“Can I even call this feeling jealousy?”

I decided to draw the whole Ladybug costume redesign I came up with for the Sidekick!Adrien AU.  I had most elements of the outfit figured out, but I hadn’t decided on all the details.  I wanted the top to resemble a ladybug a bit more, so there are more curves, like with ladybug wings.


Coccinelle meets Black Cat.

Seven-spot ladybird

The seven-spot ladybird (seven-spotted ladybug in North America) or Coccinella septempunctata is the most common ladybird in Europe.

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#215 Parcs and Rec Felix and Adrien

Am i too late for this Twins AU?
I mean, i would totally love the dynamic, contrary to the normal, rivals dynamic we would have brother with completely oposite personalities so… yep, i’m a slut for the Twins AU of Ladybug.

aaaand i had to make that reference.

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