it took me a long time to feel comfortable in my skin.

it took me even longer to know the person i become - as i am comfortably always evolving - doesn’t belong to anyone. 

… my expression, my androgyny, it’s mine. my journey, my beauty, it’s all me. with this in my pocket, i recognized my freedom.

.… and this freedom allowed me to play and experiment with expression, to feel good in it. it also helped me recognize that unique “i-don’t-give-a-fuck” in other young women, in my friends.

… a quality that inspired me to tell their stories.

for those of you not familiar, i run a style series on youtube called TOMBOYISH. it’s a series that every tuesday releases a new video looking at the closets of women you don’t normally see in media.

… androgynous, masculine-centered, sometimes queer, sometimes not. they all have a common thread: they have an unique style that they own.

… i shoot TOMBOYISH to show options, alternatives, new forms of expression and to celebrate the range, our range. to get rid of the notion that we’re supposed to look a certain way..

… even better, i shoot TOMBOYISH to have those difficult conversations. ya know where we’re open and honest about what it’s like to look and dress the way we, you, they do.

… i shoot the series because i honestly believe our gender expression is unapologetically and creatively our own.

… but then again, i shoot the series because this all should be fun, right? it’s clothing, it’s an art form. hell, you deserve to look and feel good.

we all do.

… as many of you know, i shoot, produce, direct and edit TOMBOYISH on my own. so right now, i’ve launched a kickstarter to improve the series and show the diversity of these TOMBOYISH stories by bringing the series to europe. 

if you’re all for celebrating different forms of gender expression, i would absolutely love your support in making this bigger.

you can do this by making a pledge on the kickstarter page and sharing this with someone you think might love what we’re trying to do.

so yeah… check it out, maybe? ;)


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