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Silly Comic #15! : Myopia…

I swear i’ll stop making fun of Tsukki bad eye sight…Someday 
BACK AGAIN WITH THE SILLY COMICS!, Don’t worry because Tsukki and Hinata are still canon on my comics, I just wanted to make fun of Tsukki. 
I love my son i swear
I also have a neww water mark!, did you like it? ashfjsafkas
Anyway, hope you like it! 
Love, Coco 

Remember this one unfinished drawing where Lavi has a tattooed right arm and covers his right eye? I always wondered why the tattoo is shaped like a couple of eyes and it got me thinking: 

Maybe it’s just a coincidence but what if it’s not? I mean it’s just a tattoo but then again, Allen’s arm looks like it’s just tattooed as well.

After all Lucia said that Bookman doesn’t have a successor anymore so who knows what Fiidora did to Lavi.

Now, i heard that yall getting excited about getting a xolo bc you saw coco, lemme tell you something very important, the xolo NEEDS some special care bc of their skin, and if DO NOT want that, or are NOT prepared for that, DO NOT get a xolo.

They are very lovely, and great companions, are very gentle and they get attached FAST. Don’t break a xolo’s heart because you are too stupid to make some reseach, and check if you are even available to have one.

“We loved working with Gael Garcia Bernal, he is so busy and he is doing so many different projects that we didn’t have a recording such in the same place twice, we always had to go to a new country to follow Gael and make sure that he’d be part of our film and we are so honored and IN LOVE WITH HIM, I MEAN, WHO’S NOT IN LOVE WITH GAEL, RIGHT? he is so fantastic and so great in coco” - ‘Coco’ director, Lee Unkrich

i’ve never thought that i’d feel identified with Lee Unkrich, but same Lee, same