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Remember this one unfinished drawing where Lavi has a tattooed right arm and covers his right eye? I always wondered why the tattoo is shaped like a couple of eyes and it got me thinking: 

Maybe it’s just a coincidence but what if it’s not? I mean it’s just a tattoo but then again, Allen’s arm looks like it’s just tattooed as well.

After all Lucia said that Bookman doesn’t have a successor anymore so who knows what Fiidora did to Lavi.

RWBY Characters + Their Voice Actors’ fitting Tweets Pt. 2
(I want you all to know I tried really hard to find a more out-of-context tweet for Sam Ireland, but she’s literally always like this. god bless)


[Part 1] [More of this nonsense]


The final three is Coco, Ginger, and Adore.

At the finale Phi Phi O'Hara, All Stars’ miss congeniality, carries a box on stage.

Out pops Stacy Layne Matthews.

Stacy Layne Matthews is the winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 2.

Man, why do people have to ruin Coco hype? I saw the book of life and I loved it, i got really emotional thinking that there was finally a movie about my culture and when I heard about Coco I was so happy thinking that another Mexican focused movie was coming and so soon! I watched the trailer today and felt very close to tearing up because one of the characters sounded like my tio and I could not wait to see a Disney made movie themed around Mexican Tradition. When I see all the hate going around about it not living up to the book of life, it makes me feel like they want to bring down this movie that will be another kids movie about the culture we have. I want to enjoy it with my siblings and talk to them about how happy it is for there to be a Mexican big budget kids movie today. Sure the style isn’t as clever as book of life’s, but the importance this movie has is immense. I want it to do well, I want more Mexican representation so much.