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THE LAST BLOG! (week 16)

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For my vey last blog, I am going to focus on happiness. I feel as though my last couple posts have been a little dark.

In honor of finishing Powell’s novel this week, I’m going to focus on the very last few pages of his book. Overall, I really enjoyed his story. As we know, Powell has gone through many adversities in his life. What I loved about the last few pages though was that he focused on how his negatives made him who he is today. This can related to Shameless in many ways. We know that the Ghallager’s are far from perfect, but that’s okay. Sometimes, we need things in our lives to happen so that we can learn from them. For example, when Fiona almost killed her own brother, Liam, with cocaine, she learned from it. Though she had to deal with some really hard times with the situation, she learned. And that is really what matters. We begin to notice that Fiona stopped acting crazy with the drugs and grew up a little bit, which improved her overall happiness. Similar to Powell, he mentions at the end of the book how he is now completely alcohol free. This made me really happy for him when I read that. He would seek alcohol when his life was going downhill, but this did not make matters any better. Alcohol actually ruined him completely, so to hear that he finally got past his addiction made me proud of him.

I’m sure all of us can relate to Powell and Fiona, too. Though maybe our lives have or haven’t been as traumatic as some parts in their lives, I’m sure most of us can share and relate to similar stories. So I just want to remind everybody that yes, life gets very very hard, trust me. I’m sure you all already know that. But, we sometimes need negatives in life to help find ourselves. Powell mentioned how he’s completely changed from what he was just a year or two ago. So has Fiona. We all need times that may not be so pleasant to us so that we can grow, mature, and learn from them. So next time you’re in a really bad or sticky situation, remember that it’s TRULY only going to make you stronger once you get past it. You all can do this. Believe in yourselves. :) 

(Thanks everyone whose been reading all my blogs! Signing off now!) 

Shameless Aesthetic By Sign
  • Aries: Fiona almost killing Liam with cocaine
  • Taurus: Lip getting sucked off by Karen under the table
  • Gemini: Karen going goth and getting WHORE tattooed on her arm
  • Cancer: Carl punching Ian's abs when he does pull-ups from door frames
  • Leo: Mandy hitting Karen with a car
  • Virgo: Fiona being the ONLY person her siblings can count on
  • Libra: Debby creating a "virginity countdown" for a guy way older than her
  • Scorpio: Mandy and Mickey acting like they live in the Gallagher home
  • Sagittarius: Fiona stealing the money/purse on the train but wanting to give it but then keeping it anyway
  • Capricorn: Ian and Mickey tricking the guy from the club and stealing his cash
  • Aquarius: Mickey yelling "I'm fucking gay" in a room full of drunk homophobes
  • Pisces: Carl, Debbie, and Ian going shopping for Frank's fake death coffin
Shameless book collection

So i was thinking what kind of books theGallaghers like to read and i kind of lost the plot…so here you have it i present to you Shameless book collection:

  • Why Mandy Milkovich is the Worst by Karen Jackson
  • Why Karen Jackson Must Die by Mandy Milkovich
  • Why I Am Completely Over These Two by Lip Gallagher
  • 10 Easy Steps Fuck Up My Life by the entire Shameless cast
  • How To Take Just The Right Dose Of Cocaine by Liam Gallagher
  • What Not To Do When You End Up In Friendzone by Debbie Gallagher
  • How To Get Away With Murder by the Milkovich family
  • How To Be A Heartbreaker by Monica and Frank Gallagher
  • How To Fuck Everything That Moves a guidebook by Lip and Fiona Gallagher
  • She Was A Good Girl For 16 Years Now She Has A Prostitution Site, She Raped My Boyfriend And Is Pregnant With An Asian Baby: Should I Be Worried? An autography by Sheila Jackson
  • How To Raise Children In The Hood by Fiona Gallagher
  • My Girlfriend Run Over My Ex With A Car And Permanently Ruined Her Brains And Other Relationship Hurdles a memoir by Lip Gallagher
  • The Art Of Torture by Mickey Milkovich with special intro by Debbie Gallagher
  • A Russian Translator: What Are They Really Saying About You
  • So You Have Failed As A Parent a self-help manual by Terry Milkovich in collaboration with Frank Gallagher