Thanks to the wonderful Allie ( cvtiedean) all I can think about is cockles… and I’m about to fill out job applications. This should go well…

Name: Cockles

Date of birth: idfk …cockles?

Social security number: FUCKING COCKLES IS EVERYTHING. …what do you mean that’s an invalid number?

Reason for applying: Cockles made me do it. 

  • I wrote a fluffy Cockles thing a while back because my friend begged me to and I just found it again oh my.

There’s about fifty other ways Jensen could have dealt with this shitty day. The best choice would’ve been to head home immediately after leaving the set, whip up some food, and go to bed. Instead, the man instead decides on the quietest bar he could find downtown. What better way to ignore your feelings than drowning them in alcohol?
"Another." He holds up his glass to the young bartender, and she smiles slightly as she fills up another shot of whiskey.
"Tough day at work?" Her name tag reads Lilly.
"You could say that." Jensen gives no other response, and Lilly just nods in understanding and hurries off to serve a new arrival.
Jensen sighs as he leans his head back, stretching out his neck. It really hadn’t been the actual filming that had gotten to him, he loves his job. He enjoys the constant shouts of “action,” he loves the freedom he has with his job; being able to take his character basically any way he wants. The problem though, is the people, one person in specific actually. It’s not like the man does it on purpose, not like it’s HIS fault that Jensen gets so frustrated by him. Flustered, even. With that messy, dark hair, those bright blue eyes, that beautiful personality, Misha Collins is the reason Jensen gets so distracted on set some days. The reason Jared has tried multiple times to sit him down for a few concerned talks that Jensen just barely manages to avoid. The whole reason why Jensen now sits in this bar downing one drink after another.

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