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The world mourns the loss of Bill Paxton

Filmography (1977-2017):

  • Training Day (TV Series) - Det. Frank Rourke
  • Mean Dreams - Wayne Caraway
  • Term Life - Joe Keenan
  • The Gamechangers (TV Movie) - Jack Thompson
  • Texas Rising (TV Mini-Series) - Sam Houston
  • Pixies - Eddie Beck (voice)
  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Exo Zombies (Video Game) - Kahn (voice)
  • Nightcrawler - Joe Loder
  • Edge of Tomorrow - Master Sergeant Farell
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV Series) - John Garrett
  • Million Dollar Arm - Tom House
  • Red Wing - Jim Verret
  • 2 Guns - Earl
  • Head Smash: The Prequel (Short) - Maurice (voice)
  • Hatfields & McCoys (TV Mini-Series) - Randall McCoy
  • Sky Soldier (TV Movie) - Narrator
  • Shanghai Calling - Donald
  • Haywire - John Kane
  • Big Love (TV Series) - Bill Henrickson
  • Big Love: In the Beginning (TV Series) - Bill Henrickson
  • The Good Life  - Robbie
  • Thunderbirds - Jeff Tracy
  • Club Dread - Coconut Pete
  • Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over - Dinky Winks
  • Resistance - Maj. Theodore ‘Ted’ Brice
  • Frasier (TV Series) - Ernie
  • Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams - Dinky Winks
  • Frailty - Dad Meiks
  • Vertical Limit - Elliot Vaughn
  • U-571 - Lt. Cmdr. Mike Dahlgren
  • Mighty Joe Young - Gregg O'Hara
  • A Simple Plan - Hank
  • A Bright Shining Lie (TV Movie) - John Paul Vann
  • Titanic - Brock Lovett
  • Traveller - Bokky
  • The Evening Star - Jerry Bruckner
  • Twister - Bill Harding
  • Frank & Jesse - Frank James
  • Apollo 13 - Fred Haise
  • True Lies - Simon
  • Future Shock - Vince
  • Tombstone - Morgan Earp
  • Tales from the Crypt (TV Series) - Billy DeLuca
  •  Monolith - Tucker
  • Indian Summer -Jack Belston
  • Boxing Helena - Ray O'Malley
  • Trespass - Vince
  • The Vagrant - Graham Krakowski
  • One False Move  - Dale 'Hurricane’ Dixon
  • The Dark Backward - Gus
  • Predator 2 - Jerry Lambert
  • Navy Seals - Dane
  • The Last of the Finest - Howard 'Hojo’ Jones
  • Brain Dead - Jim Reston
  • New Order: Substance (Video short) (video “Touched by the Hand of God”) (uncredited)
  • Next of Kin - Gerald Gates
  • Back to Back - Bo Brand
  • Slipstream - Matt Owens
  • The Roommate (Short)
  • Riding Fast - Bobo
  • Pass the Ammo - Jesse Wilkes
  • Martini Ranch: Reach (Video short) - The Outlaw
  • Near Dark - Severen
  • Deadly Nightmares (TV Series) - Trout
  • Miami Vice (TV Series) - Vic Romano
  • Fresno (TV Mini-Series) - Billy Joe Bobb
  • Aliens - Private Hudson
  • An Early Frost (TV Movie) - Bob Maracek
  • Commando - Intercept Officer
  • Weird Science - Chet Donnelly
  • The Atlanta Child Murders (TV Mini-Series) - Campbell
  • Pat Benatar: Hit Videos (Video short) - Radio Operator (Radio Operator (segment “Shadows of the Night”)
  • The Terminator - Punk Leader
  • Impulse - Eddie
  • Streets of Fire - Clyde the Bartender
  • Taking Tiger Mountain -  Billy Hampton
  • Deadly Lessons (TV Movie) - Eddie Fox
  • The Lords of Discipline - Gilbreath (as 'Wild’ Bill Paxton)
  • Great Day (TV Movie) - Rudy
  • Night Warning - Eddie (as William Paxton)
  • McClain’s Law (TV Series) - Michael
  • Barnes & Barnes: Love Tap (Short)
  • Stripes -Soldier
  • The Six O'Clock Follies (TV Series)
  • Fish Heads (Short) -Main Character (uncredited)
  • The Egyptian Princess, an Unfolding Fantasy (Short) -The Man

anonymous asked:

In your coconut club AU, is Aster a merman?

Certainly is!

For those who doesn’t know yet;

-He’s a childhood friend of Tooth. Didn’t spend as much time together as they were kids; Aster is being trained as a warrior/guardian. One of the things he was supposed to take care of is the crystal shell that Tooth tried to steal xD; He wouldn’t let her take it unless she accepts the condition of bringing him carrots once a week. 


Herbs and Plants for Protection A-C

🌳 Acacia

🌳 Acorn

🌳 Ague Root

🌳 Aloe

🌳 Althea Root

🌳 Alyssum

🌳 Angelica

🌳 Anise

🌳 Apple

🌳 Acacia

🌳 Ash

🌳 Astragalus Root

🌳 Bamboo

🌳 Barley

🌳 Basil

🌳 Bay Leaf

🌳 Belladonna

🌳 Bergamot

🌳 Birch

🌳 Blackberry

🌳 Bloodroot

🌳 Blue Violet

🌳 Blueberry

🌳 Buckwheat

🌳 Calamus Root

🌳 Calendula Flowers

🌳 Caraway

🌳 Carnations

🌳 Cedar

🌳 Chia Seeds

🌳 Chives

🌳 Cinnamon

🌳 Clove

🌳 Club Moss

🌳 Coconut

🌳 Coriander

🌳 Corn

🌳 Cotton

🌳 Cumin

🌳 Cyprus

anonymous asked:

Hi Sophie!!! a few questions about your coconut club au... 1)Elsa is a fairy,right? so is she like those teeny tiny sized faries or human size? 2) Since Astrid is friends with Jack a long time, do they develop FEELINGS for each other? 3)When Hiccup joins, describe their meeting. (Both Jack and Astrid)... Sorry for all those questions, you can just answer one. Is just that I relly love the new au and just want to smoothen out the wrinkles. THANKS!!!

1- Yes, Elsa is a fairy. 

2- She’s not a teeny weeny sized fairy like the others. Also, I’m going to feature Tinkerbell and Periwinkle. Both of them are the most trusted ones by the Queen.(〜^∇^)〜

3- Astrid and Jack stayed as best friends and will stay that way. Jack wasn’t really there when Astrid met Hiccup. Just to clear things up; Jack left this town before he graduated from elementary school. 



On this day in music history: August 3, 1996 - “Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix)” by Los del Río hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 14 weeks. Written by Rafael Ruiz Perdigones, Antonio Romero Monge and SWK, it is the biggest hit for the Latin Pop vocal duo from Dos Hermanas, Seville, Spain. Best friends since the age of 14, Rafael Ruiz and Antonio Romero begin performing together in the early 60’s. While touring South America in 1992, the duo attend a party in Caracas, Venezuela. During the evening, Ruiz and Romero notice a beautiful flamenco dancer. Speaking to her afterward, Ruiz tells the young woman, “give joy to your body, Macarena, for your body is there to give joy and good things”. The name refers to a neighborhood in Seville, named after a revered woman in Spain’s history. As a result, Macarena is also a popular girls name among Spaniards. The original version appears on their album “A Mi Me Gusta” in 1993, becoming hit in several Latin countries, and in Miami in the US. DJ Jammin Johnny Caride of radio station Power 96 begins to get requests during his gigs at the Baja Beach Club in Coconut Grove. Caride wants to spin the record on the air, but initially cannot, due to the stations policy only playing English language songs. Caride is able to persuade assistant program director Kid Curry to allow him to play it on the air once, at 1:30 am. Curry tells program director Frank Walsh about the song, who then requests a remix in English. Caride calls on his friends Carlos De Yarza and Mike Triay to quickly remix it. They write a new melody and English lyrics, recruiting jingle singer Patricia Alfaro to sing on the track. Once on the air at Power 96, public reaction is immediate. Dubbed the Bayside Boys after their Miami recording studio, they are deluged with offers from labels wanting to release the remix. Since Los del Rio are signed to BMG International, it is released by RCA Records on August 15, 1995. Once released, the song does not become a hit overnight. Entering the Hot 100 at #70 on September 2, 1995, it climbs as high as #45 holding in the lower half of the chart, before falling off at #71 eighteen weeks later. Off the Hot 100 for sixteen weeks, like Lazarus it suddenly rises from its dormant state when WKTU in New York adds the record. Re-entering the chart at #47 on July 6, 1996, it climbs to the top of the chart twelve weeks later, finally topping the chart in its 33rd week. “Macarena” makes Los del Rio unlikely international pop stars, with the music video featuring several beautiful young ladies performing the simple dance made up to go along with the song becoming a sensation. The song and dance are a worldwide phenomenon, becoming one of the biggest pop cultural phenomenons since “The Twist” in the 1960’s. In all, “Macarena” spends a record breaking 60 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, selling more than eleven million copies worldwide. “Macarena” is certified 4x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

anonymous asked:

So is there any story behind how Tooth met Hiccup and Astrid? (In the Coconut club?)

The same way when Jack and Tooth encountered one another for the first time. It’s a day after Tooth finally got her legs. :U She followed him to school and jumped on him.

Here, Tooth doesn’t really speak english yet. Yeah, that’s just a piece of rag that Astrid found for her at the beach lol.

[Side note: Astrid and Jack are best friends since 2nd Grade, Hiccup came later in middle school.He’s a new friend of Jack’s.]

The hall monitor caught them and escorted them to the principal’s office

(They gave Tooth something to wear;A janitor’s uniform)

In all of a sudden…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

[Like that episode of Teen Titans where Starfire couldn’t speak English until she kissed Robin.]


song to listen to when youre sad, lonely, and cannot sleep »  listen here

  1. call it fate, call it karma // the strokes
  2. east harlem // beirut
  3. helplessness blues // fleet foxes
  4. i am young // coconut records
  5. only ones who know // arctic monkeys
  6. storm passes away // jake bugg
  7. taxi cab // vampire weekend
  8. video games // bombay bicycle club (lana del rey cover)

anonymous asked:

Psst Sophie who's Elsa in the AU

She’s a Queen that resides in Fae Island with the coconut/snow fairies. 

[Credit to snow-in-my-room for the island name :)

I read the first chapter of the fanfic. Go reaad iiiitt!! ~ ]

[design not finalized so are the fairies; so i made them into a puff of snow for now ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ]


Tokyo Police Club

Forcefield (2014)

Champ (2010)

Elephant Shell (2008)

A Lesson in Crime (2006)

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