cocoa frog

This is Cocoa. She likes corners, but frogs spoop her. Can you send a friendly frog smile? (Or an approachable frog grimace!) I want to help Cocoa cope with her frog-phobia!

(not really just send me a frog dangit!!!)

Hi Cocoa! 😀🐸

That is excellent squishing in the corner! Squishing is definitely an important job so Voigt says well done and sends you a kissie! 😊

She sends you a smile too! She smiles even when she’s being naughty! 😊🐸

Cocoa frog (Hypsiboas sp)

Discovered at an expedition of scientists who spent three weeks in 2012 exploring an area of rivers, mountains and rainforest in the south-eastern region of Suriname that has “virtually no human influence”, this little fellow was one of 60 new species that were discovered. It lives on trees, using the round discs on its fingers and toes to climb. Not much is known about it so far.