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What was the tumblr post link accident?

Ah, oh gosh it was a couple of years ago now, I think? I don’t have receipts or links or the original tweets (it was at least two laptop hard drive failures ago on my end, I know that much). But Misha tweeted something (I don’t even remember what now), with a link to a tumblr post attached. The tumblr post it linked to was a “History of Cockles” dissertation post.

I know SOMEONE out there has all the details on this…

Another day, another Destiel “fandom” meltdown

I really think their lives would be better if they just accepted that it will never appear on the show and let it live in their fanon, happily left alone by the majority of Supernatural fans who are absolutely perfectly content to let them have their fanon so long as they stop harassing the cast, crew, network, and other fans with their delusional idea that someone’s sexuality can be magically changed by “meeting the right person” (which, incidentally, for all their “representation” wank is exactly the bullshit that leads parents to send LGBT adolescents to what is essentially “pray the gay away” camps).  Because if it’s just out there in the fanon parts of the fandom, I can avoid it.  It doesn’t have to invade the general tags of Twitter, Tumblr, and every other social media outlet every damn day.  I don’t have to be offended on a daily basis by the idea that all you have to do to stop being straight is meet the right girl.  I’ve already met my heterosexual life partner, thanks.  I’m still straight.  Fascinating how that happens.

I genuinely feel sorry for most Destiel fans.  They are setting themselves up for horrible disappointment every year, hell pretty much every episode.  They blame the showrunner(s), they blame the network, they blame the cast, they blame the crew, they blame the “bibros” and the “tinhatters” and everyone else but themselves for this disappointment as well.  It’s truly sad.  It’s sad that they’ve never had a dear friend for whom they feel love but not lust.  It’s sad that they cannot imagine a situation where two men might be close and not want sex (which is incredibly sexist and offensive, but that’s another rant).  It’s sad that they hurt themselves to the point that they become defensive and offensive.  It’s sad that they - some of whom identify as bisexual or lesbian (never seen a gay man in Destiel? I may have missed it, I don’t troll the tags) - cannot see how their blatant stereotyping and labeling of people, let alone championing the idea that meeting the right person can alter your sexuality is detrimental to the very cause they purport to be furthering:  LGBT equality.

It’s also infuriating to see it.  It’s infuriating to see the ridiculous and abusive head canons developed to suit a non-existent “ship” that vary from vilifying fictional characters (ie John Winchester) which is at least fictional and thereby somewhat forgivable, to attacking real people.  In the last week, Kevin Parks was verbally abused on Twitter for having the gall to say that a man’s shirt has nothing to do with his sexuality, I have seen Jared Padalecki called a misogynist and a “hater” (of Destiel, from what I could tell), I have read Jensen Ackles being termed homophobic, Mark Sheppard simply being an asshole, and most offensive to me, I have read some frankly disturbing “head canons” about Jensen Ackles’ parents and how he was raised which is uncalled for in any discussion, ever.  No, I will not repost or link to any of the above, you all know it’s out there and I will not perpetuate it or make it look more popular by reblogging or linking or even screencapping.  

In general, the Supernatural fandom is full of great people who support amazing causes and champion each other beautifully.  There is a seedy underbelly, and no, it’s not just Destiel fans that populate it.  There are creepy, skeezy J2 tinhatters who are even worse than the Destiel fans about vilifying Jensen and his family (which is weird…if he’s supposedly part of your OTP?).  There are Cockles fans who are deluded to the point of vehemently arguing that Misha - who goes the entire hiatus after JIBCon without seeing Jensen & Jared from what we as fandom can tell - is “closer” to Jensen than Jared is (wtf people, LOGIC!).  There are people in every tag who seem to take great delight in just starting fights and calling each other names, who seek out reasons to fight rather than reading in the right tags and keeping the “anti” stuff out of the general tags. 

I really don’t care if you choose to believe that Destiel would be hot and you want to write copious fanfictions about it.  Be down with your bad self.  Stop torturing yourself and everyone else with the insistence that it will ever happen on show.  Dean is straight and THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING STRAIGHT.  Meeting an asexual non-human entity riding around in a male corpse is not going to make him gay, or “bisexual who doesn’t like women” which seems to be the Destiel-favored option (again, WTF? LOGIC people!).  Maybe, if you stopped making everyone - including and perhaps especially the influential crew & cast like Kevin Parks and Jensen Ackles, miserable every time there was scene between Castiel and Dean, you JUST MIGHT get more than 8 minutes a season with them in the same frame.  Just sayin’.  Stop shooting yourself in the foot, Destihellers.  And stop making me listen to your narcissistic “it has to be our way or we’re leaving the fandom” bullshit - either figure it out (Dean is straight in canon) or do us all a favor and actually leave.  You’ll be doing yourself the biggest favor, honestly.  Wouldn’t you be happier without all the fruitless blind baseless stringing yourself along?  How can that disappointment make you want to stay in the fandom?  Maybe you’re more masochist and narcissist…at this point, I don’t even know anymore.

“The funny thing is, nobody ever knows how much anybody else is hurting. We could be standing right next to someone who is completely broken and we wouldn’t even know it.”

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Power Bottom Misha, now that's hot!

SHHHHH NONNY HE COULD BE WATCHING but yes I would presume a cold shower is necessary if one ever chose to think about such a topic…which I don’t…ever…especially not in conjuction with a certain Texan…nope…not at all…nothing to see here………