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“Painted Destiel: Kiss 1″ - Digital Oil Painting

Another detail frame from my Painted Destiel comic series, I figured you guys would want to see the kiss without all the special effects on top of it! Esp considering that this was the reunion we should have gotten COUGH COUGH Oh, whoops, what was that?

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Forgetting the "Spin" part of Spin The Bottle
  • Dean: Wow, Cas again! For the 5th time in a row! The chances! *manly laughter*
  • Sam: ...Dean you're supposed to actually spin the bo-
  • Dean: *points bottle on Cas*
  • Dean: Well! Gotta play the game! Am I right? C'mere, Cas!
  • Cas: ..are you for serious
  • Cas: *has 17 hickeys, lips are swollen, hair is a mess*
  • Cas: *thanking his dad for blessing him with this*
First Kiss

what up bitches i’m still here postin cockles

based on this terrible nonsense


When Jensen agreed to go out to dinner with Misha, he wrongly assumed that Misha was a normal person. Despite everything Jensen’s seen of Misha - from the bizarre sweaters to the poetry written on napkins and then promptly thrown into the trash at the end of lunch some days - since he met him a couple months ago, he for some reason believed Misha would pick a regular restaurant for them to go out to eat.

As soon as they walked in though, Jensen thought, of course, and wondered how he could’ve ever believed Misha would take him somewhere that doesn’t have succulents planted directly into the bar counter.

“So, uh, have you been here before?” Jensen asks as they sit in clear plastic chairs across from each other.

“Nope,” Misha answers easily. “I’ve been meaning to try it.” He starts to open the menu in front of him but then closes it without even looking at it. He folds his arms over the table and looks intently at Jensen. “You’re more of a steak and potatoes guy, aren’t you?”

Jensen huffs a laugh and doesn’t look up from his menu. So far, he hasn’t recognized a single fucking dish on here. “That’s an easy assumption, I took you to a steakhouse last week.”

“And I enjoyed it immensely.”

Jensen lifts his eyes just enough to see Misha smiling at him. His own smile makes its way to his face as he turns his attention back to the menu. He doesn’t really know what he and Misha are doing exactly. They keep…asking each other out, he supposes. They’re building a friendship, but it’s not going the same way as Jensen’s other friendships. He’s used to sitting next to each other drinking beer at a bar, playing video games at home in the middle of an afternoon - not smiling at each other across the table at a fancy New Age restaurant.

As Jensen is deep in thought and not actually reading anything on the menu, the server comes up and greets them. She asks for their drink order, and Misha snatches the menu right out of Jensen’s hands.

Jensen blinks up at Misha, confused, then watches as he hands both closed menus to the server and says, “We’ll have the three least ordered items on the menu. And bring us whatever the bartender’s favorite drink is.”

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Happy International Kissing Day 💋👄

Forehead kisses + palm kisses + nose kisses + neck kisses + cheek kisses= all kinds of kisses are wonderful if they’re welcomed 😘

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