Pepper and Pals in a Nutshell. Created by a college friend too ashamed to let me credit her. 


@littlerosebirb For your yuck day: This is Biscuit and he’s dumb and round and good. His mom’s family was neglecting him after his companion of 5 years died last summer so he came to live with me in August. He likes cheerios, nibbling on necklaces, and yelling. He’s terrible at doing most bird activities, on account of only having about six neurons that overload into a fit of loud peeping if they all fire at once :P but that’s okay, he’s a good potato. 

He went to his first ever vet appointment last month! And she gave us some medication to help with his uneven wings, which he’s had since my friend got him about 7 years ago. The vet couldn’t find any obvious abnormalities but she  thought he might have some soreness or inflammation leading to him holding them oddly. Now I’ve been seeing him really comfortably fly for the the first time. He used to careen around wildly flapping his wings to stay up and was always really hesitant to land anywhere but the top of his cage, when he left it at all. We’d always thought he was just a weird, awkward, nervous bird, but it’s so amazing to see how much smoother his flying has gotten after just a few weeks of the medication.


Happy beak grind to oh my god someones home