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Upcoming 2017 Animated Films:

Coco (Disney Pixar.)


Mary and the Witch’s Flower (Directed by former Studio Ghibli director, Hiromasa Yonebayashi.)

The Breadwinner (Produced by Cartoon Saloon, who also created The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea.)

The Girl Without Hands


Your Name (Note that this film has already been released internationally in 2016.)

The Lego Batman Movie

Loving Vincent

Rock Dog (Featuring the voice of Eddie Izzard. Note that this film has already been released internationally in 2016.)

Mune: Guardian of the Moon

These are just a few of the upcoming films with a 2017 release date.


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tagged by the lovely @iloveanimesoshutup !

Rules : list 10 good things that happened in 2016 ( could be about you , the world , your friend etc. As long as it’s positive things ) and then tag 10 friends

1. Got a girlfriend 😎
2. Turned 16!
3. Bought my first lipstick
4. Went to a lush store for the first time
5. My first piano recital
6. Went to New York and Seattle
7. Moved back in with my mom
8. Pretty good year for anime
9. I got a Chromebook for Christmas
10. I moved near an ice cream shop that takes less than 5 min to walk to

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In today’s #SundayStories - my unusual multi season makeup look at Dior and ending up at an extravagant party in Versailles wearing jeans. 😳 Years ago at a Dior show staged in New York City, John Galliano dressed me in a beautiful white gown with this massive bouffant hair do, creamy Marie Antoinette style make-up and a dark metallic eye. It was one of my favorite looks and Galliano himself loved the look on me so much that for the next few shows he would only put me in cream gowns with this same cream make up on. It became my Coco look for a few seasons and the picture above is actually at another Dior show, this time at Versailles. After the show there was an extravagant party which everyone got dressed up for. For some reason I didn’t have an outfit to wear so I showed up in my jeans but kept this amazing Pat McGrath make-up on, looking like a hipster Marie Antoinette!

the only things keeping me going this month
•awaiting the second Voltron season
•awaiting A Series Of Unfortunate Events
@coco-bee-marie birthday,, they grow up so quickly
•thinking what to get my gf for Valentine’s Day
•if I get my grades back up my mom will get me a piccolo and lessons


Happy Internacional Women’s Day, for all the powerful womens!