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Happy Trans Day of Visibility! Here are a few of the powerful trans people who have made their mark on the world. Look ‘em up if you haven’t heard of them!

Sylvia Rivera, Kate Bornstein, Marsha P Johnson, Jenna Talackova, Lea T, Kim Coco Iwamoto, Nong Ariyaphon Southiphong, Laverne Cox, Geena Rocero, Janet Mock, Carmen Carera, Isis King
queer web series trailer DANNY THE MANNY
DANNY THE MANNY follows a babysitter named Danny who is struggling to balance his lives as a queer person dating in his twenties, an actor auditioning in Hol...

What would you do if the little boy you were babysitting liked to cross-dress?

Mark confirmed that Coco belongs to him and Youngjae on IG^^ #markjae

This morning Mark, edited his last post on IG - Coco’s video by adding hashtag

[TRANS]  #Owner1Mark #2isYoungjae

Then Youngjae commented the post after saw hashtag

[TRANS] Hyung, what is owner 1 2? Fine Hyung make a ranking

I guess after he notice the comment, Mark once again update the hashtag to make it clear to Youngjae that he wanted to tell that Coco has 2 owners Youngjae and him ^^

[TRANS]  #1/2ownerMark #1/2Youngjae

So, Mark and Youngjae are the proud owner ‘parents’ to Coco ^^

trans by lemonsherbet00 and shmesm

I made an oc named Coco! Loosely inspired by a very old one… he’s tiny but pretty dominant, hard-headed, sometimes a little blunt… yet also empathic and clever and he just likes to have fun, really. He likes dancing and working out in general so he can crush dorks… Also he probably has a crew of cool people or a gang or something. Oh, and he’s trans!