Each one of these images embody all the emotions I’ve been dealing with as of late..initially when i went into this shoot i thought it was going to be light and fun, i wanted to portray a more sexy side..but i guess it was because i had so much on my mind and different personal stresses I’m dealing with, that these photos became so much more… its a really eerie feeling to see my emotions so raw and real.. but its also a form of therapy..  i’m learning vulnerability, I’m learning acceptance… I’m learning….


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I woke up today with extreme joy & energy. Excited about all of the possibilities of the upcoming summer. Thinking about all of my family & friends & the moments that we share daily. This year started out with a lot of personal disappointments, but God has truly turned my year around. I was blessed with new love, a full time job, & God has been revealing to me the people who love & support me. I have finally let go of the negativity of my past & those who rose up to come against me. I’ve released them & wish them the best. I’m no where near perfect, but I am finally at peace with who I am & where I’m at in my life. I’m learning how to become a more patient, loving, understanding, & forgiving individual. So these photos represent exactly where I’m at today. In a healthy place emotionally, spiritually, physically, & mentally.“ -CocoDandridge

Photo Cred. Mark Paul Walker
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