coco home


ever since I saw a video of craig mccracken at comic con and saying how he was originally going to have Eduardo sound really beautiful, this has been sitting in my head for the past couple of days and I felt the need to share this with the world. 

It is 2am down here please spare me

Got7 in the Club

Jb: walks in, goes straight to the bar walking away from the other 5 not wanting to be seen with them and gets wasted “whERE ARE YOU NORA I MISS YOU DADDY IS SO SORRY” *passes out*

Mark: quietly stands a the the corner siping his water 

Jinyoung: "we go in there and none of you know me” he tells Jackson, bam bam and yugyeom. Meets up with Jin, both get drunk while complaining about everyone, everything and life in general 

Jackson: tries picking up girls but fails TERRIBLY so ends up getting drunk and goes to the dance floor does a hip thrust the whole time 

Bambam: surrounded by bunch of money sluts while showing off his model like legs 

Yugyeom: still can’t believe he is legal enough to drink, takes one shot and passes out


Youngjae: is at home cuddling coco 


It has been an easy week for me this week at school, so I had plenty of time to sketch in my sketchbook! 

So here, have a small dump of some Foster’s Home sketches before I go to bed (cause I am cartoon trash).