coco rocha and james conran


TRAVEL via INSTAGRAM  - August 18th to 31st

This summer I traveled to some of the most beautiful places on the other side of the planet. Turkey and Africa treated me to beautiful sunsets, air balloons, hot springs, and my new best friend - a camel. Follow me on Instagram @cocorocha for photos of my next vacation! Xx

  1. Witnessed another amazing sunset over Cappadocia tonight.
  2. Fire in the sky at the crack of dawn.
  3. The thunderstorm has literally left my hair standing on end. Is this normal?!
  4. Chilling out.
  5. At Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle” in Turkish. People have bathed in these natural hot spring pools for thousands of years!
  6. Beach day today and nothing else. Need a mini vacation from my vacation!☀️
  7. Taking in the view.
  8. You can stand under my umbrella, ella. #Fethiye #Turkey
  9. He pretending he doesn’t like me but deep down I know he does.

Today’s Installment of my weekly #SundayStories is all about my first finding out I was a mother. 👶 My husband James and I knew before we were married that one day we would want to raise a family together. I remember when we were dating, James and I had to baby sit a friends children and just watching him play with them made me melt. A few years ago we moved out of Manhattan and into a little farmhouse in the country side, it took about a year to remodel, but by the middle of last year we were done with all that and the time seemed right to think about expanding our family. Hearing from friends who tried for many years to get pregnant, you always wonder how difficult it will be to conceive. James and I went decided to give it a try without any real expectations and just a week later I knew I felt different. I told James i thought I was pregnant, but he laughed and said there was no way I could know I was growing a baby at 1 week, but I really did. It was 3 more weeks before I could take a pregnancy test, which only affirmed what I already knew - I was carrying our tiny baby. James and I were in LA at the time and I just remember us both jumping around so excited to begin this new chapter. It’s been such a blessing and an honor to carry this little girl. She’s been my little princess as I strive to make wise choices even now that will give her every chance at a good, happy and healthy life. Around the world many mothers don’t have the help or the assistance that I’ve had over these last 8 months. The sad fact is, each day 800 mothers will die before giving birth to their little ones. We can change that, and tomorrow with the help of The Liya Kibede Foundation we will explain how. Xx Coco


James and I are absolutely thrilled to announce that after 4 years of marriage we are expanding our family and expecting our first child spring of 2015!  -  James & Coco Conran