coco and her thoughts

Hey Coco, say you couldn't date Velvet, is there anyone else you have an eye for? (Asked by the-ultimate-apex-predator)
  • Coco, tapping her lips, thinking: Hmmmm.....
  • Coco, snaps her fingers: I'd choose Velvet.
  • Velvet, shakes her head: Coco no come on, that's against the question's rules.
  • Coco, nods and then puts her hand to her chin, tapping her foot in thought: Hmmmm, okay....okay...
  • Coco, snapping her finger again: Aha! I choooooooose.....Velvet!
  • Velvet, dragging her hand down her face: Ugh...

A/N: this is honestly the worst thing i have ever written but i’m gonna post it anyways bc idk what to do with it and i needed to post on here for y'all anyways so accept this random, out of the blue writing piece i did! love you!

“CHOI YOUNGJAE IF YOU SPRAY ME WITH THAT WATER ONE MORE TIME, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!” You were helping your boyfriend wash his dog Coco but things got messy pretty quickly. You were scrubbing Coco down with her shampoo and Youngjae thought it would be funny to take the shower hose and spray your shirt.

“If I’m dead then Coco would be lonely. We can’t have that now can we?” He cooed at the dog. You rolled your eyes with a smirk, working your fingers through Coco’s hair.

“That’s better! I think it’s time we rinse you off and get you out of here. How does that sound?” You smiled at Coco, receiving cute puppy yelps in return.

“I can take it from here.” Youngjae said as he climbed into the tub. He turned on the water and began to rinse her off. You wiped your hands on a towel as you watched Youngjae. He rubbed out the soap ever so gently so that he wouldn’t hurt a precious little hair on her head. As he rubbed her head, she moved her head up closing her eyes feeling the pleasure that’s equal to a belly rub.

He giggled at her telling you “Look! Look! She’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Oh my gosh!” His love for this dog was too adorable, you couldn’t help but smile.

“I wish you loved me as much as you loved that dog.” You joked. He whipped his head up with a confused look.

“What do you mean, Y/N? I love you more than anything in the world. Coco is my adorable daughter whom I love with 8% of my heart. But you are my cute little jealous girlfriend whom I love with…the rest of my heart.” You looked down and began to giggle at him.

“Youngjae! I was only fooling around!” You said, resting a hand on his shoulder. You leaned forward, placing a chaste peck on his forehead, “I know you love me. And I love y-” Coco cut you off with her barks.

You smiled,“Yes. My apologies. WE love you.”