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coconut crusted buns go down well with @bubble____t this thursday night 9.7.17 @therosemontnyc with master bakers @ongina & @mini_han … @b.i.c.h.o.n @bubble_stevie @tito_paidz playing tunes while you munch on @kichin_nyc & pre @rupaulsdragcon merch by @massivegay & what you see in this post is for sale! (the hat too …) #bubble_t #rupauldragcon #massivegoods

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any good mug cake recipes?

oh my goodness. thank you for this question.

Carrot Coconut Mug Cake

Chocolate Brownie Mug Cake

Chocolate-Chip-Cookie Mug Cake

Coconut Mug Cake

Gooey Chocolate Mug Cake

Meyer Lemon Mug Cake

Microwave Cinnamon Rolls

Microwave Coconut Buns

Microwave Pumpkin Pie

Red Velvet Beetroot Mug Cake

Those are some recipes to start you off.

Here’s how to make up your own recipe.

You will need: 

at least half of an egg, ideally a whole one

something dry (coconut flour, nut flour, cocoa, desiccated coconut, ground flaxseed) OR a big tablespoon of softened cream cheese. I don’t know why this works but it does in a pinch

maybe some oil or melted butter, or other wet ingredients like greek yoghurt or coconut cream or mashed avocado or, indeed, more cream cheese

maybe some other flavours (sweetener, salt, cheese, lemon, vanilla, carrot, pumpkin, coconut, cream cheese, ginger, berries, cinnamon, olives, herbs, rosewater, matcha green tea powder, lavender, feta, garlic, pesto, anything you want)

and maybe some chunks (walnuts, other nuts, chocolate chips, fruit, vegetables, etc)

pick some ingredients that go together, and mix them up until the consistency is somewhere between a runny pancake mix and a less-runny brownie mix. (be prepared for a few kinda-average cakes before you find the perfect ratio of ingredients and attain the perfect cake.)

put on a topping if you want (cinnamon, sesame seeds, olives, cheese etc)

microwave for like a minute. sometimes less, occasionally more, depending on your microwave. if psyllium husk is anywhere in the mix, you might need to cook it a bit longer.

and maybe you want some icing! like, mascarpone or whipped cream or butter or aioli etc.

Now you have all of my secrets! Good luck :D

and if anyone else has a keto mug cake recipe or idea to add, please feel free!

anonymous asked:

nax!! do you ever plan on updating the motorcycle au?? not trying to harass you, it just popped into my head the other day and i remembered how much i love it lmao

aw thank you!! i feel very non-harassed, don’t worry :)

i do have stuff written…but it’s very unfinished and between life and a rapidly dying laptop, i don’t know when i’ll have time to get back to it

but here! have a small snippet to compensate:


Jean was working on his bike.

Eren hated it when Jean worked on his bike.

Like, okay, wow, cool. You drive a motorcycle. So do tons of other people. Whole gangs of people ride them. It’s not that special. He crossed his arms, leaning against the sill of the window in the backroom, watching Jean rummage through his tool box. He was putting a new shiny something-or-other on the bike, blasting the radio, bobbing his head in time with some synthetic beat. He was sweaty again. Eren narrowed his eyes.

“If you lean any further, you’ll fall out the window.”

Eren startled, flailed, barely catching himself against the wooden frame just in time to keep from tipping out too far. Heart hammering right under where he’d clutched a hand to his chest, he sliced a glare over his shoulder at Marco. Marco, who was all freckled smiles and floppy hair, not a care in the world, like he wasn’t being constantly tormented by muscle tanks and man buns and coconut scented lip balm.

Marco held his hands up in surrender. “Just sayin’.”

When Eren looked back out the window, Jean had uncapped his water bottle, tilted his head back with the long arc of his throat exposed, pouring the contents all over his face just as the radio started blasting the opening line of Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name.” Eren swallowed. The black cotton of his shirt clung obscenely to his chest, his stomach, skin glistening with hair plastered back against the top of his head. With a quick jerk left and right, Jean flicked it loose, dangling around his face in wet tendrils before pushing it back with a single hand.

Eren had to get out of there. 


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