical to be smothering yourself with. It’s cheap and will last for a very long time. Keep it in a cool place as coconut oil melts when it’s hot out.

Be pure. Smell nice.