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Hey Coco, say you couldn't date Velvet, is there anyone else you have an eye for? (Asked by the-ultimate-apex-predator)
  • Coco, tapping her lips, thinking: Hmmmm.....
  • Coco, snaps her fingers: I'd choose Velvet.
  • Velvet, shakes her head: Coco no come on, that's against the question's rules.
  • Coco, nods and then puts her hand to her chin, tapping her foot in thought: Hmmmm, okay....okay...
  • Coco, snapping her finger again: Aha! I choooooooose.....Velvet!
  • Velvet, dragging her hand down her face: Ugh...

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May I request GOT7 Mtl to play with their gfs hair/stroke it when she is tired/sleepy? Thanks 💖

This request is so cute I’m dying











Youngjae was made to live on this earth to bring happiness to others. I could totally imagine Youngjae doing this to his s/o. omg my heart. If his s/o had a stressful day or as exhausted from a long day I could see him lying in bed with his s/o and coco. He’s stroke her hair as she holding coco and drift off to sleep with nice thoughts about her amazing boyfriend. Youngjae is also very playful so if his s/o was watching movie or reading he’d come next to her and play with her hair just to mess with her.

Jinyoung isn’t called prince Jinyoung for nothing. He’s a complete sweetheart and your classic boyfriend material. When it comes to his s/o he likes to be loving towards her. He’d stroke her hair when she needs comfort or in need of a good sleep. I’d see him doing these things out of love.

Jackson is the most caring human being alive and super goofy. I mostly see him just randomly playing with her when she least expects it. Like if they were cuddling on the couch he’d put his arm around her just to play with her hair for no particular reason and his s/o would fall asleep.

Mark has mentioned how he loves long hair on a girl so I can see him playing with his s/o long hair. They’d be watching a movie together and he’d just run his hand through her hair or just take pieces of her to play with for no reason. Mark is a really sweet boyfriend when playing with his s/o hair. He’d be cuddling her close a stroke her hair while they talk. This would be his favorite moments.

JB is a softy. Don’t let his chic exterior fool you. He’d be the sweetest most chill boyfriend ever. He’d be so relaxed with her and the atmosphere would be so chill that it would just happen naturally. If his s/o was sleepy or tired, he would naturally stoke her hair till she felt relaxed and feel asleep.

Yugyeom is a soft shy cutie. Being the youngest I don’t he’s been in a relationship yet. But I can see him being a cute loving boyfriend. Whenever he and his s/o hang out he’d play with her hair. He would do it when picking on her or privately at home when chilling. If his s/o was tired, he wouldn’t pick on her but just hold her close and play with her hair.

Bambam is a sweet boy but he’s also a little shit. Between him and Yugyeom, they live for picking on their hyungs. I feel like if Bambam was in a relationship he’d be playful about touching his s/o hair. He’d go up behind her and ruffle her hair just to piss her off. When his s/o is tired or sleepy he’d be sweet about playing with her hair but tempted to mess with her.


Thank you for the request sorry it’s late. This killed my heart. Please request more~~~~

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Okay okay okay okay okay okay! How about the first AU with Yang and whomever else (if ya still wanna do these)

“i came to the gym to work out but holy god i can’t stop watching you do one armed push ups that’s so hot” au

So, the fucking problem is that Coco came to work out, not stare.

She doesn’t get much time to do this kind of thing, and she likes to work herself hard when she does get the time. But there’s a blonde in the corner who is wearing basically a censor bar of a bra-and-bike-shorts combo, and has been doing one-armed pushups for the past twenty minutes. And she’s not going at a glacial pace, either– this woman is pumping them out.

It’s totally killing Coco’s vibe.

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Constellations// Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Part 3)

Pairing: Bambam x Reader

Genre: (?)

Summary: The lovers whom never thought that they would find each other, did.

Author’s Note:  i hope you enjoy the read! if you like it, please don’t forget to tell me so I know!

xoxo Sara

Prologue - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Instead of texting him, you decided to call the number on the card, just to make sure it wasn’t some sort of fake number that he had given you just to get you to make a fool of yourself. You leaned against your counter as you dialed the number, expecting hear ‘The number you are trying to reach does not exist or is currently out of service’ But, after only a few rings, you heard some noise on the other end of the line.


“So,” you said softly, reaching over your counter to go into your bag to find the small bag of chips you kept as a snack for work but didn’t eat, “How were you planning on giving me the flowers if you didn’t know my name or who I was? Or maybe you’ve been following me and you set this whole thing up and just pretended to not know my name.  You creep.”

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I wanna scream “I love you!” from the top of my lungs (But I’m afraid that someone else might hear me)

For sketchhungry.

Note: Title is from the Fall Out Boy “The (Shipped) Golden Standard.”

It was times like these that Coco wished Velvet were of a predator species. Furious anger? Physical violence? Verbal abuse? Coco had been trained to handle all of them, as a huntress, a lady, and the child of a family of socialites.

But no, Velvet was of a prey species, and her first instinct was to run and hide. Very, very quickly, and very, very well Coco thought bitterly as she kept on running down the halls, corners, and courtyards of Beacon Academy.

She dashed down yet another disused wing, skidding to a stop when a flash of something caught her eye. She turned around and looked to the walls—old, crumbling in places, clearly a part of the school that was no longer to be used with no plans to fix them in the near future.

And yet, in a section of the wall slightly different in colour from the rest, there was a sliver of moonlight pouring in.

Coco ran to it, feeling the filthy wall with her bare hands, ignoring the grime, the mould, and the dust on her skin until she finally came to that gap—a forgotten set of double-doors, she found out after she brushed off some of the filth to reveal ages old carvings.

Coco wedged her fingers into the crack, and started pushing. The ancient doors had long lost their more valuable handles to maintenance or vandalism, and the hinges keeping it to the wall were beyond the relief of a good oiling and a touch up with dust. She grunted and cursed, till finally the door yielded and groaned open enough for her to squeeze in and out to the balcony outside.

Coco stumbled and balked as she saw the mess she had made of her outfit, now covered in stains of identifiable and unidentifiable origin, not to mention the sweat soaking her whole body. But all of those worries were quickly knocked aside by a much bigger problem:

Velvet standing a few feet away from her and looking none too pleased to see her, to say the least.

The Faunus stared at her, her whole body displaying a mix of shock, anger, and fear. Coco could see the thoughts roaring through Velvet’s mind, her struggle to say something while her ears were pulled back flat against her head.

“Velvet!” Coco cried. “I’m sorry!”

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43, 48, 49

43. Favorite sidekick or companion?

Rui from pokemon colosseum

idk she’s the first one who popped to my mind when i read sidekick even though she doesn’t do much, but i liked her design

and Coco Bandicoot, i thought her pink laptop was so cool as a kid pfff

48. A game you’ve always wanted to play but have never gotten to it?

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Dual Destinies

49. A game you haven’t played in forever, but want to replay?

Fire emblem 7: Blazing sword and Luigi’s mansion

Coco is healing much quicker than we thought. The doctor said it would take a week to get her comfortable enough to walk on all fours. It’s been 3 days and she’s already running around. We’re so happy to see her already back to her normal self. Those who i told what happened to my dog were so sad and even a few started crying. Its been an emotional week but now we can see things clear up a bit.

12 hours, 8 Minutes, 22 Seconds // Kunpimook Bhuwakul

Originally posted by merry7

Pairing: Bambam x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: 15 Ways To Say ‘I Love You,’ Way 8: “I miss you so much.”

Author’s Note: I Am sO SOft fOR KUNpimoOK bHuwaKuL

xoxo Sara

It had been only about a month since Bambam had gone on tour, having to leave you behind due to the massive amounts of schoolwork you needed to finish, all the while keeping an eye on Coco, as Mark and Youngjae had trusted you with her.

You sat in your bed most days, books upon books laid out in front of you while you revised, Coco sitting your lap napping as she usually did, with your phone on your bedside table, hoping for no distractions to come.

But for Kunpimook, It was late where he was. He had spent the first half of his day practicing the new dances Yugyeom had choreographed on their way to Manila, and the second half actually performing there. He had no chance to sleep, he barely ate, and he hadn’t even thought about his phone all day. He felt his heart ache every time he thought about the texts you must have sent him early this morning–or late last night for you– and how you must have been frightened with the fact that he hadn’t taken the time to answer.

Kunpimook had finally gotten off of the stage and finished each event after for the fans, his stomach growling as he searched for food to nibble on quickly. He had gone into his bag and pulled out a granola bar, knowing that once they had gotten back to the hotel that they would be able to order room service.

Meanwhile, you sat on your bed revising all night, your eyes shutting every other minute from the gentle rise and fall of your tummy, your head slightly lulling to the side each and every time you felt your eyelids become too heavy But you were determined to stay up. You had to study for your upcoming mid-year exams, ones you needed to pass in order to get nice grades this marking period.

You stayed up until around two in the morning revising, when you had finally felt that you had done enough for the night. You sighed, pushing your textbooks closed and placing them on the side of your bed, while Coco jumped out of your lap and curled up onto a pillow you had set out for her. Without Kunpimook there, Coco had become your cuddle buddy.

You had thought about how he hadn’t texted you all day, and you began to get worried. Was he alright?

Kunpimook felt a pain in his heart, a pain where his love for you usually sat. He couldn’t deny how much he missed you. He had missed you so much, even the boys had began to notice. He wasn’t his usual hyper, happy self when he was out with the boys. Of course, he was like that when they were on stage, but he couldn’t hide his emotions when with the others.

“Bambam,” Yugyepm mumbled lowly, rubbing his eye as he watched his friend rummage through the fridge of the hotel room they were sharing, “Are you alright?”

Bambam looked up at Yugyeom with doe eyes, a piece of bread in his mouth and a bunch of other treats in his arms. He nodded slightly, eyes quickly moving away from his friend as Yugyeom went to walk to the couch.

“Why are you up?” Bambam managed to mumble, putting some of the food items back in the fridge while taking the food out of his mouth, “It’s pretty late.”

“Because I wanted to sleep in the living room, and give you alone time in the room.”

Bambam raised an eyebrow, taking the bread and a water bottle into his hands, “Why…?”

“Because you miss (Y/N), and you know I can’t sleep when you’re on the phone so you haven’t called her in a while. So i’m going to let you talk on the phone with her all night so you can be happy again.”

You had finally felt yourself drifting to sleep, the lights in your small apartment all turned off as Coco slept peacefully beside you. But, before you were able to drift off completely, you felt the side of your bed vibrate. You opened your eyes and reached over, letting a soft yawn out before looking at the screen. Kunpimook’s face had brightened up your screen as the phone continued to ring, signalling the call you were receiving was from him. You couldn’t help but smile even through your tiredness, your heart fluttering softly at the thought of him. Was he finally home now? Had he eaten?

“Bambi,” you answered softly, your pet name for him enough to make him smile at the other end, “Hi.”

“Jagiya,” he mumbled, “i’m sorry, it’s almost four over there isn’t it? Did I wake you?”

“A little,” you rubbed your eyes slightly, laying on your side as you curled up, “But, it’s fine. Why are you calling so late, Bambi?”

“Because…” You heard him sigh on the other end of the phone, a sniffle coming through straight after, “I miss you. I miss you so much.”

“Bambi,” you mumbled, feeling your heart break softly at the thought of him crying because he had missed you, “Don’t cry, okay? I miss you too.. I miss you a whole lot.”

“I’m not crying,” Kunpimook mumbled, trying to play it off as if he weren’t, which made you smile, “i’m fine. I just, miss my baby. That’s all.”

“Well, talk to me baby,” You spoke softly into the phone, holding it up against your ear and closing your eyes. Suddenly, when you heard his soft breathing, it was almost as if he were right in bed next to you. It made you feel closer to him.

He had began to tell you about his day, all of the interesting things he had done with the boys, making you giggle and roll your eyes at their silly antics, while also telling you about the feeling he got when he went on stage, and how the fans made him feel so comfortable. He kept on talking to you until he had ran out of things to talk about.

“Jagiya,” he chuckled, “You should come here with me someday. Like, on a vacation or something.”

“Mhm,” you felt your body become heavy as your eyelids stayed close, the blanket around you feeling much more warm and soft than it did before.

“Are you getting sleepy, princess?” He smiled against the phone as he curled up into bed as well as he thought about how the sun must be rising at this time for you. He looked outside and smiled at the stars. Even when he was apart from you, knowing he was under the same sky as you was enough.

You let out a soft, but audible grunt, so tired you could barely open your mouth.

“I’ll let you go then, okay?”

“No,” you whispered, gripping the phone tightly, “Stay on the phone with me, please.”

His heart fluttered at your request, a smile rising on his lips as he closed his eyes and imagined you next to him as you did before, the thought comforting him enough that he knew he’d be able to sleep.

“Okay. I love you.”

“I love you more.”

You both had seemed to get the best sleep you had gotten in a while, and even when you woke, you didn’t end the phonecall; hearing his soft snore reminded you of how it was like in the morning with him, and it made getting through your studying so much easier. And when he woke and began to hear your humming, it reminded him of the same, and he couldn’t help but smile.

celtic-edo-mist answered your question:hm ok those three sentence prompts sound fun and…

Velvet, using her cuteness to control Coco since 2003.

You’re hopeless, Adel, Coco thought as they drifted back down to the bed, completely and utterly hopeless.

Coco Adel, huntress extraordinaire and leader of one of the finest teams to ever grace Beacon’s halls, brought low by a gentle tug on the hem of their shirt and that one look Velvet gives when she doesn’t want to get out of bed just yet.

There was probably more self-admonishing to be done, but it would just have to wait until after cuddle time.

A/N: this is honestly the worst thing i have ever written but i’m gonna post it anyways bc idk what to do with it and i needed to post on here for y'all anyways so accept this random, out of the blue writing piece i did! love you!

“CHOI YOUNGJAE IF YOU SPRAY ME WITH THAT WATER ONE MORE TIME, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” You were helping your boyfriend wash his dog Coco but things got messy pretty quickly. You were scrubbing Coco down with her shampoo and Youngjae thought it would be funny to take the shower hose and spray your shirt.

“If I’m dead then Coco would be lonely. We can’t have that now can we?” He cooed at the dog. You rolled your eyes with a smirk, working your fingers through Coco’s hair.

“That’s better! I think it’s time we rinse you off and get you out of here. How does that sound?” You smiled at Coco, receiving cute puppy yelps in return.

“I can take it from here.” Youngjae said as he climbed into the tub. He turned on the water and began to rinse her off. You wiped your hands on a towel as you watched Youngjae. He rubbed out the soap ever so gently so that he wouldn’t hurt a precious little hair on her head. As he rubbed her head, she moved her head up closing her eyes feeling the pleasure that’s equal to a belly rub.

He giggled at her telling you “Look! Look! She’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Oh my gosh!” His love for this dog was too adorable, you couldn’t help but smile.

“I wish you loved me as much as you loved that dog.” You joked. He whipped his head up with a confused look.

“What do you mean, Y/N? I love you more than anything in the world. Coco is my adorable daughter whom I love with 8% of my heart. But you are my cute little jealous girlfriend whom I love with…the rest of my heart.” You looked down and began to giggle at him.

“Youngjae! I was only fooling around!” You said, resting a hand on his shoulder. You leaned forward, placing a chaste peck on his forehead, “I know you love me. And I love y-” Coco cut you off with her barks.

You smiled,“Yes. My apologies. WE love you.”

Stale Sandbech:  Surfer Girl Meets Snowboader Boy

I’ve never been to a snowboarding competition before, but Coco asked me to come, so I’m here.  We’ve come to watch her boyfriend Mark compete.  I have met Mark several times and I’ve always liked him, so I have no problem supporting him today.

“Mark told us to meet him here.”  Coco says to me.  We’re at a little restaurant inside the lodge. 

“Hi ladies.”  Mark says as he walks towards Coco and me.  Behind him follows his brother Craig {whom I’ve met} and some other guy I’ve never seen before.  Coco hugs all three of them, and then introduces me.

“Oh y/n, this is Stale Sandbech.  Stale this is my best friend, y/n.”  Stale shakes my hand. We make eye contact and I realize he’s decently cute.  Ok he’s actually really hot.  Like I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anybody so good looking before.

“I’m starving.  I need to eat before the competition starts.”  Mark tells us.  We all go and sit down at a table.  Stale sits next to me, which I’m silently thrilled about.

“This is actually y/n’s first snowboarding competition.”  Coco says, making conversation.

“Seriously?”  Stale asks, looking genuinely shocked by this statement.

“Yeah I’m more of a surfer type of girl.”  I say while taking a sip of my water.

“We’ll have to change that.”  Stale says with a smirk on his face.  I can feel myself start to blush and I quickly look away from Stale. 


After lunch, Coco and I walk the boys back towards the slope.  Their competition is going to start soon, but they don’t seem too worried.  Mark waves goodbye to me, then him and Coco go off to have a moment before he goes to compete.  This leaves me standing with Stale.  I don’t mind though, Stale and I have been getting along great.

“So I know you’re here to cheer on Mark, but I was thinking…if you don’t mind…if maybe you’d want to wear my hoodie.  Ya know…to support me.”  Stale asks shyly.  He was so confident during lunch that it’s adorable watching him be so shy. 

“Mark has plenty of cheerleaders.  I’d love to be in your cheering section.”  I reply with a smile.  Stale looks relieved by my answer and hands me the hoodie.  It’s a red hoodie that reads something with Norway snowboarding on the front and Sandbech on the back.

“It looks good on you.”  Stale jokes.  The hoodie is huge on me, but it’s soft and warm.  Not to mention, it belongs to a hot boy.  Can’t get much better than that.  “Ok I’ve gotta go.”

“Don’t tell Mark, but I hope you win.  Now go kill it, Sandbech.”  I whisper to Stale. He laughs, then hugs me goodbye.  I watch him walk away.  He turns back right before he disappears in the crowed and gives me his usual smirk.  Moments later Coco is back at my side.

“Umm did I miss something?”  Coco asks with a little smile on her face.  I decide to play it cool.  I’m not even sure if Stale likes me or if he was just being friendly.

“Nope.  Lets go.”  I reply as we start walking to get a spot to watch the contest.

“Oh so we’re not going to talk about how you’re wearing Stale’s sweatshirt?” 

“It’s just a hoodie. He was being nice.”  I say coolly, Coco doesn’t buy it though.  Her face gives away her every thought.

“Aww I knew you two would hit it off.  He’s so cute.  He’s so cute, right?  I thought you guys were flirting during lunch, but I wasn’t sure.  I love this-“ Coco rants.  I just shake my head and laugh. 

“Yes he’s cute.  Please don’t read too much into this, Coco.  This could be nothing.”  I say, but it definitely feels like something, though.


As it turns out, I like snowboarding.  The first few boarders are amazing and I love watching them.  The announcer just called Stale’s name and now I’m really excited to see his run.

“It’s your boy.”  Coco says, nudging me with her elbow.  I roll eyes, and then quickly look back at the slope.  I don’t want to miss a moment of Stale’s run.

Stale’s run starts out perfectly.  He reaches the final jump and I see him sort of fumble in the air.  My hand covers my mouth as I watch Stale fall on his landing and tumble down the slope.  I feel Coco grab my arm as we both stare, terrified, at an injured Stale.  He doesn’t move for a bit, but then finally gets up.  A medic is helping Stale walk to the first aid station, but his eyes are searching the crowd.  He stops searching when his eyes lock on mine.  He just stares at me for a few seconds, and then nods his head towards first aid.  I nod back at him.

“Cokes, I have to go meet Stale.”  I blurt out before powering through the crowd to go meet Stale.

“I’m sorry honey, family only.”  The medic says to me when I approach the first aid station.

“It’s ok, she’s my girlfriend.”  I hear Stale shout from inside the station.  The medic looks like she wants to argue, but allows me in anyways.  I walk in and see Stale lying on a bed, looking beat up, but still handsome.

“Aw you poor thing. I think I’m to blame for this.  I’m bad luck.” I say to Stale. 

“No it’s my fault.  I was distracted.”  Stale explains as he holds his wounded arm.  “Well, I guess it is partly your fault.  I was distracted by you.”

“Oh yeah?”  I ask.  I do my best to hide my smile.  I shouldn’t be happy while he’s hurt, but this is a cute moment for me.

“Yeah.  Do you think you can just sit here with me for a bit?”  Stale asks as he sticks his hand out for me to hold.  I move closer and take it.

“Of course.”  I say.

“So tell me about yourself.”  Stale says.  It’s basically the worst question ever.  I never know how to respond to it.

“Like what?”

“Like do you have a boyfriend?”  Stale says, that smirk creeping back onto his flawless face. 

“Very smooth,” I say while giggling.  “But no, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Good.  That’s the answer I was hoping for.”

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I'm kind of curious, was that the first time that Lucy saw Natsu cry? or did she saw him cry over her future self?

He cried buckets in the Coco-Cola omake when he thought he’d hurt her feelings. Does that count? It was a nice omake, but his crying then, while heartfelt, seemed more comedic than serious.

Natsu also wiped away tears when he brought Erza out of the sea, and when f!Lucy died. But I don’t know if Lucy was paying attention to him at those times.

His crying last chapter was definitely different from other times. It was so open, and unmixed with anger. The last time he cried for Igneel in the manga, he did it by himself, on a riverbank. This time he doesn’t care who sees him. The tears just come out. He may not even realize he is crying.