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Tiny, happy baby noises
This pain in the ass refuses to eat her chick feed and only wants egg yolk, so I’ve been mixing the two together to get her to eat. Also when she gets a drink she launches her whole body into the water.
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Whoah! This is a huge commission tho!

Ordered by the lovely Quail, of their amazing flock of chickens plus pigeon-wife Rex!

Check my commission post “ here ( )” and grab a slot until august 30th via ask or IM!
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These were the coolest birds. We received 8 of them in a surprise mix. 4 developed really fast. 4 were way behind everyone else. In the end they all looked the same Football-sized featherballs. They have BIG feathered feet. During their development they grow these black batons out the backs of their legs, I’ve never seen anything like it. Eventually those blend in and they are total fluffballs

If I were developing a flock just for fun, I’d keep these little charmers. The Standard sized Cochins we’ve kept haven’t been tremendously friendly, but these little guys loved attention, and would come running when they saw me. Always looking for a lap or a head scratch. 

I have a friend that keeps bantam cochins, so I swapped her for some bigger, better layers.


10 of the weirdest chickens you’ll ever see

It’s not just dogs we breed into weird shapes. It’s also very common in livestock, not the least, poultry.

The first is the least weird of these, but I had to add it, because it looks so cartoonish almost, with its sharp outlines, huge eyes and very straight tail. It’s the Sebright.
The second has the very obvious name of “rumpy”.
The third is, no kidding, called the “Shamo”. It’s a Japanese chicken, bred originally for fighting, then meat and simply as an ornamental bird.
The fourth I found while looking for round chochins, but is labelled as a “Partridge Cochin Bantam”.
The fifth is a Polish chicken, and the sixth a Spanish chicken.
Number seven is pretty popular with people who keep backyard chickens, it’s the cute silkie (even cuter when it’s running).
Number eight is another Japanese breed, the Yokohama. Obviously bred for show, rather than meat or eggs.
Number nine… caused me to make this post. It’s a “modern game” chicken, and they seriously look like that. Like a normal chicken’s head and neck stuck on stilts. From the Livestock Conservancy; “The males of the Modern Games should have their combs and wattles removed to enhance their long, slim shape.”
And finally the tenth, this little midget is called a Nankin, and is a very ancient dwarf breed.

This is only scratching the surface of the weird chickens there are out there, as with the exception of the silkie, I only looked at endangered breeds at the Livestock Conservancy.


Look at my children
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This is the soundtrack to our workspace presently. As it turns out, tiny dino babies are pretty loud.

The poultry auction unfortunately had no Jersey giants, but I couldn’t resist these guys. We have no idea what they are (they were sold as ‘large breed mixes’), but some have partially feathered feet. They’re becoming quite used to us as well, although some are spookier than others.

Devito up there might be a plain yellow chick with a black mohawk, but he fears nothing. Struggling to come up with names for all of them (particularly since there are 5 that look and behave VERY similarly).

We also took home 4 pullets; 2 white silkies and 2 black bantam cochins who are learning how to chicken. They won’t be productive in terms of actually laying… I just really wanted some horrible fluffy footed chickens in the flock.


Consume, my children.
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She shoved her head through the sweater so she could watch me.
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Feast, my tiny cannibals! It’s not actually cannibalism, and egg is a very healthy treat.
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