cockroach's view

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Viewing your cockroach amulet instantly filled me with a deep dread; that being said they do look pretty great (when they're not attached to the roach)

I mean, they also fill me with dread and awe at their beauty when attached to the roach

That is why I don’t allow them in my kitchen


Did a vivisection of an American cockroach today to view its circulatory system. I also got a great view of its respiratory system–all the silver tubes are its tracheae, which you can trace to its spiracles on some of the abdominal sections. You can also see the muscles that move its legs at the top. Kind of proud of this one, I did a nice job.

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Jongtae Pets

Jonghyun shuffles into the doctor’s office, feeling large and awkward and very out of place. He’s really far too old to be still seeing his pediatrician, except that since he’s still in high school, his mother doesn’t see any point in having him switch doctors just yet.

Jonghyun supposes he sees the point in this. It still doesn’t make wandering into a waiting room full of small children and screaming babies feel any less awkward, however.

This time, he spots another teenager sitting crammed up in a chair at the far end of the room, scrolling intensely through his phone in an obvious attempt to pretend like he isn’t there. Jonghyun hastily fills out his paperwork and heads over to sit next to the kid, hoping that maybe they can bond over this intensely awkward situation together.

“Hi!” says Jonghyun brightly, flopping down in the seat next to the kid. “How are you? I’m Jonghyun.”

A pair of disinterested eyes lifts to meet his.

“I’m Taemin,” the kid says, in very clear tones of please don’t talk to me.

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