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Kay!!! Please post the slip im literally dying to know LOL also i finished watching the panels from sfcon and I couldn't stop cringing the whole time. J2 obviously do not like talking about what they do with their "wives" and kids. I will never have the balls to ask personal questions. I was supposed to ask a question at burcon and it wad a really good one about the show but everyone in front of me asked j2 irrelevant questions and i was so mad. Im just tired of spn fans. Especially hetstans.


I don’t know why Het stans (or Cockles/Destiel fans) feel like they can ask some of the questions they do. I saw on Twitter Het stans saying that the J’s should be allowed to talk about their kids.

And the Het’s are right… JARED AND JENSEN should be allowed to talk about their kids ON THEIR OWN FREE WILL.  Crazy Het stans shouldn’t ask personal questions like: “What do you like to cook for your family?” Or even “What do you and your family like to do together? Because I know you don’t get to seem them often?”

Like I said if the J’s bring up their own stories about their kids or “wives”, then that’s fine because that’s what THEY WANT TO SHARE. J2 houldn’t have to answer personal questions from over-invested nosy ass fans who feel insecure that their favorite actors might be gay.


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I AM the Toy-maker; I have brought from the town
As much in my plack as should fetch a whole crown,
I’ll array for you now my stock of renown
And man’s the raree will show you.

Here’s a horse that is rearing to bound through the smoke
Of cannon and musket, and, face to that ruck,
The horseman with sword ready-held for the stroke,
Lord Lucan, maybe, or Prince Charlie.

An old woman sitting and waiting for call,
With her baskets of cockles and apples and all;
A one-legged sailor attending a ball,
And a tailor and nailer busy.

Or would you have these? A goose ganging by,
With head up in challenge to all who come nigh;
A cock with a comb dangling over his eye,
And a hen on a clutch nicely sitting;

Or a duck that is chasing a quick thing around,
Or a crow that is taking three hops on the ground,
Or an ass with head down (he is held in a pound);
Or a fox with his tail curled around him?

A ship made of shells that have sheen of the sea,
All ready to sail for black Barbarie,
The Lowlands of Holland, or High Germanic
And who’ll be the one that will steer her?

I’ll speak of my trade: there’s a day beyond day
When the hound needn’t hunt and the priest needn’t pray,
And the clerk needn’t write, and the hen needn’t lay,
Whence come all the things that I show you.

I am the Toy-maker; upon the town wall
My crib is high up; I have down-look on all,
And coach and wheelbarrow I carve in my stall,
Making things with no troubles in them.  

– Irish poet and novelist, Padraic Colum, born December 8, 1881                    


When I saw this I literally screamed in my head at the same time my hand flew to grab a hold of this magazine. Rejoice my fellow fanfic writers, we are valid, our writing is valid and we should be proud of being fanfic writers.

Enjoy this reading that I’m sure will inspire and motivate you to keep writing 😉💗

True Pain
  • Fanfic: Last updated 1/16/2009
  • Me: But maybe it will update tomorrow though

this was objectively the most insane experience of my life, including gishwhes

I actually had no idea what I wanted to do for my Cockles op until a few hours earlier on my run to the party store. I’m getting all excited about this, so I step up with the piñata and stick outreached and say “Some serious catharsis is about to happen.”  Misha immediately grabs the stick, and they’re both smirking at it as they get into position. I move off to the side behind Misha, but Chris moves me so that I’m kneeling between them. (heh.) 

So Misha’s only miming hitting it in the photo, which I was kind of disappointed about because I fully expected them to go ham on it, but afterwards when I reach out to take the piñata back from Jensen he isn’t really giving it back. Then a volunteer pulls me away a bit and she’s like “yea you might wanna step back for this”, and then it clicks.  So I watch as Misha taps the stick on the ground like a baseball bat, and Jensen tosses it across the backdrop to Misha, who hit it clear back across to Jensen’s feet. He realizes the piñata’s not actually damaged yet, so he walks back across and wields the stick and starts beating the shit out of it. 

Then Jensen takes the stick from him and Misha grabs the piñata and pitches it (as it were) over to Jensen, who then knocks it halfway across the room and almost hits Chris, who’s been taking more photos (THAT HOPEFULLY WE’LL SEE AT SOME POINT), and the Trump face falls off and it’s all dented, and at this point I just fold over and fall to my knees laughing. They’ve totally forgotten I’m still there but I don’t even care, I’m just enjoying the show.

Then they crowd around the camera to see the pictures, and they’re giggling like dweebs and heck I wish I’d seen the other photos but I wasn’t allowed.

So at this point it’s been like 2 minutes and they’ve decided it’s time to move on, so the volunteer hands me back the stick and the busted-up piñata and detached face, and I’m leaving the room with a wide grin because that was the best thing I ever could have asked for. But THEN, the whole thing takes a weird turn because as I’m leaving the room, Jared is standing right outside the door and we make eye contact that is way too prolonged to walk away from without saying anything. I also notice that he’s eyeing the faceless piñata. And I don’t know why I feel the need to explain myself but I just stammer out,


Which is definitely the last thing he was expecting to hear and he just blinks and he’s like “what”

And I’m still kind of stammering like “it–it used to…it had…there was a Trump face–” and I hold up the crumpled face for him to see “–AND THEY BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF IT.”

And obviously he’s TOTALLY PERPLEXED and he’s like “Oh……that’s….awesome???“ And I kind of nod thoughtfully as I seek a way out of this situation and I’m like ”………okayigottagoBYE" AND I SPRINT (LITERALLY SPRINT) AWAY IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. 

I still haven’t quite processed it.

(feel free to crop me out, just please credit me!)

Demons vs Angels
  • Acts like a demon, but isn't one:
  • Aries, Leo, Pisces
  • Acts like a demon and is a demon:
  • Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Acts like an angel but is a demon:
  • Taurus, Gemini, Virgo,
  • Acts like an angel and is an angel:
  • Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius