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Realistic Kurro attemp #3
Good morning cuties! Coco here 
So, when I first had my tablet working again, the first thing I drew was Kuroo, because I really missed draw his crazy bed hair and long bottom lashes <3. 
I wanted to do a magazine cover-like picture, I still have to improve my colorig, but I think is great for a firts digital draw after so long! I hope you like it too <3
I want to do some paints more and then I’ll start to do my comics again, so wait for them as well! 
-Watch the Speedpaint!-
See you soon! 
Lots of love, Coco 


Silly Comic #15! : Myopia…

I swear i’ll stop making fun of Tsukki bad eye sight…Someday 
BACK AGAIN WITH THE SILLY COMICS!, Don’t worry because Tsukki and Hinata are still canon on my comics, I just wanted to make fun of Tsukki. 
I love my son i swear
I also have a neww water mark!, did you like it? ashfjsafkas
Anyway, hope you like it! 
Love, Coco 

Hey! I made a Color Palette Challenge! So here’s some of my draws with it! 
You can also use my palette, just give me the credits! 
Also, you can visit my youtube channel and watch the coloring process!
Lots of love, Coco

Jiminie’s study! #1 
I still didn’t figure how I want to draw JiMin (also I’m still not confident with my flat colors), so i’ve doing studies about him and the rest of BTS of course, and honestly It’s so hard drawing real people, because I have to mix they looks and my style, and AH~, I’m tired but I’ll work harder, I promise, all for my boys, I also want to improve because I want to make comics (YES MORE COMICS ANTICIPATE THEM BECAUSE THE SHiP HELL IS COMING) and more draws about them, pray for me ashfsafhsah
Hope you like it! with some luck I’ll upload this week again 
Take care and eat well! 
Lots of love, Coco <3

Shorty Bae Re-Draw! 
//Watch the speedpaint HERE <3//

It’s me again, Coco, Nice to see you again after so long!

I…I’ve been bad, not at my best tbh, I’m on school time now, at my last year, and things are been tough, more than I though, so you know, stress and tiredness are making me feel pretty bad, along with a really bad artblock.
I also have a little week off, thanks to legal terms in my country,  I think I’m better now, but I’VE BEEN SO UNPRODUCTIVE THAT MAKES ME SAD, I literally spend my week reading fanfics (REALLY GOOD ONES BTW), but at the same time I love reading cheessy love stories, so I’m happy ashfjk, I should do things that makes me happy rigth?, anyway, In middle of my week I tried to draw too, I recorded like 3 videos, but this is the only one I really like, (and the one that I could finish), I wanted to draw Amethyst for long time! ,  beacause I drew her along time ago, and it’s funny see how much I’ve changed my style.
NOW TALKING ABOUT THE DRAW, You know I’m always, really simple with my draws, like, no much of anything, BUT THIS TIME, I DOn’T KNOW WHAT HAPPEND, you can see I literally could just leave the hair like, with simple shapes and still looks good, BUT MY EXTRA ASS WANTED MORE SO I STARTED TO DO THOSE COMPLICATED CURLS AND SHIT EVEn WHEN AMETHysT HAVE STRAIG HAIR. I SPEND 3 HOURS DOING THE HAIR FFS
I still like tho asfgasgfjas, and I hope you like tho, even if is a little too extra, I’ll be happy if you can appreciate my effort (please pet my head and tell me you love me). 
I Hope you like it as much as me
Thank you all for your kind comments and ask,even if I don’t upload as often as I would like,  it always makes my day <3
Love you all, hopefully i’ll see you soon 
Love, Coco <3

Hello there! It’s been a while isn’t it?
So, I really hate the lack of content here (and all my social media tbh), so I decided tha I’ll upload my original art too!, because it’s my art blog after all, and even if I mostly do fanart, I cand do some original pieces too. SO! This little boy upside is my OC, I never had a OC before, but this one comes so naturally in my life that I didn’t even know when I started draw him at all fajsfs. 
He doesn’t have a name at all (you can suggest some names too!), but I like to call him Cian, thats also his stage name, because he’s a singer! 
He’s also older than he seems, he has really long eyelashes and super dark and soft hair. He also have a really bad bitch resting face, but he’s really just a shy puppy. His body  is cover in scars because he used to be an action doble and stuff, that’s why he have a really musculated body too. 
So, here’s a few references sheets I’ve been doing for some time, I hope you give Cian a lots of love too <3 because he probably will appear often here since now! ahfjksafsa
I wish you all a good week, please take care and be happy 
Hopefully I’ll see you soon! 
Lots of love, Coco