coconut bread pudding

anonymous asked:

strawberry, cranberry and kiwi :)

strawberry: favorite desserts?

black forest cake, coconut cream pie, shortbread, bread pudding, cheesecake, peach pie. Basically if it’s sweet and put in front of me, I’m gotta eat the hell out of it. 

cranberry: favorite time of the day; morning, afternoon, dusk, or night?

I really love mornings, but I really hate being awake, so do you see my problem here? 

kiwi: what’s something that fascinates you?

Phantom cats, which are a subclass of cryptid that are basically large wild cats where there shouldn’t be large wild cats. Like panthers in rural Britain or Kentucky. I love them because they’re so mundane as far as cryptids go but there’s something really hilariously absurd and fascinating to me about living in rural Pennsylvania and looking out the window one day and suddenly there being a giant lion in your backyard. See also: phantom kangaroos