Finally finished!  And yeah, this is as long and polished as the video is gonna get.  I have work to get back to. @v@ There’s some lag in the lipsyncing somewhere in the middle but I’m at peace with that!
You can blame @splickedylit for thinking of this and me for carrying it out.  But honestly, no regrets.  Anyway, here’s some rapping Felix.

Song: Whoa Whoa Whoa by Watsky
Program Used: Toon Boom Studio 4.5

You know what makes me want to cry? Draco Malfoy in sixth year. Remember you had to sit by yourself at school for a minute, or listen to your parents argue while you sat upstairs hugging you knees? Now imagine your weren’t sat for a minute, but a whole year, and you knew it wasn’t going to change. Imagine your parents arguing, not over who did the dishes our why they’re late home, but over a sociopathic murderer who you’re sharing your house with. Imagine having to kill your teacher. I can’t even try to imagine that but what I can imagine is how lonely he was and and I’m crying again.

EXO’s rival is EXO


I’m so here for this.

You aren't sorted by what traits you have but by what traits you value the most.

Else Fred and George would’ve been a Slytherin, Hermione a Ravenclaw, Luna a Hufflepuff and Cedric a Gryffindor. You can fight me on this.

remember when buffalo made a big deal about the oilers “cheating” during the draft lottery

remember when buffalo made a big deal about how they deserved mcdavid even though they were getting eichel

remember when the nhl media dismissed jack eichel in his own interviews

remember when the nhl always deferred to connor mcdavid during almost every question when they had interviews together

remember all the times jack eichel just stood there listening to people fawn over connor when he was right next to him, no one even acknowledging him.

remember when jack eichel was told in a board room meeting by a bunch of grown men (the sabres) that they didn’t want him but he was what they got and he stared them down and said “I think you did win the lottery.”

remember all the times jack eichel was pushed aside, forgotten about, disrespected to his face, treated like trash as a teenager, bullied by cities of people as a teenager. remember all those times because he just scored his 100th point in the NHL in 127 games and the media is completely brushing it off.  all he did to deserve any of this was dare to be the same age as connor mcdavid. but apparently that’s enough.


Harry Styles + Cocky/Smug Moments