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April Fools - Joe’s POV

so this is another request, i hope you enjoy it, tbh i found it quite difficult to think of good pranks and hope they are good enough! its quite long btw… :) send requests and feedback whenever you want!

When I woke up she was nowhere near, she was gone, her side of the bed was empty and cold. I opened my eyes slowly and everything seemed fine, until, I heard a small giggle coming from outside of the room. I sat up, oh what a foolish decision that was, my eyes took in the horror before me and I realised what the date was, 1st April, of course she would wake up early just to pull something like this. A prank. Because it was April fool’s day.

I sighed. Surrounding me on both sides, filling the entire room, was glass after glass of water. As I observed my predicament I laughed to myself, being stuck in bed wasn’t all bad, and at least I would never die of thirst! ‘Babe?’ I shouted out to try and get her attention, I heard her footsteps getting closer then saw her appear in the doorway, she was still in her cat pyjamas and her hair was adorable and curly. How could someone that cute be this evil? ‘how long did this take you?’ I laughed as I asked, she smiled cheekily, ‘I woke up at 7…’ I looked at the clock which now said 11 a.m. ‘This took you four hours?!’ I exclaimed and fell back on the bed looking up at the ceiling, I saw a piece of paper stuck there with the words ‘good luck’ and a smiley face written on it. ‘I feel like this day is going to be quite difficult’ I admitted with a laugh and put a hand to my face. She walked away from the door laughing to herself, filling the room with water cups obviously isn’t all she had done in four hours.

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I know they are just constructed from polystyrene balls and cocktail sticks but does anybody know the WD issue number that the original “how to” for the classic 2e era alien cacti was printed in? Taa muchly.

I had this issue BITD but really all the issues tend to blur into one for me past about WD130 which is when I stopped buying it religiously and started just picking up the occasional issue.

Solstice - Chapter 1

This is Chapter 1 of my entry for @sincerelysaraahh‘s So This is Love January Challenge.  My chosen couple was Jack and Rose from Titanic.  This story is loosely based on their relationship, somewhat on the story, and partly on my own honeymoon to Alaska.  The following chapters (there are 6 total) will be posted every day until it’s finished.


The pairing will be Dean x Reader, AU, eventually.

Summary: The reader is on a cruise to Alaska - her graduation present from college - when she finds out that she is to marry someone of her parent’s choosing.  Can a stranger on the ship help her find happiness and escape her family’s expectations?

warnings: none

word count: ~1360

You grabbed your large Coach bag, hoisting it onto your shoulder.  Handing the attendant your ID and ticket, he nodded at you before you followed your mother up the gangway.  You eyed the boat with half-interest, knowing that it was going to be a great adventure, but also knowing you’d be stuck with your mother, your not-boyfriend, and his mother during the trip, which you were not excited about.

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Happy Valentines Day!

That time of the year when condoms are on sale. And if you’re all alone, like me, here’s a recipe for Microwave nachos for one 😁

Now we got that out of the way, let’s see what’s been happening this week :)

We saw…

We’ve had

This week’s cool recipes (by cool I mean you really liked them - I realized I had to limit those to 10, otherwise this post would be too long):



Fluffy, Fluffy Pancakes! No buttermilk required!


Sauteed Mushrooms Recipe

Funfetti Cake in a Jar


Low-Carb Slow Cooker Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas



And don’t forget very important cat jobs!

These cat faces are gold.