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Alright, so I got a hold of some Coco books, and I’ll let you know a bit about each one.

“Miguel and the Amazing Alebrijes”: A very cute non movie related story where Miguel is assigned to make an Alebrije for a school project. The art and story itself is hella cute. It’s for small children, so if you have younger siblings or kids, they’d probably enjoy it. NGL, I mainly bought it for the stickers in the back (they also have paper cut-out alebrije you can play with).

“Coco (Big Golden Book)”: THE storybook if you want some awesome art based off the movie. It’s actually missing a few pictures from its UK counterpart, but all in all is still great. Story is a simplified version of the movie. Note that there also exists a “LIttle Golden Book” version that has a different cover, art, and an even more simplified version of the story, which I may pick up for kicks.

“Coco: The Essential Guide”: I bought it blind, not being able to find it at a physical bookstore, and this thing SUCKS as an actual guidebook. Pretty much just points out the obvious you’d get just from watching the movie. Kinda expected that a bit, seeing as it’s for kids. I mostly bought it hoping for at least some nice movie shots, which it does to a degree. However, while the first half of the book uses screenshots from the movie, but the later half uses the storybook pictures. Sucks on one hand cause I wanted more movie shots, but at the same time, it’s also uses most of the missing art from the UK Coco storybook, so it’s a trade-off. It’s only other redeeming factor is a Rivera family tree with the character’s faces so you know exactly who’s who (and includes a certain great-great-grandpa). Also, goes without saying, this thing gives zero fucks about spoilers, so check it out after you see the movie. I’d say only pick it up if you can grab it for under $10 and want it for the art.

“Coco: A Story About Music, Shoes, and Family”: I haven’t gotten to read this one just yet, but I’ve heard good things. This is the longer version of the Coco novelizations (the other is the “Junior novelization”), and I’ve heard adds a lot of additional backstory for Mama Coco, as well as other little scenes. I look forward to it.

If you want to know anything more about these books I didn’t mention, send me a message or comment, and I’ll be happy to answer them. If you want to see the storybooks, YouTube has read-alongs for pretty much all of them, so you can see them for yourself!

Me: huh Ernesto’s guitar has just one little gold tooth cool but like why

Me: Hector had a gold tooth that’s cute it matches the gold designs on his face

My dumb ass right now, a full two weeks later: HEY WAIT A MINUTE

Do you ever find yourself crying over novelizations of Animated movies? Because I do. A lot. 

The book follows most of the plot of the movie, but it adds a few more scenes like this one in it that adds more to the characters. The extra parts with Coco growing up are my favourite additions to the story, right next to the extra bits of dialogue with Hector and Miguel. 

I highly recommend to Coco fans to find this book and read it,

uh unpopular opinion..

i really hate people hating on Coco for being a “ripoff of Book of life” like


i rly just dont get why disney is allowed to spew out dozens of princess movies, but the second they also make a day of the dead movie, theyre not allowed? like can there only be one????? is that the rule?? i dont see why we cant have more than just book of life bc as a deprived latinx … im rly excited for coco like i could cry..

*rises from the grave* Why yes, I’m alive after being buried under a pile of work. That and I spent whatever small amount of free time I had to read the Coco novelization, which provided a lot of extra stuff and backstory which weren’t shown in the film. Here are my favorite parts of the book. Spoilers incoming!

  • Hector’s past attempts to cross the marigold bridge are hilarious. Before Frida, he tried to disguise himself as Diego Rivera, pretended to be an alebrije, and even considered dividing his bones and putting it in separate purses to transport himself to the Land of the Living
  • Despite Imelda’s ban on music, Coco subconsciously found ways to enjoy it. She loved dancing, regularly sneaked out to the plaza to dance with Julio and eventually fell in love with him because of it 😭
  • “But Mama, it can’t be as bad as we think. After all, music and dancing is how I met Julio.” “And shoes, m’ija, is how you will stay with him.” 😭😭😭
  • Pls I admire Imelda’s conviction but I also love how Coco never held a grudge against music (and her papa ugh I’m getting emotional) inspite of what her mama told her about it
  • Imelda had a pet cat when she was alive
  • Oscar and Felipe loved to experiment with shoe designs and tried to create ones with multiple functions
  • Coco thought of shoe making as a chore but Elena loved it even when she was little lol
  • Victoria and Elena inherited Imelda’s no nonsense attitude
  • Coco often thought about her papa even after she became a mother herself. Her memory of their time together was hazy but she remembered how she felt when she was with him and associated these happy feelings with music 😭
  • Miguel’s secret hideout was originally Coco’s! She secretly danced to her father’s songs asdfghjkl my heart hurts guhhh
  • Imelda, being the badass woman that she is, created a shoe empire in the Land of the Dead too
  • The Riveras went to the rehearsal place and Rosita and Victoria had fun tinkering with the stage controls. No wonder they knew exactly what to do at sunrise
  • I love how Hector admonished Miguel for saying that family only gets in the way of him following his heart and dreams 😭
  • Hector: “When I follow my heart, guess where it leads? It leads to my family.” Miguel: “Then why are you alone?” 😭😭😭
  • The Riveras, not just Coco, loved music naturally and only stopped themselves from enjoying it because of Imelda’s ban
  • Miguel was nervous that Ernesto won’t accept him but Hector assured him that he’s cool and talented and that Ernesto would love him
  • “You think he’ll let me play music? You think he’ll teach me?” “Of course. That’s what great-great-grandpas do.” 😭😭😭
  • Can we appreciate the fact that Hector genuinely cared for Miguel even when he thought he was Ernesto’s family? Even after Ernesto stole his songs and most likely ignored him in the afterlife???
  • Before the performance, Hector told Miguel to pretend that he was singing to someone he loves and said this was what he always do when he sings. Ohmygod my emotions! 😩
  • Coco sang to Miguel when he was a baby and she knew by then that he would take after her papa
  • The Riveras comparing Miguel’s stubborness to Imelda’s lol
  • Hector left Santa Cecilia for music and because he thought he could get inspiration and a living out of it. He got homesick and thought he could always be a musician even if he returned to his hometown
  • Hector and Ernesto grew up together and he thought of Ernesto as family asdfghjkl
  • Miguel calling Hector “Papa Hector” for the first time 😭😭😭
  • Miguel began to genuinely appreciate shoe making when he learned the dancing shoes in his hideout were Coco’s 😭 He fixed the shoes and offered it to her grave
  • Hector’s new shoes are (obviously) made by Imelda 😭
  • The Riveras singing together while they cross the marigold bridge ahhhhh
  • And of course, everyone singing and dancing together in the Rivera hacienda 😭
  • You think I’d be less emotional after seeing the film 4 times but nope. The book made me cry again wtf.
Atrocities Part 1 - Hector Angst

You wanted Hector angst, you get Hector angst! 

Spoilers Below.

Summary: Ernesto’s crimes didn’t stop at murdering Hector. They went beyond the grave.

Long before they ever left their dingy hometown, Ernesto knew that Hector’s heart wasn’t in it to go on tour. He had to beg Hector to come with him. Ernesto swore up and down that the world had to hear Hector’s music. It drove him to insanity to hear the same reply of “Maybe Ernesto”, “I’ll have to see, Ernesto”, and “It depends on the timing, Ernesto. I have a family to think of”.

The fool. Didn’t he see it? That fame, fortune, and fans were waiting for them? All they had to do was play and seize the moment that was before them. The world could be theirs if they only played. Eventually, Ernesto wore him down and Hector agreed to go on tour. It was rough at first, trying to get their start, there were so many talented singers and songwriters out there. But they did well for beginners and gained a semi-steady income. It wasn’t the lifestyle that neither of them imagined. Ernesto had stars in his eyes while Hector languished at leaving his family behind.

Though Hector did not voice his concerns, Ernesto knew. He saw it in the way that Hector sang, the way he performed, even the way that he slept. Hector’s homesickness grew with every passing day as did Ernesto’s fear that his precious songwriter and partner would leave. Ernesto knew what he had to do. He could never allow Hector to return to his family. If he left, Ernesto knew that he would never stand a chance of making it to stardom on his own. And so, Ernesto did what anyone would do, he kept Hector ill.

A few drops in his evening drink did the job well. A bout of nausea and a mild fever made Hector incapable of leaving him. He was too sick to board a train but by the time the evening rolled around he would be well enough to play. It was almost like a game. Three drops kept Hector sick enough to stay in his care and play when it was time to perform, two drops gave Hector headaches and nausea, and one drop gave him a fever. Depending on how Hector sulked decided on how many drops he would receive. It went on for a little over a year. Hector’s health reflected his moods but he never caught on to the poisoning scheme by his friend and partner. Ernesto was far too clever to be caught. He always had some sort of excuse.

“Eh, you know these cheap motels, amigo. Poor ingredients, poor food. You ate something bad.”

“Sick again? Tch, I told you not to have the soup.”

“You have a weak constitution, Hector. You need to be careful with what you eat.”

However, it was after on performance that Hector had enough. Overwhelmed by his homesickness, he could no longer go on singing and dancing.

“I’m going home, Ernesto,” he said with an air of finality. “I’m going back to my family.”

Ernesto begged for Hector to stay but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Hector was going to leave whether Ernesto liked it or not. But Ernesto was never one to be so easily defeated. He decided right there as he proposed a toast in his friend’s honor that if his career was going to die due to his friend’s abandonment, then Hector had to die.  

Without the slightest twinge of guilt, he poured the entire bottle of poison into Hector’s drink.  

He watched his friend down the drink. Ernesto put an arm around Hector’s shoulders and led the way out of their miserable room. They hadn’t gone very far before Hector was doubled over in pain. He moaned and before he could call out for help, Hector was dead.

Ernesto felt nothing. It served Hector right for trying to leave.  

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More from the world of Pixar’s Coco has been unveiled today with a short film titled Dante’s Lunch.

The short was created early in the production as a test by director Lee Unkrich and the Coco team. You can read more about this short and the production of Coco at Yahoo.

Watching “Coco” the second time was great, because I noticed things I overlooked the first time. I also felt the movie flowed more smoothly, because I know the characters and their backstories now. I must admit, I was a little bored in the first 30 minutes or so, when I watched it the first time. Maybe because I literally watched  only the teaser trailer, and nothing else? I knew nothing about these characters from trailers and such.

I cried at the second viewing too, and I tear up every time I think about it. It just kinda hits home for me. 


Personality of the Week: Coco Lili

Coco is a YouTuber & Blogger specializing in beauty, fitness and is an amazing motivator! Above is a video where she shares her top 10 favorite books, and goes into detail about what each book offers. Number 1 & 2 are my personal favorites and have shaped me to be the person I am today! I think the best part of this is to see industries crossing over which Coco does single-handedly. She’s made beauty and the law of attraction compatible and accessible to all her followers. Here is someone that encourages us all to live beautiful lives, inside and out!
You’ll find more of Coco here:


Seriously go see it! It’s such a deep movie and the art is amazing and the music!!!


I am sitting in the car still crying though b/c my family is going through a similar situation with my Abuelito that Miguel’s family goes through with his great-grandmother, and last year my Tit Leo passed away after having Alzheimer’s for years, so it was a really emotional movie.

luminouskylo  asked:

Hello there! I'm writing a short fic of Hector and Imelda, and I was wondering what some Spanish terms of endearment aside from "mi amor" are. You don't have to answer of course, I just saw your ask box was open for questions like this and I don't want to fuck up! Thanks in advance!

I didn’t grew up on a particularly afectuous house, so I’ll try to remember other couples around me. It depends of the couple, it can be diminutives of the name or special deformations of it (Mely -for Imelda-, Hectorsin) or also

-Mi reina (My queen)
-Bonita (pretty)
-Mi flaca (Literaly is thin woman, also “mi flaquita”)
-Mi gorda (literally… fat woman but for some reason we use it as a term of endearement,even “mi gordita”. Why, no one knows)
-Mi Amorcito (My little love)
-Corazón mío (My heart)/Corazoncito.
-Mamacita (Mommy)
-Amorcito corazón (”My hearty love” I guess?). This mostly for a Pedro Infante’s song.

For men usually we use “mi flaco/mi gordo”. 
-Chiquito (”little one”)
-Papito (…yep,  “daddy”. I don’t understand why but we also tend to call our sons “papacito” and for the daughters “mamacita”. We are making Freud happy of our national Oedipus and Elektra’s complex).
-I use to call my boyfriend “amor mío de mi vida” (My love of mine of my life -because I like being redundant-) or “dulzura/dulzurita de mi vida” (”sweetness of my life”).

imagine Carol is a huge fan of Boondock Saints. one quiet night in Alexandria, Daryl suggests they relax and watch the movies together but ends up realizing she has a huge crush on that actor Norman Reedus. he cannot quite explain it but he doesn’t like how she keeps praising the guy’s so called “acting skills,” so he squirms and quirks, “too bad pretty boy must’ve been nothing but walker food.”