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pssst, don't think of misha whispering "you've been so good today, i'm so proud of you" to jensen, while kissing him, after panels, because jenses used to be anxious and a bit uncomfortable about them, so misha praises him afterwards, especially when jensen sings and allows himself to enjoy it and to feel good about it, then misha just wants to make him feel even better

First I was like 

Then the feels got me like:

Anon I don’t know who you are but I want to meet you and hug the crap outta you. I love you so much. You bring cockles to my life and I just love it. You made my day. 

FYI i read this earlier but was on mobile, waited till i got home and because this deserved a gif worthy response. 

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I honestly don’t even know about that 1k shirt. The john varvatos was definitely from Jensen, but like dang if Jensen bought him a thousand dollar shirt like I think mish is his trophy wife tbh

like if it were anyone else i would be like nahhhh but i wouldn’t put it past jensen to buy a $1k shirt for mish just because he thought it was soft and made his eyes look nice

I have 300 words of fluffy cockles fic written so far and I’ll probably live blog spn tonight so blacklist ‘spn spoilers’ and ‘spn for ts’ if you need to