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so it kind of just hit me that poe is probably going to become general dameron and i have a lot of emotions


Cocktail Prince - Adonis Mini events (a.k.a. bar stories) 1 - 3 translated

‘Hey cherri, why haven’t you translated anything since that comic?’ SIKE, I’ve been translating this whole time. Aside from this, I’m working on the profiles and manga - I have Caipirinha & Caipiroska’s comic cleaned, I just need to write out the translation and typeset it when I can. But Adonis is still number one in my heart. I’ll probably also be doing his intimacy/affection stories at some point. And I’m still taking requests if anyone has them. 

translations under the cut, in case I need to edit them later

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Since we’re on the topic of drinking in Mexico, here’s a look at another alcoholic arrangement I was introduced to on Cinco de Mayo, the “Bandera”. It’s a three shot combo of fresh lime juice, tequila and Clamato, put down in this order, green, white and red, in order to represent the colors of the Mexican flag. (“Bandera” means “flag”.) You drink the tequila first, then the Clamato, chased by the lime juice. And even though I’m a tequila-averse individual, these went down pretty smoothly.

Winter Soldier (Captain America: The Winter Soldier cocktail)

1.5 oz Black vodka (Blavod used)
1.5 oz Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack
1.5-2 oz Apple Cider (non-alcoholic)

Powerful, dark, wintery. This cocktail takes some of the characteristics of the Winter Soldier and embodies them into a drink that really packs a punch! Check out the video below on the Geek & Sundry Vlogs to see how to make it! 


French 75

According to Wikipedia, this drink was created in 1915 at the New York Bar in Paris–later Harry’s New York Bar–by barman Harry MacElhone. It’s named after the French 75mm shell gun, since this drink carries quite a kick.

Variations: Serve in a champagne tulip or flute. Simple syrup instead of sugar. Less gin, more champagne. Etc.

(ps Sorry for the long time away. I had a rough year: first hurricane Sandy flooded my neighborhood then my father passed away last November and I got totally thrown off schedule. But I’ve missed doing these, so here I am! Expect to see more of these!!)


SUICIDE SQUAD SHOTS…Harley Quinn! Fun and easy to make! Click on the link in my bio see the full video with the recipe!
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