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queer web series trailer DANNY THE MANNY
DANNY THE MANNY follows a babysitter named Danny who is struggling to balance his lives as a queer person dating in his twenties, an actor auditioning in Hol...

What would you do if the little boy you were babysitting liked to cross-dress?

[17012016] Eomma Youngjae’s update with daughter, CoCo 

[TRANS]  Coco you’re an ahgase too? #ByTheWayThePlaneIsSoCute HEHEHEHE Did you come without Mommy knowing yesterday and threw the plane too

trans by haetbitmark 

*CoCo came yesterday to the fanmeeting to support her parents, Youngjae and Mark. 

Yesterday at the fanmeeting, Judge Yugyeom said that CoCo was confused who’s dad and mom between Youngjae & Mark so he decided that Mark is the dad while Youngjae is mom. So I guess that’s why Youngjae referred himself as CoCo’s mom ~ kekeke