Love charme.

I hope this redesign is better. I made her color palette more interesting and made the eyes less neon. And i eventually created cocoa biscuit. ×D

Nice to see her back!

The new mane and tail styles look great, although I can’t help but feel like the left part of her mane is supposed to go behind her ear, not in front of it. It just doesn’t seem to flow well. I like the beads that you put in her mane and tail, it’s a lot more basic and something that we’d likely see in the show, although the colors are pretty difficult to see against the color of her mane and tail. Honestly, you could probably alternate with a green, pink, and white bead to bring in the colors of her eyes and cutie mark, although the pink could probably stand to be a little less neon than it is now.

I notice that her mane and tail lack strokes, and the detail strokes are a bit close to the fill color, so you might want to change those to be a little darker than they are now, and add in the other strokes. Her mane is a bit close to her coat color, and I feel like if her mane was darker it wouldn’t suit her design, but what if her coat was just a little lighter?

Her cutie mark still looks nice as the little heart bubble, but I think it looked better with the little pointy bit coming from her stomach – where it’s coming from now, it looks like her butt is the thing giving the advice! Of course I know it’s not, that was a bit of a joke on my end (a bad one at that), but I think it flowed better the direction it was the first time she was submitted.

I took to Photoshop again to try and show you what I mean, because honestly it’s all just little things that could be tweaked:

Very crude edit, but like I said, I just quickly threw it together! Lighter coat, darker strokes on her mane, lightened cutie mark, and swapped the direction the cutie mark was facing. You really did a great job at giving her a more interesting design than before! Just some small tweaks could still be done, but the general area you went with was great, nice work! ^▽^

Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo introduces a unique Christmas Buche

Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo is proud to introduce a unique and revisited Christmas Buche. Imagined by the Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo’s head pastry Chef Nicolas Baygourry, the Christmas Buche draws its inspiration from the design of the Eiffel cupola, creating a bold and surprising reinterpretation of the traditional Christmas dessert. Its rounded red vermilion base is adorned with fine spirals.…

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Кокосовый бисквит с “Нутеллой”
БЖУ 49-26-16, 484 ккал
➡️ яичный белок - 5шт - 170г
➡️ кокосовая мука - 1ст.л. - 14г
➡️ коксовое молоко густое жирное (“Kara”) - 50мл
➡️ кокосовая стружка - 23г
➡️ протеин (вкус белый шоколад) - 1 скуп
➡️ разрыхлитель - 0,5ч.л.
Белки взбить в пену. Смешать остальные ингредиенты. Выпекать в духовке при температуре 180 до готовности. Разрезать пополам, смазать шоколадом. Для “Нутеллы” нужно смешать обезжиренное какао c молоком или водой и добавить подсластитель на ваш выбор.

Coconut Nutella Biscuit
PFC 49-26-16, 484 kcal
➡️ eggwhites - 5 - 170g
➡️ coconut flour - 1tbsp - 14g
➡️ oconut milk high fat - 50ml
➡️ oconut flakes fine ground - 23g
➡️ protein (white chocolate flavour) - 1 scoop
➡️ baking powder - 0,5tsp
Whip eggwhites until foam. Mix with the rest of ingredients. Bake at 180 until ready. Cut into half and spread home made Nutella. For Nutella just mix some nonfat unsweetened cocoa with milk or water and sweetener of your choice.

Tutte in una volta 😍
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In addition to “sundowners” during the evening #safari drive, during the morning drive you stop for coffee (or hot cocoa!) and biscuits. While we enjoyed our morning refreshments, we sat and watched a couple crocodiles sunbathing at the #waterhole. #ThisIsTheLife #Seriously #ICouldGetUsedToThis! #SafariDrive2 #Honeyguide #Manyeleti #Kruger #SouthAfrica (at Honey Guide tented safari camp)

Cegliese Biscuit with Fig Jam Cegliese Biscuit with Orange Marmalade Almond Biscuit with Coffee Almond Biscuit with Cocoa Almond Biscuit with Pear Jam Amaretto Almond Biscuit with Lemon


Name: Ital d'Oro Fior di Cacao ✿ Cantuccini con Cioccolato

Info: cantuccinichocolate chip

Packaging: pretty.

Smell & appearance: nice cocoa smell; 50 of them ✿ biscuit, cocoa; quite intense.

Taste & texture: very nice tasting biscuits, but a bit hard ✿ crunchy, lovely tasting biscuits; chocolate chips add a lovely touch.

Bought on: October 22, 2012 ✿ December 20, 2012

From: Lidl