Scrolling down the COCKLES tag I've just remembered the quote about the GAG reel cuz-

Seriously…After JIB con my mind keeps coming up with lots of new ideas as to what we might be getting…cuz Mish and Jen…


……there was some HEAVY FLIRTING going on yesterday, guys… They can’t seem to keep it on the DL, not anymore… It just keeps getting more intimate, more serious…dunno what’s going on…

Ok guys so I have finally decided to talk about why I am fucking obligated to know think Cockles is real. I have a shit ton of exhibits to submit into evidence so let’s get started.

This is the post that started me on this rant. It is one of the main reasons I believe Cockles is real. They just GRAVITATE towards each other every time they are in the same space. Jensen seems to not be able to help wanting to be close to Misha. They obviously love to be in each others’ space and they definitely love to touch  each other. 

And if they’re not fucking or at least want to fuck, can someone explain this to me please?

Are you going to try to tell me that Jensen doesn’t look… hungry here? Are you?? Are you going to try to tell me that Misha doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing? Are you really going to try to tell me that? Look at this gif. LOOK AT IT and tell me they don’t at least want to fuck each others’ brains out. Look at it and try to tell me Jensen doesn’t want it and that Misha isn’t playfully teasing him. (If you want me to be honest, this really just makes me think of all the times Misha talks about being the bottom) 

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?! Oh Jensen wants it. I would venture as far as to say he’s had it. Look at that face, he’s had it, and he wants it again. LOOK AT HIS EYES! Those eyes are looking Misha up and down. COME ON PEOPLE! LOOK AT THIS AND TELL ME JENSEN DOESN’T WANT MISHA I FUCKING DARE YOU! 

And oh look. He catches himself looking at Misha like that and stops. 

I love it when Jensen catches himself doing things he thinks he probably shouldn’t be doing in front of other people.

And we cannot forget that time Jensen went in for the kiss. 

Misha’s like “Babe no, hundreds of people watching” and moves his head way to the side. 

Jensen looks disappointed. About not being able to kiss or about how he actually went in for the kiss when he wasn’t supposed to, I don’t know. But he definitely does look disappointed. And Misha looks like he knows but is promising “Later” with his eyes. Misha also looks a bit amused and teasing, but when does he not really. 

They are so adorable together and have genuine affection for each other.

Just LOOK at the look on Misha’s face. 


And let’s not talk about the fact that they are VERY comfortable being in each other’s space.

(Have yo noticed that they love to whisper to each other? Because I sure as hell have.)

And about THIS WHOLE POST. Are we just gonna pretend not to see all that grinding? Are we gonna pretend not to notice Misha swiping his hand across Jensen’s crotch while his other hand grips his ass? Are we?

Oh and can we discuss this please??

Did Misha really need to maintain eye contact with Jensen while kissing the stuffed… thing? Did he??

Can we also take a second to pay attention to the way Jensen looks at Misha?

You know what This whole post says it all

But also can I just…

Jensen’s eyes seem to love travelling up and down Misha’s body. But seriously though, what the fuck is this look? Can someone explain this look to me please? Because it sure as hell looks a lot like desire. I mean you can try to correct me, but I’ll be hard pressed to believe that this look is anything but desire and want (and fondness and affection). 

And this one: 

Like what? What the fuck is this Jensen? I need to know. 

And OMG fucking look at this post and tell me what the fuck you see going on here. Because I see some shit. Oh yeah, I see all kinds of shit in that post. 

And we totally did not catch Jensen checking out Misha’s mouth here. Nope. 

Do you fucking realize I could go on all day with this? I hope you do because there are countless pics and gifs I could put here to show you that there is something fucking going on with them and it’s not just in my (and countless others) head.

OMG can you believe I almost forgot the Cockles Ring? Ooops!

And please keep in mind That there is SO MUCH that I haven’t even talked about. Like all the stuff they say about each other, they do love to talk about one another. Or the looks and blushes they get (especially Jensen) while they are talking about each other. Or how one can’t help but to smile when the other is brought up in conversation. Oh no. That’s a whole other post in and of itself that I am way too lazy for. And I didn’t even bring up Jared in this whole thing because that too is a whole other post by itself. But Jared knows. Just like Sam, Jared knows you guys. Oh I wish I was less lazy (but seriously, this has already taken me more than 3 hours to put together) or I would definitely talk about all the ways in which I know that Jared knows.

But I’m done rambling (for the most part). I will leave you with this gem here. Freudian slip Misha? Alrighty then. (And BTW Freudian slip means “an unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings”. Just throwing that out there.)

Here’s that Epic Love Story for your review. 

Here’s some other posts to check out if you still need convincing. 

 So in conclusion, Cockles is real and you’ll never be able to convince me otherwise. 

*I own nothing but the words. All credit goes to the owners of these awesome gifs and pics.*

**Edited because I couldn’t just let this picture go without adding it here. 

Look at Jensen’s face! Look at his eyes! LOOK!! OMG they are so in love.

anonymous asked:

What are some cockles moments that can really make people think: "Oh my god are they real or what." ? :)

The fact that Misha had such an effect on Jensen on the first day that he still remembers it like it happened yesterday; the fact that Jensen and Misha weren’t friends for a year but /something/ happened in two-three weeks that made Jensen gave Misha his ring, and made their entire relationship very comfortable (almost as it is now, minus four years); the fact that Jensen /did/ give Misha his ring; the fact that they were already close and comfortable back in (the end of) 2009/ (at the start of) 2010, but there were so many fans who didn’t think they even get along; the fact that Jensen and Misha hang out and go to dinners often but we rarely get pictures; the fact that Dean and Cas have scenes together very often, but we rarely get BTS photos; the fact that we hear all about JensenMisha bloopers but we rarely get to see them - the fact that Jensen talked about one blooper with Misha, one he recently liked, but said right away that we probably will not see it and the fact that the bj motion was not even supposed to be on S5 gag reel; the fact that the BJ motion is so big deal for them to not include to the bloopers; the fact that Jensen lights up every time somebody brings up Misha; the fact that a song Angeles was released on September 18; the fact that Misha considers Jensen’s voice comforting and feels like at home when he hears it; the fact that Jensen stopped production cause Misha was sick and the fact Misha was there on Jensen’s directing debut even though he wasn’t needed on set for at least another month; the fact that people beside Misha have really hard time talking about Dean Cas, even jokingly and every time Dean Cas is brought up they think we talk about Jensen and Misha; the fact that they have fights over stupid things and use Jared, a third party, to prove their points; the fact that Jensen said ‘You’re a real catch’ to Misha; the fact that people who don’t want to see it, do see it, the fact that Misha is considered Jensen’s meard by some certain people; the fact that Misha made a joke on March 1 about teen idols and expected everybody to get the joke, cause Jensen is just /that/ important; the fact they can insult one another and know the other won’t get offended; the fact that Jensen makes Misha laugh by flirting with him.

The fact that there are so many reasons I probably forgot half of them.



NEW cockles vid, enjoy, you guys!! <3

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Why does some fans say that Jared knows something about JM? Like what does he say or do to give that impression that he knows something. Does any other cast members or anyone else give that impression too. I just am curious. Thanks

Well, we have this and this (where he’s trying to get rid of Misha cause Jensen and Misha were this close jumping each other right there and then, also this) and here’s some more, and this video where he does the flirty faces and you can see him thinking for a sec, video of Jared saying very enthusiastically ‘tell us about it Jensen’, and this, what we’ve all been wiating for, this, another moment Jared handling the situation, this is interesting. Then the winky face he added to this tweet, and I find it very interesting that right after Misha talked how gay, romantic the trench-coat scene was and how Dean is borderline obsessed with Castiel (misha being pretty f bitter at the moment), Jared crashed Misha’s panel with a question: ‘Was it by accident or was it choice to sound really stupid?’

Sometimes he’s tired of Jensen’s shit #1, #2, sometimes he’s just amused, and sometimes he’s being a lil shit #1, #2.

Jared really likes to tell this story, #2, #3, #4.  

Alona Tal suspected something, thus we got this. And I’ve talked about other guys a little here.

Did I miss something? I probably missed something.

EDIT: Best one so far.