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[18112017] Youngjae’s IG Updates~

[TRANS]   okay everyone you’ve worked hard. 🔥

[TRANS]  Sweet nap;

JB commented on the post & Youngjae’s replied~

JB: You said you’ll upload and you immediately upload, acknowledge? 

YJ: Yes acknowledged~~

[TRANS]  Aren’t you excited? Excited?

[TRANS]  Pretending to be sheep

[TRANS]  Admit that I miss Coco? Yes I admit~~

[TRANS]  Please ask me to be a model ㅋㅋㅋ

[TRANS]  In this chest #ArsParkJinyoung

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Happy Trans Day of Visibility! Here are a few of the powerful trans people who have made their mark on the world. Look ‘em up if you haven’t heard of them!

Sylvia Rivera, Kate Bornstein, Marsha P Johnson, Jenna Talackova, Lea T, Kim Coco Iwamoto, Nong Ariyaphon Southiphong, Laverne Cox, Geena Rocero, Janet Mock, Carmen Carera, Isis King

I don’t really like doing text dumps of information. Mostly because they’re pretty boring, but I don’t have a super amount of time to write out a cool comic for them.

So Fluttershy has always been trans in AND. I’ve always headcanon’d her as a writer, and then after that Halloween episode that showed her as an anime nerd. I had to have her as a comic creator.

Figuring out she was a girl through writing fan comics about a Sailor Moon crossover with Kingdom Hearts was something I thought of the day of. I thought it would be fun and cute for her to realize she was a girl because she identified with magical girls. And Fluttershy is a very magical horse girl.

Oh, also. I’m not trans, but I have a lot of friends that are, and I love’m.

Also Also, Coco is trans too.