coco pearl

My Coco Swirl Brown Pearl

Coco Brown Pearl
`Was once an Homeworld gem
`Was Red Diamond’s Pearl (Character coming soon… I hope…)
+Red Diamond has some serious anger problems and takes it out on her Pearls (by destroying them completely)
+This Pearl was her 20th that week
+If she wasn’t pissed, she was extremely annoyed
`She managed to get away and found Earth
`At first, she was lost, she couldn’t find a purpose in this world: she only knew how to serve… until…
+She found two rock men, Rock (Rockie) and Pebbles (Pebs) (characters coming soon… I hope…)
+They have never seen such a thing like her before…
+She was so beautiful and they… they have to serve for her…
+It wasn’t something she was use to, she was a Pearl
+But in a way… she served them too: she took care of them, told them what it was like on Homeworld, even taught them how to fight (from watching her Gems fight the rebels)… she was their–
`Coco Mom
+Mild mannered
+Very soft spoken
+Loves to sing (Loves Jazz)
+Pretty damn strong
+weapon is a sword

I hope this is okay… I am really bad at writing… ouch…


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ID’d Cosplayers:

Emerald: light-of-eyllwe

Coco: iced-cfvy