cocktail sign


The Twin Peaks sign, by day and by night. Twin Peaks opened in 1935 and has been operating as a gay bar since 1972. I believe it is SF’s oldest continually operating gay bar, and it’s said to be the first gay bar in the country to have a windowed façade, allowing patrons to see out and be seen in a time when homosexuality was criminalized and heavily policed. It’s still a great place to hang out in the Castro! 🌈

Star Signs as Lush Cocktails 🌸

Aries: Tisty Tosty and Ickle Baby Bot

Taurus: Dragons egg and Brightside

Gemini: Comforter and Blackberry

Cancer: Creamy Candy and Melting Marshmallow Moment

Leo: Fizzbanger and You’ve been mangoed

Virgo: Dreamtime and French Kiss

Libra: Sex bomb and Rose Jam

Scorpio: Sunnyside and Avobath

Sagittarius: Grass, Rose Jam and Rose Queen

Capricorn: Pop in the bath and Sakura

Aquarius: Twilight and Yuzu + Cocoa

Pisces: Big blue and Amandopondo

The Signs As A Cocktail

Aries: Jäger Bomb
Taurus: Classic Margarita
Gemini: Cosmopolitan
Cancer: The Gentleman
Libra: Strawberry Daiquiri
Scorpio: Bloody Mary
Leo: Whiskey Sour
Virgo: Mojito
Sagittarius: Kamikaze
Capricorn: Long Island Tea
Aquarius: Mai Tai
Pisces: Vodka Martini

“Turns out my ‘holy shit we’re in Ibiza’ cocktails ended in me signing myself and a plus one up for cliff diving tomorrow afternoon. What do you say? Feel like jumping off a giant rock into an unpredictable ocean? Apparently there will be instructors there, so the chances of dying are minimal.”