Marinette is this great character that girls will really identify with. She likes fashion, she makes her own accessories, she’s an innocent, happy girl, who is very kind and clumsy. But when she becomes a superhero, the opposite is true. She is very self-assured and very powerful.

What makes her stand out is her generosity, that’s what makes her an exemplary heroine… I’d be very proud if one day Ladybug were to become girls’ favorite superhero. - Thomas Astruc, writer and director of Miraculous Ladybug

Hello Miraculeurs!

So listen up! I’m pretty sure most of you know @ferisae. You know the amazing artist/writer of the fandom. Author of You Don’t Know Me, yeah that heart crushing story, and creator of The Miraculous Bracelet AU you know, those reveal comics that make you squeal with glee and love and so many mixed feelings when you are reading them and make your heart melt! And yeah, she also made THE ANCESTRAL LADYBUG COMIC EVERYONE WAS OBSESSED ABOUT Well. There is this petition on which calls for Zag to invite her to be part of the creation of the comic-spinoff confirmed in San Diego Comic Con about the ancestral Miraculous Ladybug holders! Come and help out! Let’s sign this so we can help a fellow Miraculeur achieve a dream!

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Entomology or natural history of insects with their generic and specific characters, their description, synonymy, and illuminated Coleoptera( Beetles.); By Oliver, GA (Guillaume Antoine), 1756-1814 Audebert, JB (Jean Baptiste), 1759-1800 , ill. on Flickr.

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A Paris :De l’Imprimerie de Baudoin,1789-1808.
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To infinity and beyond, May 2014. (Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata)

(Nikon D90 - 90mm f/2.8 Di USD MACRO 1:1)

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#215 Parcs and Rec Felix and Adrien

Am i too late for this Twins AU?
I mean, i would totally love the dynamic, contrary to the normal, rivals dynamic we would have brother with completely oposite personalities so… yep, i’m a slut for the Twins AU of Ladybug.

aaaand i had to make that reference.

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Mr. ‘Big producer’ Jeremy Zag announced that Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir season 2 (and 3!) will be out next year! Howdu like it?! New villains, new powers, new characters and TWO SPECIAL 40" EPISODES for Miraculers – Ladybug in Shanghai and Ladybug in Christmas!

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