coco cola

anonymous asked:

ok so i LOVE all of your stuff so far! Can I please request 76 and reaper w/ a s/o who has absolutely no experience with guns? like never held or fired a gun? thank you!

°•Soldier 76•°

- Never fired a gun?

- He’s going to fix that

- Takes you to a nice and calm field

- It’s quiet and peaceful…well, not for long

- He lined up some beer cans and glass coco-cola bottles

- He helps you with your posture and aim

- He’s grinning like a little shit, he likes this

- You end up missing two shots with him holding you

- Once you manage to get him off you, you take potion

- You shoot all six bottles in a row

- “See what happens when I focus? And when you’re not distracting me?”

- “Uh…beginners luck. Yea…”

- “Whatever you say, Morrison.”

- You grinned, giving him a kiss, and watched as he turned red

- “Aww, how cute.”


- Never shot a gun?

- This is madness

- He brings you to Talons training room

- He sets up everything and lets you do your thing

- You missed all the shots

- He notices something

- He tells you to use your left as your dominate side

- You got three out of four shots

- He’s a proud emo boi

- He makes dinner for you

- And cuddles once he makes sure your both in private

- He low-key thought it was hella hot how you used his shotguns

- He’ll never tell you that though

- But Sombra and Widow will, they always do.