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Siobhan and Kristen are a couple in real life

2.9k words of very manly cockles nonsense
for @casthegrumpy‘s birthday

The first time Misha reads the script, he laughs so hysterically that he gets lightheaded and has to take a nap in his trailer.

Jensen will soon be standing in front of a teenage girl, listening intently as she explains the concept of Destiel subtext to him.

Nothing could delight Misha more.

Granted, Jensen is one of his best friends. And he maybe probably definitely wouldn’t be opposed if Jensen one day decided to burn his straight pride flag and kissed his face just a little.

But that’s beside the point.

The point is that Jensen–poor, overcompensating, precious little macho Jensen–has to confront his worst fear on national television: Dean and Cas doing it.

The second time Misha reads the script–and honestly he reads it a second time simply because it fills him with such petty joy (it’s not like he’s in the fucking episode)–he gets stuck on one teensy little part.

Siobhan and Kristen are a couple in real life.


Real life.

Before he has the inclination to filter himself, he shoots Robbie a text: Siobhan and Kristen are a couple in real life? Is there something between me and Jensen that I don’t know about?

Robbie texts back almost immediately.


Siobhan and Kristen. Are you implying that Jensen and I are “a couple in real life”?

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anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite blogs?

Hey anon - so sorry this is late but I got ridiculously carried away with posting my new fic x.x

Anyway, for a fairly comprehensive list of blogs I adore, please check out my Follow Forever, though it needs a bit of updating.

I’ll post a short list below of some of my fav original content blogs (meaning they make graphics or fan art, write fanfic or meta etc.) This is just a quick selection off the top of my head and definitely not a finite list of all my fav blogs, but it’s a start :)

@blissfulcastiel @mishcollins @winchestre @autumnjensen @bluestar86 @chuckshvrley @postmodernmulticoloredcloak @bubblemish @destieldrabblesdaily @elizabethrobertajones @destiel-is-cockles-fault @envydean @nerdjensen @galaxystiel @bcwlegs @hallowedbecastiel @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper @jhoomwrites @wanderingcas @royalrowena @loveitsallineed @mittensmorgul @thewolf-inred @princesscas @purgatoryjar @malevolent-dean @sketchydean @sunshinejackles @unforth-ninawaters @unicornmish @yourfavoritedirector @miss-devonaire @waywardlullabies

me: *sees a cockles gifset*

me: *opens google*

me: *cracks knuckles*

me: *begins typing*

me: why are jensen ackles and misha collins so disgustingly in love i am SUFFERING do they understand the way they look at each other do they understand how obvious it is do they understand they are hurting m

everafter93  asked:

Hi K! This is random but I saw a post that had Jensen's bday tweets from this year to Jared and danneel side by side and good lord! How can people NOT see who the real couple is? The differences in what he said to the pictures he used. Just. Wow.

Hi Darling!

All people have to do is look at how the J’s treat each other vs how they treat their wives, and there is a significant difference. And everyone (even the Het Stans) can see that difference, they just choose not too.

But they (along with Cockles fans) know the “difference” is there, hence the reason why they stalk us and everything we say.


- K

rebellierend  asked:

Do you know any fics where Cas, Sam and Dean meet Misha, Jared and Jensen? Have a lovely day and congratulations for your marriage! :)

I DO! I was just searching on ao3 for you :-)

Most of these are cockles-esque fics as well, just warning you.

Misha’s Not In Vancouver Anymore by @cocklesheadboop I’m reading this right now and it’s GREAT, Misha gets thrown into the spn universe and meets team free will. (Maybe Jensen and Jared follow, not sure, I’m in the midst of reading!)

The French ‘Kiss’ this is a tiny Drabble with dean accidentally kissing misha and I think it’s adorable

Revenge of the Subtext this fic is long and well written and amazing and trust me you’ll LOVE it

Ok that’s sadly all I got for now, if I think of/find more I’ll drop it in your askbox!