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She’ll Be The Death Of Me (TJ Hammond)

Inspired by Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd. 
Definitely going to make this into a two or three part. 
Warnings :
Drugs, eventual sex, alcohol 
TJ Hammond x Female Original Character
I know that this character is gay but I can’t help it. I’m obsessed with TJ.)

She had her first taste of alcohol at twelve, finding out that the burning sensation was addictive. It became a bad habit, stealing the amber liquid and replacing it with her concoction of apple juice and food coloring. Her parents never drank, they were abstemious. Their extensive liquor collection was strictly for show, but that only worked out in her favor.

She lost her virginity at fourteen, lying about her age to get in bed with an older boy. It was exhilarating once she got past the pain, she could have gone all night. Sex was another addiction she picked up, loving the way strangers hands feel on her body. She didn’t care who she had sex with as long as they made her feel good, men and women included.

It wasn’t until her seventeenth birthday that she advanced to the more fun stuff. Her parents allowed her to dip into her trust fund to pull out money to travel to Vegas. She met an enticing man with all kinds of treats for her to try. All forms, powders, pills, liquids, inhalers, everything. It was by far her favorite addiction, the feeling of euphoria and intensity was needed twenty four seven.

Her name was Lennox, Lennox Locke.

TJ hardly found women to be attractive enough for him to engage in any kind of sexual activities. Only finding that when he was higher than the clouds that he’d occasionally make out with one along with his normal preference of men. But, Lennox, she was something different. He licked his lips as he watched her weave in and out of bodies, her body getting groped and reached at. She’d stay for a moment, dancing and kissing the people that touched her. Her eyes were blood shot, guessing that she probably hadn’t slept for days. He tossed back the rest of his glass, barring his teeth at the bourbon that slid thickly down his throat.

A smirk was displayed on his face as she managed to bring herself right in front of him. He rubbed his jaw as he looked her up and down. She was adorned in a laced top that only hugged her breasts and allowed the rest of her upper body be exposed with a tight skirt that was riding dangerously close to reveal her sex. His voice was raspy, “That skirt’s a bit short, don’t ya think?”

Lennox’s eyes darkened, mimicking his smirk, she bent down. Her angle allowing TJ to see completely down her top, “It’s easier to get fucked in.” Her voice was like velvet, her lips pursed as she drug her finger down his chest, “So, I’ve got a question.”

He shifted in his seat, enjoying the view. “Yeah? What’s that?”

She brought her mouth closer to his ear, pressing her lips against his lobe as she purred out. “Just how gay are you?”

TJ chuckled, his hand reaching up slowly to the back of her neck before yanking her backwards to face him. He smirked again at her gasp, his eyes met hers, “Why so curious, doll?”

“I’ve heard how good you are,” she purred out again. Her tongue running over her bottom lip before her teeth scraped against it, “and I was just curious on how I could get in on that.”

Again, he chuckled, releasing her from his grasp. He shook his head, licking his lips too. “You’re what? Twenty one? Twenty two? I’m a lot older than I look, doll.” TJ reached into his pocket, pulling out a little baggy filled with a white substance. Placing a small amount on the back of his hand, he let it travel up his right nostril. “You got your demons and I’ve got mine, but we shouldn’t mix them. It could be trouble.”

“I like trouble and aren’t we supposed to find those demons that can play with our own, anyway?” She straightened up, her body glistening against the strobe lights. Lennox scoffed, throwing her hand in the air slightly, “Oh please, I’ve fucked men and women old enough to be my parents and some.” She bit her lip, reaching into her bra to pull out a bright pink pill. Placing it on her tongue, she leaned forward, her lips pressing against his. She smirked as he opened his mouth to allow her to slip the it in, their tongues brushing against one another before she pulled back. “If you ever want to have some fun, you know where you can find me.” Turning on her heel slowly, she turned her head, “Bring a friend, I don’t care. I’m open to pretty much everything.”